Friday, April 20, 2007

Strange Visitor ...

I just came in from a stalk walk through my windy woods. There's a delicious 13 mph NE breeze blowing that is icing on the cake when you're stalking.

Up on an oak branch, I came across a bird that stopped me in my tracks.

You know how something unusual doesn't fit in all the familiar shapes logged in your critter memory?

I haven't downloaded him yet from the Sony, I want to grab my old Petersons and figure him out. I think I know, in a general way, but I need to look him up.

Soon come.


ImagineMel said...

Is the wind really blowing that hard?? Prolly explains the basketball coach I saw flying by my window earlier... ;)

Deb said...

Well now you've got me intrigued...hope to hear more!

LauraHinNJ said...

What a tease!

Dr. Know said...

Really, isn't he!

pablo said...

C'mon! I got up early just to find out what the mystery bird is. Who would tease people with his blog like this? Diabolical, that's what you are! (This wasn't your Friday quiz, was it?)

pablo said...

And, pray tell, how did you know the wind was blowing at 13 mph?

threecollie said...

We need to know here........

Floridacracker said...

Coach was probably out there checking his beautiful lawn. I'm glad he's never seen mine !

Coming up. It was what I thought it was.

It was a little of that, but more excitement. There was nobody here to tell about it.

Dr. Know,
Guilty as charged I guess.

And why aren't you out playing on your vast lake this morn?
My windage came from Weatherbug which is set for very local conditions.

Serving it up now.