Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Get What You Pay For

It seems that Blogger is having issues.
Is it just me or did you have trouble commenting on Blogger sites last night and today?
Will this post even post?

Just in case it does ...
I'll be out in the Gulf of Mexico off Cedar Key for the next two days leading Marine Science Field trips.

Work, work, work.


Thunder Dave said...

You dog! Although I guess I could brag about all the rain we're getting right now!

Have fun and take some photos! (as if I have to ask that!)

Thunder Dave said...

I wanted to try it out first to see if I had any issues. It seems to be working now.

About every other time I post though, I run into some wierdness. Ever since both of us switched over to "New Blogger" Lightnin hasn't been able to log on!

pablo said...

I didn't have any trouble leaving a few posts on blogger sites last night, but if your post above didn't work, then I can't tell you that. This is a real dilemma.

Have fun on your Gulf adventure. Wish I could be there with you.

Deb said...

Sounds like sheer drudgery! No actually, it sounds like my job when I'm not stuck in the office writing a report. Have fun!

Laura said...

pffft, allow me to disagree! I fail to see how an outing to the Gulf of Mexico can be construed as "work".

(although, as a glorified chaperone, I can attest to the exhaustion factor... oh yeah.)

In any event, I bet those kids will have a great time. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

Doug Taron said...

Count me among the totally jealous. I hope that you post something about the field trip (preferably with photos). Vicarious pleasure for those of us who can't attend.

pissed off patricia said...

Be sure to slather up with sun screen. It's that time of year.

Anonymous said...

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thx for any advice you have.
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robin andrea said...

Gulf of Mexico off Cedar Keys? Who cares about Blogger when you've got that? Hope it's a grand journey with all those Marine Field Scientists.

threecollie said...

These glitches must move around. Last week it was bugging me and I think some of the folks upon whose blogs I frequently comment must have thought that I was on a field trip on the ocean. Alas I was just frustrated.
Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...'ve just about stopped posting because of the glitches I encounter with alarming regularity. When I post comments, which I rarely do anymore, I almost always have to enter the comment more than once.

Just remember - there are things in the ocean that can eat you ;)

ARRRGGGGGHHHH - my comment didn't go through the first time!!!


Floridacracker said...

Does Lightnin have a google account? I didn't know that was why she wasn't commenting. Tell here I miss her!

I think you would have loved it.

Only saltier :)
It was a good day.

I am exhausted and was looking forward to coming home and doing nothing, but there's no water so now I'm exhausted, salty, sunscreeny, and waiting on the well guy to come fix whatever ain't working. Arrrrrghhhhh!

I have photos and should have more tomorrow. Will do.

I hear you and second that lotion.
I am the sunscreen equivalent of a rabid evangelist with my charges.

Everyone is waiting to see how I respond to your request. I'm really not encouraging people to move here as I feel Florida is full.
On the other hand, I'm a nice guy and I want to help you out. Such a dilemma.
Soooo... I'm on the Gulf, but sometimes I write about St. Augustine because it's my home town.

Today's crew had a blast and may have learned something too. Tomorrow a new crew and I do it again.

I wondered ...

I agree ... very frustrating, these blogger nerds and their creation.

vicki said...

Surely you have a photo for Good Planets, seeing as how you have been out to sea?

This sounds like a the best of classrooms to me. The Snarl did Inland Seas ( for several years and then she was featured in and narrated a promotional video for them. She remembers those field trips as highly influential in shaping her current interests. I'm thinking you are having a great influence on some of your students.