Wednesday, December 20, 2006


If you see a missing post about my switch to the New Blogger, tell it I'm looking for it ...

This occasionally happened with the old so, I'm not blaming this on the new.

I can't check it from work, so I won't know 'til this evening if it eventually showed up.

Once in a while a picasa post vanishes, but often they turn up later in the day as if they took the long way home.

All (photo posts) that wander are not lost.


roger said...

good luck to us all tiny tim. er, fc.

is this the new blogger? it doesn't correct typos. oh yes...i see the new stuff down below here in comments. okay. here goes.........

hmmmmm. no success the first time.

robin andrea said...

We may have to switch to new blogger, as I have noticed ever increasing insistence from the blogger folks.

Your switch seems to work just fine, maybe it won't be so scary after all.

Ericka said...

i wish you better luck than i've had. beta blogger sucks.

Thunder Dave said...

OK you got me, new blogger?

My trouble is that I post something and then go back to see if anyone commented only to find that the post isn't there. I'll call lightnin and she logs on and the post shows up for her. huh?!

Laura said...

new blogger?

SophieMae said...

So far, I haven't been overly impressed with the new blogger. And no matter how many times I check that 'remember me' box, I have to sign in every time I open a page or add a comment.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I also switched. It was no big deal, but, on the other hand, it is no big deal. I will keep looking for your lost little boy.

Floridacracker said...

i'm about to do some messing with it's new features.

A few extra clicks to comment it seems. Not too bad.

NOW you tell me!! Just kidding, I've seen the angst at some sites.

That problem sounds like something Pablo has mentioned. I think he has a cash problem ;)

Well, you typepadians may not be aware that the bloggertians have a new version of blogger that does more typepadian things.

I'm noticing a lot of signing in steps, I have to sign in to post from picasa even when I'm already signed in to Blogger. Grrrrr.

Repetition is good, repetition is good, repetition is ...