Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Day

Today is freedom day:
Freedom from class for the kids.
Freedom from stress for the bus drivers.
Freedom from overloaded backpacks worn incorrectly.
Freedom from hiding mp3 players and cell phones from 8 am to 2:30 pm.
Freedom from paychecks for the teachers ... hey, wait a minute ...
Freedom from hall duty.
Freedom from 20 minute lunch breaks.
Freedom from endless meetings.
Freedom from papers due.
Freedom from papers to grade.
Freedom for the saltwater aquarium fish and invertebrates in my classroom aquariums ... they will ride to Cedar Key with me this afternoon for a return to the Gulf. What tales they will have!

Thank God It's Friday ... this Friday especially.
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pissed off patricia said...

Let the good times roll!

pissed off patricia said...

Oh, I wanted to let you know, the price for taking down the two trees was $290.00. We couldn't have the stumps ground due to our underground gas tank near by, so this price was for chopping the trees and removing all traces of them. They did an outstanding job including blowing all the sawdust and stuff off the drive and cleaning it all up.

We have friends who also had two trees taken down, same reason we did and they were charged over $700.00. We felt we did good with the company we chose.

Doug Taron said...

So today's soundtrack is School's Out by Alice Cooper. OK, I'm dating myself here. The ride out to Cedar Key to release the marine critters sounds like it should be wonderful.

kathy a said...

doug, that's my soundtrack, too!

daughter's very last test of high school is today, and then she is running off to the movies.

robin andrea said...

The last day of school is always filled with such joy and anticipation. The whole summer awaits.

ImagineMel said...

I couldn't agree more. Esp. the no more paychecks thing... :) I feel blessed to have survived this one.

Deb said...

I might add: The freedom to just hang out and be kids. This applies to teachers too. :)

rcwbiologist said...

Ah, I guess I'm dating myself much like Doug. School's Out by Alice is what I think of too. The neat thing is, having a 4 and 6 year old, I can sense that old feeling I had myself as a kid when summer came and we had so many grand plans. Have a great holiday weekend.

Laura said...

Freedom from having to ask if they did their homework each night.
Freedom from the car pool.
Freedom from book reports, science projects, research papers and other large scale projects.
Freedom from chaperoning and riding to the location in a hot, old yellow school bus.
Freedom from FCAT.

School is Out! School is Out! Thank God Almighty! School is out!!!

Have a great summer!

Floridacracker said...

Oui, oui!
Hey, I think you got a super price on that tree job. I do my own, but then, I'm crazy.

I just got back from the Cedar Key release trip. The critters were all successfully returned to the Gulf ... even the blenny that I got attached to.

School's Out is the ONLY song for the last day. Dates me too,as a kid I sang it when it was current as I left my own highschool for summer break.

Kathy A,
THAT's where my son is running off to also!! Shrek 3.

This is the best moment, when it's all in front of you.

We should be blessed for what we do.

You bet it does!
Just being kids, with no organized activities is really not appreciated enough. I think it's incredibly valuable in growing well rounded creative knuckleheads.
Worked for me.

I was lucky to be home with mine from birth to now every summer. I would not trade those days for any amount of money.
I mean it.

Feelin' liberated?
Viva summer!
Actually I have two more days post planning, but one of those is a jury duty day, so I'm pretty much in summer mode tonight.

kathy a said...

daughter went to pirates of the carribean. i'm pretty sure the pirates ride at disneyland next week will be ruined for her. them's the breaks.

back in the dark ages before alice, we had this poetic verse:

no more school, no more books,
no more teachers' dirty looks!

alas, it was so far in the past that i can't remember the rest. if there was any more of it.

Cathy said...

Jury duty? Don't you wish your fellow-citizens would just behave?

On into summer, then. I'm sure you'll make it a good one.

Floridacracker said...

Kathy A,
Moviegoers are back: Shrek 3 gets a thumbs up, but they said it seemed short.

I don't get picked for actual duty often ... I think the defense attorneys don't like former LE people on the jury.

Rurality said...

Count me as another who immediately thought of the "School's Out" song. I used to have such an Alice Cooper thing going on. It used to feel rebellious I guess but nowdays just makes me feel old!

Floridacracker said...

That song rocks! I notice they usually play snippets in this era of school shootings.

"... school's been blown to pieces."

We didn't have to worry about such things.

Wayne said...

Dang - that was to be my comment - "Schoooolsss, out! for! summah!! Schooolsss out! fo-evah!!"

So this was your first year in the new school. Does it make you sorry to have to leave it for a few months?

Floridacracker said...

That song is ingrained in our DNA.
No, I am not feeling separation anxiety :)