Saturday, January 20, 2007

My work is cut out for me.
Since the pic, I've trimmed the wound to even things up, snipped off random sprays of shredded fiberglass mat, and done some sanding.
I even read the instructions in the fiberglass repair kit.
Now I just need to get to work.
Not today though.
I'm heading to St. Augustine for a fried shrimp lunch at Schooners and to pick up a batch of Toll House cookies that my Momma makes me once a year.
120 of them, minus the ones Dad sampled.
They are all mine.
I might share with the other cave dwellers here.
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momadness said...

You are SUCH a tease! We are "shivering our timbers" up here in the heartland with heavy snow coming down as I type; originally called for 5-10 inches; now they say 5-7--and that's on top of the mucho ice left from last weekend's ice storm. Today was chili; tomorrow roast in the crock pot. Good luck with mending your canoe; you must post a pic when you are done!

Floridacracker said...

I will post a pic even if it's an embarrassingly sloppy job. I've never done fiberglass before.

kathy a said...

your mom makes you toll house cookies? ten dozen? you lucky dog. :)

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Every January.
Original recipe Toll House.

debbie said...

Hot choc. chip cookies on a cold, grey day. YUMMmmmmm

Anonymous said...