Friday, January 19, 2007

Picture Test

Can you see this pic?

Okay, you can? Good. Let's call this one "Waiting on GO".

I pulled the lowland games post. I will fix it, and post it again sometime in the future. No time for deep thoughts this morn, but you might enjoy these two young Floridians.

(That's Kate and Ranger ... January of 1988, Fort Matanzas Ranger housing.)

Scroll down for what happened after "GO!".

Have a great Friday.

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kathy a said...

yes! excellent baby, stacking rings, bear.

kathy a said...

correction: dog on the right.

Hurricane Teen said...

yes, excellent.

Kathy, I have to wonder though...FC's a pretty rugged guy, but setting his child down to pose with a bear? lol. Just ribbin ya :-D

pablo said...

Yes, I can see the picture. (But I couldn't see the pix yesterday and still can't.)

Amazing how the baby and the doggie both have the same mouth in this photo.

Thunder Dave said...

Too Funny!!!!
My Friday is definitely off to a better start now! ;-)

Laura said...

good times :)

Mark said...

Dogs and babies - what could be better?

threecollie said...

Hehe...I saw the same thing as Pablo...identical expressions. Cute as heck though.

robin andrea said...

That's definitely a moment to remember. Good thing you had your camera ready.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Cute pix, swell Kate and dog.

momadness said...

Cutest darn pictures-how adorable of both!

Deb said...

Was there anything left of the rings after Ranger was finished with them? :)

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Bear/dog is pretty accurate.
Excellent baby agreement!

I would only trust a lab to be this close.

They're both my children.

Extra funny when you know them both eh?


You've got a point... hmmm... dogs, babies, and fried chicken?
Maybe that.

Thanks, I do love the double expression too.

Like you, I am never far from it.

Thanks, she's turned into a swell adultish person too.

It's a toss up isn't it ...which one is cuter?

At this point in his life ... there was nothing left of our books, a couch, my glasses, and too many shoes to count.
Worth it tho.