Monday, May 21, 2007

Jwa Do V

Gas prices may not have you jumping for joy like Junior above, but maybe if it gets expensive enough, we'll realize we never should have been burning this amazing substance anyway. There's almost nothing you can't make out of oil ...

...even food.

Still, we deal with reality and we are here now, so feel free to grumble at the pumps. It's good to let off steam in small amounts rather than losing it all together.

Stay optimistic and ...

... keep your eyes set on your goals. Don't forget to smell the armadillos along the way.

If you feel your stress levels rising past the good stress point, don't forget that a soothing, soak in a tub can do wonders. Take time to pamper yourself a little and chill out.
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roger said...

"even food"

let's see that recipe.

robin andrea said...

Hey, those gas prices were the good old days from last week. Our regular now goes for $3.46. I wouldn't mind paying these prices if the excess paid for health care for everyone, but I really HATE it when the oil companies post their record profits.

Roger, I think that recipe must be written in chinese.

Deb said...

That's an amazing photo of Jr. Looks like he's suspended in midair!

I second Robin Andrea on the oil co. profits.

kathy a said...

great photos! i especially like the armadillo, since we do not get them here. but the flying boy is pretty wonderful, too!

gas prices locally are about the same as robin reports. burns me up, since there is a refinery within view of my house!

Cathy said...

Dang! I love a post that as I'm reading it I realize I've got this silly grin growing on my face. Thanks for this, FC. I'll be sharing it with my hubby.

That picture of junior couldn't be happier and what is that bird!? Fox Sparrow? I'm stuck.

I'm gushing, but this was just pitch-perfect. Can't stop smiling.

threecollie said...

Love the pic of Jr. and the bird in the tub. Don't love either the photo of the fuel price or the real thing. It is sad when the price climbs so high so fast that even a real effort to conserve leaves you paying more.

Floridacracker said...

well, food additives actually. ever swall a gel capsule?

For years I got "the look" when I said to my friends, "Oil should cost $5 a gallon, it's too amazing to burn and we won't look for alternatives until it's expensive."
I still feel it will take that to break our oil as fuel addiction.
I have the long term view.

Milk, beer, wine, bottled water all cost more than oil per gallon. It's still too cheap.

I did not take that photo (wish I did!). A friend took it.

Kathy A,
I was trying to photo the dillo when Feather saw me and then the dillo. It all went down hill from there.

Thanks! It was last minute and written in 10 blogger frustrated minutes before work today.
The bird is a brown thrasher.

It's finally reached the level where I am adjusting my driving habits. Looking forward to the summer when my JEEP can sit more.

pablo said...

What was Junior's landing like?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You just reminded me: I've got a gas-price-is-so-high cartoon that I have been saving since last year. What goes around comes around, as "they" say.

Floridacracker said...

I wish I knew. He was on a Student Government trip to West Palm Beach and I didn't go along.

We're waiting ...

kathy a said...

you are right about gas prices, of course. i get grumpy when i hear national news stories, delivered in somber tones, about people in kansas worrying because gas might hit $3/gallon. that stubborn streak in me wonders why we haven't seen gas prices so low for a good time, but we have to live with the freaking refinery a few miles away.

most of the time, i really just need a golf cart. within a couple miles are the BART station, a trader joe's, an ordinary grocery store, and most of the rest of hat i need. [don't start on me about the bike. maybe i'll start riding again, maybe not. that public service announcement is already being broadcast locally.]

Deb said...

I'm waiting for gas prices to get so high that those city folk with their four wheelers will decide they can't afford to use my neighborhood as something to ride over and destroy. Maybe people might discover the pleasures of walking again.

SophieMae said...

Your gas prices are just a tad higher than ours. Makes me miss DeLand and its 'proper' downtown. We could walk to almost everything.

DS got a real kick out of the tubby thrasher. What a look! 8-]