Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Terrible Two's

Two years ago I had just bought yet another "Easy Website" type software for $65 and had started to wrestle it when I stumbled across Blogger.

Free Web Sites!


So I gave it a go, and I found that wrestling Blogger was occasionally challenging, but mostly pretty easy and so here we are, two years later.

I'm not sure where "here" is, but I like it. Where else can I rub shoulders with hippies, farmers, college profs, teachers, rockhounds, partisans, relatives, old friends, biologists, bird fanatics, rabbit ranchers, beer brewers, smart teenagers, jetsetting psychologists, rural writers, forensic sleuths, gardners, Floridaphiles, homebuilders, homesteaders, parents, southern belles, and kayakers? Oh, and silent lurkers who have apparently taken a vow of electronic silence ... yeah, YOU!

It's like one enormous "Cheers" pub.

Mostly, I've stuck to my masthead in these two years ... Florida's Nature and Culture. I count my family stuff as Florida culture ... or the lack of it :)

Florida's amazing natural places and wildlife will continue to be my focus ... there's still so much to see.

Thanks for coming along.
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Lightnin said...

Not sure where I fall in there but I'm glad I've been along for the ride! Reading your blog somehow makes me feel more connected to you, Patience and the kids! Keep up the good work!

Cathy S. said...

Happy Birthday! You are for me, what a cup of coffee is for most people. You wake me up, get me thinking, grant me laughter and sometimes sorrow. Overall, a great way to start the day. Thanks for the wonderful photographs, wise words and sharing your life with the rest of us.

raised by wolves said...

Thanks, too, from a part-time lurker, full-time reader. I've learned a great deal from you and still think my next life should be as one of your kids, 'cuzz I'm sure I'd be a better grown-up, if I'd had the kind of foundation that you are giving your kids. And to answer your Feb. question, the possum killing beast is half yellow lab, half whoknows. Kinda' having a run of arthritis in her hind quarters, probably just tired of waiting for spring like the rest of us. Our two nights of "teen temps" pretty much did in everything around here. So you do your vicarious Vegas, and I will do my vicarious bush beans. (And thanks for allowing anonymous comments.) We are not all evil, some of us are just shy.

Wayne said...

Heh - and how glad all us anarchists and leftists and liberals are that you did.

You are shameful, you know, you with your apparently effortless writing (hey, you said it, I didn't), faithful posts, and erudite topics. You make us all better.

Happy blogiversary. I look forward to the terrible twos.

Deb said...

Hmmm...I think I may fall into more than one of the above categories.

FC, the world is a better place since you stumbled across Blogger. I look forward every day to your well-written stories of dogs, pigs, kids, nature, adventure, and Florida life. And I enjoy the thoughts of everyone who comments here.

I'll raise a glass of homebrew tonight in a toast to Pure Florida's 2nd blogiversary! Although the Ben & Jerry's looks good too. :)

roger said...

mmmmmmmm ice cream! and snarky stuff at that.

congrats!! and thanks. if you're in good company it's 'cause you are good yerself.

we, well, i, have learned about the best part of florida. the people. okay, some people. and a continuing education on florida flora and fauna for a bonus.

robin andrea said...

Coming here every morning is like a little bit of sunshine, and you know how I feel about that. Happy blogiversary!

rcwbiologist said...

And thank you for writing. I haven't been reading your site for a long time, but visit each day now to enjoy your prose. And thanks for pointing out that particular flavor of B&Js. Hadn't seen it before, but now must have some of it.

kathy a said...

happy birthday!

i enjoy the peeks at another life, far across the country, and all that comes with the package -- nature, parenting, teaching, recipes, memories, tastes of life in the south. where else would i grow fond of a prize show pig, admire a tree farm and acquaculture equipment, view the phases of the pond, share the adventures of some terrific teens, and learn about the fish and critters and plants that inhabit pure florida?

vicki said...

Happy two years, FC! This, as you well know, is one of my favorite reads- I learn, I laugh, I love the photos and there's just enough of you and the Cracker family here for the perfect blog.

I didn't even know it was two years for you when I stuck you with a dubious honor today... ;-) You're a true "Thinking Blogger"

Cathy said...

Ahem. You didn't mention 'poets'.

threecollie said...

Happy Two-versary FC...Pure Florida is my favorite blog to read and I read a lotta them. Keep going for many more versaries!

pablo said...

A big fat Midwestern congratulations to you (my role model) on your second anniversary. I'm with Wayne on the anarchists, leftists, and liberals. Glad you're letting folks like us in.


(time to upgrade to real blogging software?)

edifice rex said...

Happy 2 years, FC! I really enjoy your blog and get a lot out of it. Your photos are great too!

jason said...

Congratulations and happy birthday! Don't stop what you're doing because it's fantastic and a definite daily read.

vicki said...

Back to tell you that I found out that Ben and Jerry's is having free (FREE) ice cream cone day on Tues, April 17. I'm certain it's in honor of your blog...All Ben and Jerry's stores everywhere are offering free ice cream cones between noon and 8 pm. Time for a trip to town. http://www.benjerry.com/

Zanne said...

Congratulations! Our blogs were born just one day apart. I also remember finding the "free" blogger site and was so excited that in under an hour I could be a publisher.....just needed something to say.

I agree that your site gives a peek into a very cool culture that alot of people would love to be a part of.

But....Ben & Jerry's???? No homemade peach ice cream? I'm disappointed, unless of course you were too busy doing your taxes to whip up a batch.

LauraHinNJ said...

Hey congrats - and thanks for having us along with you!

Floridacracker said...

Well, definitely old friend fits. Not old like old, but ... you know.

Cathy S.
Thank you. That's mighty nice of you. I always think of your comments as very Pure Floridian :)

Mowgli :)
I leave anonymous open for the shy. Both of my beloved dogs are half lab/half golden and older, so I can relate to the doggy arthritis. Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks pal. You're a good sport.
Effortless? Did I really say that?

You are a perfect example of the "it's a small world" with your Colee Cove connection. I think you are definitely multi-category blogger! I know I try not to let a day go by without a visit to Minnesotarctica via Sand Creek.

i thought you might appreciate the snark in that confection. Thanks!

Thanks. Glad to help in the sunshine department. I hope the real thing breaks out soon in the PNW.

Thanks. Glad you found PF and likewise. The Americone Dream is a bit sweet, I fear I am still a Chunky Monkey fan at heart.

Kathy A,
Wow, you have been paying attention! Thank you for the kind words.

Thanks! I'm just trying to help you make your transition to Florida go smoothly :)
I'm not sure how "deep" the thinking in some of my posts, but I appreciate the nomination. I can't imagine where the closest Ben and Jerry's is from here, but I appreciate the tip.

Oops! What was I thinking? I knew when I started that sentence I was bound to leave out someone.
As much as I enjoy rhyming, how could I forget poets?

Thank you. I love visiting your real family farm and getting a peek at a hard working family ... and a Jr clone!

You liberal anarchical rascal. You've made me quite a rockhound (round of course!). I truly enjoy your clever commentary and your close inspection of photos.
So what software would that be?

Thanks, but it is I who is in awe of you and your amazing skills. What you are doing out there in Alabama is so incredible.

Welcome to Pure Florida and thanks for commenting. I liked your "kids" pics.

Taxes, funny you should mention that ... I think that's what I'm supposed to be finishing. Hooray for us with our simultaneous (almost) blogoversary.
Homemade ice cream would have to be Pineapple Nut ... a vanilla base with pineapple and pecan chunks in it.

Thanks Laura. I love your prose and really have changed my opinion of NJ soley due to your site.

Laura said...

Oh no, I'm late to the party!! I'm up late tonight, trying to help a sick kid get through a non-stop coughing session. She is so sore and worn out from coughing. :( (Looks like a doctor's visit is looming tomorrow morning.

Now that it's quiet for a few minutes, I thought I'd sit down and see what's up on your site today. I think we are all very lucky that that you made the decision to start blogging in the first place. Every post either makes us laugh, or teaches us something new...or both!

Sometimes when I'm reading through these posts, I find that our families seem to have quite a bit in common, and I always feel at home on your site because the pictures remind me so much of our house in G'ville.

So here's to the next two years, FC, and to many more great posts from you !!!
Happy Belated bloggiversary. :)

Floridacracker said...

I get the same feeling about our families ... right down to the sick, coughing kids! I hope she's feeling better soon ... and that Mom gets to catch up on her sleep.
Thanks for the kind words.

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Happy two year anniversary - you provide us all with food for thought as well as wonderful entertainment.

I've wondered if Americone Dream is as good as Steven Colbert says it is. Is it?

Floridacracker said...

Too sweet! I would drop the caramel swirl.