Saturday, February 17, 2007

Frosty Florida

Wowsers! It did get cold last night. I don't know just how cold because I did not get up before dawn as is my usual habit.
I ran around last night dripping faucets and making sure the pig and the pups had their heat lamps on in their nests. The sprinklers and faucets were a concern with such a deep freeze forecast. I have irrigation piping running all over the place like a web and I always worry about exposed faucet pipes shattering during a freeze, but none seem to have done so.
I'll post a little collage of some of the frostiness I found outside this morning.
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robin andrea said...

Now that's a picture I never expect to see on Pure Florida. Very cool.

pablo said...

"Very cool." I wish I could come up with such puns.

Floridacracker said...


You have something to aspire to.

Alan said...

The Weather Service hit it pretty close last night. They predicted 20 for us and we got 22. Zapped my pomegranate tree and looks like about half the orchard citrus though it's a bit early to tell yet. I had plenty of ice from the dripping faucets but the wife took the camera with her to Girl Scout camp so I couldn't get any photos.

Been baking bread all day today and it sure made the house nice. In August I hate even to turn the oven on.


Weary Hag said...

What a fantastic picture! I mean, it stinks that Florida is so cold, but the photo is gorgeous.

Great to see your photos and read your posts again FC. Have missed you.