Wednesday, April 11, 2007

These Pics Go With That Post Below ...arrrrghhhh!

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Deb said...

Those were well worth waiting for!

Some part of me wants to believe that Ivory billeds still exist, that there are still places and creatures so wild we can't even fathom what might be there. But perhaps our energy is better spent preserving what we know is left, in whatever way we can.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

How sweet it is! Pileateds are pretty rare. And, as you observe, there is no Lost Woodpecker to be found. Too bad, too.

vicki said...

Handsome fellow! These are great photos and, as Deb notes, well worth the wait. I suspect you're right on the Ivory Billed. I figure, after all this time, there's either none or more than one and someone would have found a nest of them by now. Heaven knows they're looking. I was onto endangered birds today, too but there's a more hopeful outcome.

Mark said...

Nice pictures! The listening pose is really interesting.

pablo said...

Looks plastic to me.


Deb said...

pablo- thanks. I almost snorted a beverage across the keyboard!

This is the culprit for your ground-level holes, by the way.

robin andrea said...

Wow wow wow. That is one gorgeous woodpecker. I'm so glad I checked back to see if you had posted these grand photos. Beautiful.

Hurricane Teen said...

He's a nice looking bird! I see these guys back in the swamp occasionally, but they're never close enough for pictures, darnit! Good job with the hotography. Yes, hotography.

Floridacracker said...

Glad you liked em! Pablo has a devious mind.

The Pileateds are pretty common here. Ivory bills less so.

Agreed. I haven't had time to deal with the Thinking thing yet. Will do in some manner ...

Thanks. Usually they swoop off before I can get close.

Photographically Challenged Pablo,
For plastic avians, we Floridians usually choose Pink Flamingoes.

He (she?)'s a nice healthy one, isn't it. Always.Carry.Camera.

Be sneaky.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photos - I saw them fairly often in Virginia/DC, including a breeding pair in the trees in front of my office there. Alas, they do not range as far north as MI.

debbie said...

We have a lot of those woodpeckers in north Florida. Several times a year one of them will peck on our metal chimney, making a really LOUD, terrible noise. Our dogs go crazy because they don't know where the noise is coming from.

Alan said...

I love the crazy laugh that Pileateds make at times.

Probably where they got the idea for Woody Woodpecker from.


Scott, Alabamian in Exile said...

I see the pileated often but it is always a treat. I had a great look last Sunday from about 25 feet. The guy just absolutely ignored me. I finally had to toss a pine cone in his direction to get a look at the wings in flight.

I am new to birding and am having some difficulty understanding why some of the ivory bill “skeptics” (in the blogosphere) are so vehemently derisive of people who claim sightings. Wood peckers are among the first birds that I could confidently identify. I don’t see how an experienced birder could mistake a pileated for an ivory bill, nor why an academic or anybody else would risk his reputation by creating a hoax. Any thoughts?

Did you use a camera or digital binoculars to photograph the pileated? I’ve considered buying digital binoculars, but have not seen any photos taken with one. Thanks.


Wayne said...

Wondered about that, but the text brought back memories from the 8th grade of being teased by my peers about giant woodpeckers.

Man, those are two fantastic photos. Absolutely great.

Floridacracker said...

Welcome to Pure Florida!
I'm surprised they don't get up there, they seem to range all across the country. Robin and roger posted pics recently and they are in the Pacific Northwest.
Glad you liked the photos.

I know just what you mean! They haven't lately, but our chimney has been rapped on a few times.

I have often thought the same thing about Woody.

Welcome to Pure Florida!
The photos were taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-HB 7.2 megapixel camera at full zoom. Then I cropped it some in Picasa.
I don't understand criticizing the searchers either, but the time gap between the last certified sighting and the present day "discovery" is so great that I'm going to need more than someone's word for it's existence. That's just me.
I am not a serious birder by the way, I like them well enough, but give me fish to watch anyday :)

Glad you enjoyed the photos. I had to expose for the tree bark because the bird was backlit by bright sunlight.