Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Florida Food Fest

The "Eye of Round" cut is certainly not a melt in your mouth type roast like a rib roast, but I don't have to take out a home equity loan to buy it either. It is a big hunk of lean, boneless meat for a pretty fair price. If you treat it right, you'll get very tastey results and still be able to afford some mashed potatoes to go with it.

This one was made the same way my Mom makes hers and it came out wonderful.

Step one: Slice some garlic (lots of it) into slivers.

Step two: Make slits deep into the roast and insert those garlic slivers.

Step three: Liberally cover the top with sweet basil, salt, and pepper.

Step four: Roast it slowly ... about 30 minutes a pound at 325-350 F.

Step five: Baste it often with wine to produce a super gravy base and keep the relatively dry cut of meat from drying out.

That's it.

Slice it thin and eat until you look something like Flounder in the picture below.

This picture could get me in hot water.
He's not supposed to be on the couch.
Of course, the chief couch protector is out in the Gulf of Mexico on a cruise ship right now, so I suppose Flounder and I will get away with this little faux pas.
"Quand le chat loin, les souris joueront."
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pissed off patricia said...

The dog looks the way we all do after a big meal.

Have a great weekend!

Cathy S. said...

While the mom's away, the dogs do play. (and everyone else as well)

debbie said...

I assume that you'll be sharing that massive hunk of meat with the dogs since it's just you and Jr. at home right now. Lucky dogs!

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Looks good enough to eat!

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

I have noticed that recent changes to blogger have resulted in flawed links to commentors web sites. Using used to work properly, but now it looks like it need to be in the form of in order to work.

Does anyone else notice this, or is it just me?

vicki said...

I can just envision you guys hanging out and eating that hunk o' beef.
Please don't be offended, because the last thing I remember not being thrilled about over here was when you took MzPig to market, but this picture puts me in mind of a story.

My grandmother, who raised 4 sons and a daughter and was a farm wife through the depression on a huge dairy farm in Ohio, "pot roasted" everything. This was because they sold the best beef and kept the less marketable cuts. When I was a child and she, as always, was hosting the Christmas dinner for 34 people (20 little cousins!), her sons felt they had all come up in the world a bit- at least my dad was promoting Ford tractors. So one year they all went together, pooled their money and bought her a full standing rib roast, Omaha prime. I remember how pleased and excited my Dad and uncles were over that giant piece of beef that was shipped to our house a few days before Christmas. She got up, as always, at 3AM and "pot roasted" it for 12 hours. Looked just like yours there.

We eat less and less beef, but I do really crave it once in a while and the few bites I have every couple of months are usually "tartare."


robin andrea said...

Looks like you and Flounder are having a good time, breaking just a few of the rules. He is the face of perfect contentment.

Thunder Dave said...

Oui Monsieur, aber in Deutsche es ist spielen!

Man the roast looks tasty! We're planning to grill out some chicken this evening.

One more week before the audit and then I'll be back to 9hr days instead of these 11's.

threecollie said...

That sounds wonderful. I will certainly try it.

scott said...

Inserting garlic slivers also works very well with pork roast or chops.

Peggy said...

Thanks for the prep tips, I'll try that!

That pup looks right at home on the couch....maybe not his first time up there while the couch police are away? ;-)

Cathy said...

Dang. There are moments when being a poulatarian (poultry only) - hurts.
This picture produced some unbidden and disquieting salivary action. Dang.

Dogs really know how to do contentment.

Laura said...

Just had good chuckle over cathy's comment. :)

My hub's grandmother makes us an eye round of roast nearly every time she comes to visit. It's lip smackin good!
Your recipe sounds delicious, I'll have to give it a shot sometime!

Deb said...

I'll have to see if I have one of those hiding in the freezer (there's about a third of a cow in there). I bet that method would work well in the slow cooker.

Floridacracker said...

He's comfy!

Cathy S,

Well, this photo dates from last Sunday so it was shared by all. The dog and I fix T-bones when they're away :)

Looks like you had your own beef problems at the Ranch!

Too funny. We are all creatures of habit.

If you could just see him oooooze up on to the couch that he knows he's not supposed to be on. It's so gradual ... and then suddenly he's there.

Don't forget to smell the roses!
Hope you get that break soon.

It really makes great sandwiches the next day.

I'm with you. I do the same thing with a pork roast.

Easy ... you'll get me sent to the brig!
Thanks for visiting Pure Florida!

Now there's a new word for moi.
So true about dogs and contentment.

Easy too. You don't have to hover. I like cooking things that let me multitask.

Floridacracker said...

Probably so. I would brown it in a cast iron frying pan first and then dump it in the slow cooker with some wine.

kathy a said...

i'm about to start a pot roast! i'd probably be more popular with a real roast, but i'm tired and looking to make a couple of decent meals that are ok for leftovers before leaving town again, and son is not at home regularly. if he was, the little roast i got wouldn't last the night!

slivers of garlic are good for everything! your mom's a genius, and she managed to teach you something, too.

pablo said...

But is it heart healt . . . never mind that! I'll take a slice!


Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
I second that opinion of Mom.
How she taught hardheaded me anything, I can't imagine, but she did!

Well, compared to those well marbled expensive cuts, it is! You want mashed potatoes with that?

rcwbiologist said...

I might have to try that sticking the slivers of garlic in the roast trick on my next tofu steak.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I had a porkfish once. Probably not as good as yours.

Floridacracker said...

You'll definitely need to add something :)

Porkfish and grits!

Sandy said...

The picture of Flounder, who is not supposed to be on the couch, made me laugh.