Saturday, February 17, 2007

More Frosty Florida

I took these this morning in my pajamas ... I did wear sneakers this time.
Top Row: Frosty leaves, Frosty Car Window, Feather On The Dock
Second Row: Cypress Buds With Frost, Frosty Yard Aquarium, Frosty Collards, Frosty Pig
Third Row: Burnt Dog Bed, Morning Fire, Wild Azalea Bud, Frosty Trampoline Cover
Bottom Row: Ceann The GoldFish Under Ice (Twice), Frosty Collard, Frosty Yard Aquarium
Some explanation ... 'cause you're gonna ask.
1) Yes, the pond is holding water again.
2) Ceann is our porch goldfish. She is a rescue fish, one of those carnival prizes they give away. Most go home to die, lucky Ceann went home with a guy who LOVES fish. She is named after the student who gave her to me.
3) The burned dog bed ... I have a nest of dog beds and blankets, a den of sorts on our wraparound porch for the doggies. There is a heat lamp that is clamped in such a way as to project heat into their den, but not touch blankies or pillows. Friday, as I dashed out to go to work, it occured to me that I had not unplugged the lamp. The pups use it on cold nights, but I don't like to leave it on when we are not here. I went around the corner to find it knocked down and lying on a smoldering dog bed.
I had to call in to work to tell them I would be just a few minutes late, because my dogs had caught their bed on fire.
The receptionist at the school didn't miss a beat.
They're used to stuff like that from me.
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pablo said...

I've seen goldfish frozen in a solid block of ice that swim around happily once they are thawed. Didn't think that was possible, but I've seen it I tell you!

Floridacracker said...

I believe you. Fish are amazing.

swamp4me said...

I enjoyed your pictures and I'm glad to hear you wore shoes this time! It's cold here, too. 16.7 degrees this morning when we got up.

I, too, have a carnival fish. My son won it at a local festival about 10 years ago. He brought it to me tied in its little plastic bag. I transfered it to a cup and kept it alive all day at the festival. When we got home we transfered it once again, this time into an aquarium where it has spent the last 10 years. We just call it "Fish" and offer it no special care beyond feeding it daily and changing the filter in the aquarium every once in a long while. Fish seems okay with that.

Laura said...

I'll take him. The Egret is still trying to get at our goldfish. The upside down, submerged mailbox crate seems to be working wonders!

I was outside this morning taking pics in my pj's too, LOL! Hub's grandparents are visiting and thought I was crazy. But the best light is out there at that time!

Good to hear the dogs didn't burn the house down, too! be safe!!

Deb said...

My darling Mr. Attitude, when he was about 2, turned on an 18 volt rechargeable lamp and left it, face down, on the bed. I was out mowing at the time, and The Hermit was working in California. I came in to the house to find my favorite wool blanket with a burn hole in it, and the lamp still threatening to burn the house down. This kind of stuff scares me; glad you caught it in time!

Alan said...

I've got one of those give-away goldfish as well. The wife came home with the Kinder Major from the Peanut Festival in town last year and said "she's won a goldfish..."

Eighty dollars later we had a ten gallon aquarium, two more goldfish to keep it company, and an ongoing lesson in limnology and aquatic plant growth for daddy.

Just say NO! to free goldfish!

.....Alan {laughing}

SophieMae said...

We have a free goldfish, as well. But we didn't win it and it wasn't a gift. It just showed up one day in the turtle sandbox that we had filled with water and a few (now dead and gone) water hyacinths. I have no idea how long he had been there before we discovered him and started feeding him.

The frost on glass surfaces is beautiful! And Frosty the SnowPig is WAY too cool!

I slept in this morning and only snapped a couple pics of our fountain.

Weary Hag said...

Glad you explained the burnt doggie bed ... I was wondering.

Love the pig picture.

I also got a kick out of the fact that the school receptionist never flinched when you said the dogs set their bed on fire. haha ... how cute.

Floridacracker said...

Apparently, Ceann stole the show and there was a need for a post about rescue fish from the carnival! LOL!

They are tough little guys these throwaway fish.

Crazy like a photographer fox! Morning and evening golden light is precious stuff.

It was my fault too. I had ziptied the light previously, but moved it and only relied on the clamp this time.

I've learned most free pets are pretty expensive.

I can picture the green plastic turtle sandbox. I think we had one once.

Great to hear from you! Yes, they are used to me and humor me.

Hurricane Teen said...

Oh my goodness, FC, someone measured 19 degrees in Sanderson and 21 degrees at Olustee. We froze our behinds off Friday night.

And those are awesome looking frost pictures. Don't often get that pattern around here.

Floridacracker said...

Cold again tonight HT.