Sunday, February 18, 2007

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I am extremely comfortable in the kitchen.
However, twice a year, I step out of my comfort zone and bake a cake.
Not a mix cake.
Any simpleton can do that.
No, this is a real, honest to goodness wreck the kitchen, beat some eggs, hold your breath and pray, scratch cake.
It's Poppy Seed cake and it is Mrs. FC's favorite cake. I make it on Mother's Day and I make it on her birthday ... twice a year.
Don't ask for the recipe, I'm too whipped from whipping sugar, butter, flour,egg yolks, poppy seed filling, vanilla, sour cream, baking soda, ... oh yeah, and separating eggs, beating eggs until they have stiff peaks, and folding eggs, to type it here. It's on the inside of the SOLO brand Poppy Seed Cake Filling can label.
Go buy yourself a can.
Jr. wanted to know how to fold an egg, ...I showed him. One more step in his renaissance man training.
It's coming out of the oven in about 10 minutes so come back around for the finished product.
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roger said...

as ahnold said in one of those terminator flix....."i'll be back."

robin andrea said...

Happy birthday to Mrs. FC, and a hearty and heartfelt congratulations to you for such an undertaking. I'm sure it going to be as delicious as you hoped. Baked with love, how could it not be? You are teaching Junior some very important things about life.

roger said...

i'll add.....i learned to love to cook watching my father do it. you've set the bar fairly high, but i am not intimidated by cake, tho yours does look impressive and sounds utterly delicious. i'll bet you cleaned up too, you rascal you. love the pic of the fixin's.

happy b'day mrs. fc.

Thunder Dave said...

Be sure to tell Patience Happy B-Day from us! Can't wait to see how it turned out.

Roger-Similar here too. I learned a lot about cooking from watching my dad!

Deb said...

I think "renaissance man training" is a lost art and something to be valued these days.

Confession: I've never baked a cake from scratch.

Happy birthday, Mrs FC!

Floridacracker said...

it's true. i did clean up, emma's job really, but she's been such a good kid and t'was i who made the mess.

Thanks, I think he's paying attention :)

Thunder & Lightnin,
Good thing YOU paid attention. You're a good cook.

Once as a Ranger, I opened my briefcase at the beginning of a shift and a lady ranger next to me glanced inside and said, " A wildflower guidebook, a Petersons bird guide, and a pistol ... you are a renaissance man".

Sounds better than Jack of all trades ...

Laura said...

Ohh, sounds delicious!
Happy Bday to Mrs. FC!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Laura! I'll pass that on from one Gator to another!

Hick said...

Yum! Lucky gal.

Ericka said...

happy belated birthday, mrs. fc!

trivia for the day: (you can decide if it's useless or not) poppyseeds, even a bagel's worth, can make you fail a drug test. they mimic the results of opium use. so, make sure you skip the cake on random screening day!

Floridacracker said...

I hope she gets lucky.

Weird, but they don't drug test teachers. Is that bizarre or what?