Monday, March 12, 2007

Chickadees As Promised

Here's one of the two Chickadees that were flying back and forth, from this garden bird house to the blooming oaks above. They got kind of fussy when I sat down in the grass and staked out their front porch, but they kept coming.

It was late afternoon, the sun was sinking behind the live oak copse that shades my garden and I was blessing the golden light and cursing the speed at which it was diminishing. Lucky me, I did get a shot sharp enough to share with you.

Ha! I'm used to that, it has no effect on me.
We are off to the fair in a few minutes. Today is the showmanship day where the kids show their steers and swine. Jr.'s set to go in an early class, which is really nice, because the old fashioned small livestock arena heats up pretty good by mid-day. It should still be deliciously cool while we are there. Today is the day I will take some fair shots to share with you.
Did I mention I am off all week? It's not spring break. Seems the school system inserted some storm days that were not required due to the extremely boring 2006 hurricane season.
We are using them this week in combination with today, Fair Day, which we always get off.
The week is full of possibilities ...
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Laura said...

Well, you can stop cursing now, it's daylights savings time and you'll have plenty of time to garden in the evening!

I like the roof on that house, very fitting. I trust you have it tied down with the proper hurricane resistant roof straps and bracing? ;)

Great pics!

robin andrea said...

Cute chickadee. They always scold me too, especially when I'm out filling the feeder. Great that you have an unexpected week off. Hope you have a grand time.

ImagineMel said...

so how'd Mudstuffin' do with PIG? Hope you get to do something equally or more fun than the fair! :)

Thunder Dave said...

I know you'll use the time wisely young man. ;-)

Deb said...

Nice pics! Chickadees are so difficult to get a picture of; they're always moving.

Lucky you! My kids are mad because now they have to make up for two snow days at the end of the year.

swamp4me said...

Love the birdies - chickadees have so much personality.
As for your free time this week, you can come on a SAR overnight field exercise with us on Thursday. We could always use one more set of eyes in the search :) Just be sure to bring your 24-hour ready pack...

SophieMae said...

Super! I'm right partial to these little guys in their formal attire. Like HTeen, I'm antsy to do 'stuff', but have to wait till we move. Selling 18 acres is a lot harder than buying it was. 8-}

threecollie said...

GREAT shots! My very favorite birds.
Good luck to junior at the fair.

Floridacracker said...

I like recycling those tags as roofs ...Of course it's all up to hurricane code. What's the dealio at VS? We fans need our vitamins!

I was expecting wrens to use that house, the chickadees were a surprise.

He did okay. The fair post is probably tomorrow.

Always as you know.

Ahhh. The inconvenient truth of snow days.

I have one. I tried to quit our CERT team as I didn't have time to attend meetings, but the lead guy wouldn't hear of it. "Don't worry about it, just keep fit", were his instructions.

It has to be tough to let go of that place :(

I can see why, they are pretty funny to watch.

LauraHinNJ said...

Love the birdhouse!