Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boat Food, Boat Gear, and Sun

What kind of food do you take on a boat?
When I go by myself, it's usually a PBJ sandwich, an apple, and some water. It's very different when the crew comes along, because as soon as they step foot on the boat their stomachs start growling. We usually pack very convenient food and the hands down winner is always fried chicken. Sometimes we do sandwiches, but that has faded away in favor of the breaded bird.
It's just so easy and it's fun to toss the bones down to the pinfish and other nibblers who gather around the anchored boat.
Somewhere, I have a picture of my brother-n-law snorkeling while holding a piece of fried chicken just above the water.
Other food in the ice chest usually includes pickles (that's half of a "Hot Momma" spicy pickle in the picture... tres chaud), fruit, and boiled peanuts. Then there's usually a bag of chips, although on the boat is the one place I prefer Pringles since that tube is very packable.

This is a really cool piece of gear for you outdoorsy wet types. The cell phone case is water proof, but the phone is still completely useable. In the picture it's open, but the case folds so your phone is in the normal position. You can talk and hear right through the case with normal clarity. I have a similar, but larger camera case by the same company, Dry Pak.
I pronounce it to be good gear.

I'm off to see my perky cute skin doc after I finish this paragraph. Time for a checkup. She's had a baby since my last visit so we can talk about her kid while she scans my battered epidermis.
Don't forget to use your sunscreen and catch some shade this summer.
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lori said...

looks like you had a very relaxing day? good food, little phones, and no rushing of cars going here and there. haaaa

kevin said...

We take fried chicken, boiled eggs and for some reason it's the only place I eat Nacho Cheese Doritos. There's usually beer, too.

Alan said...

And just where are those peanut hulls going when you're done with them? Hmmm? {laughing}

Fried chicken seems to be a natural boat food along with Vienna sausages.


Anonymous said...

I remember a time ohhhh so long ago going out to "Your Name Island" and we too took fried chicken. As I recall, it was Mrs. FC and me that got in trouble for throwing the pieces of uneaten biscuits to the seagulls. (Something one would have expected of a much younger Katie, Emma, Jr. and Dude)

pablo said...

So do the boiled peanuts go into the bottled water?

Ava said...

I love PBJ sandwiches! Your chicken looks good and so does that pickle!

I found the water proof case for the cell phone to be interesting. I may have to check into that.

scott said...

Well, Cracker, you are a better man than me. I could have filled my freezer with boiled peanuts in October and would have run out by Christmas, much less the summer solstice.

I grew up farming and peanuts were what made the money (everything else was just for the sport,) so boiled peanuts are a staff-of-life dietary component for me—the true Fruit of the Gods.

People in the Southeast will think I am making this up, but Harris County Texas has a population of 3,647,656 and you cannot find a green peanut for sale. How can so many people be so under served? I have to drive to Lafayette Louisiana to get them and I’d bet you they were hauled through Houston to get there. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

robin andrea said...

What kind of chips do you favor when you're not packing Pringles? I have found the Lay's Natural Thick Cut potato chip to be very tasty.

That's quite nice gear for your phone. I may go look at their camera pack, even though I hardly ever go out on the water.

Hope your doc has all good things to report.

mockinbird said...

50% of the peanuts grown in the U.S. are sown witin 100 miles of Dothan Alabama.
National Peanut Festival

SophieMae said...

Just hand over the bald peanuts and nobody gets scalped. 8-]

Thanks for the Dry Pak tip! Gonna check out the camera baggies.

Amazing dolphin pics yesterday! I haven't been quick enough on the snap yet. All these Gulf images are making me homesick. It's just not the same up here.

Rebel POW said...


No sausage and biscuits?

Hal at Ranch Ramblins said...

Looks good to me, but then, any food looks good to me when I'm out on the water.

Deb said...

Usually when I bring food out on a boat it's whatever leftovers I put in my lunch for work.

I'm kind of wary of some of the chemicals in sunscreen, so lately I prefer hats and light clothing if anything...we northerners are prone to Vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sun exposure, and they're finding out Vitamin D protects against a bunch of cancers. It's a dilemma!

Floridacracker said...

Skin check was so good that perky Doc said I don't have to go back for a year. Suu-Weeet!

Welcome to Pure Florida! Yes, all that you said was true :)

I like my beer after I'm home, the boat is washed, the gear put away, and I've got that ocean afterglow thing going on...

They are organic detritus.
I can't do Vy-anna sausages ... or potted meat for that matter. I'm southern, but I have my limits.

That was a most excellent day as I recall. You two usually get in trouble don'tcha?

The boiled peanuts go in to me, the peanut shells go into Mother Ocean.
Detrivores need food too.

When school's in, I eat PBJ literally every day on my 20 minute lunch break, so I take a break from it during the summer.
I do love it tho.

This was one of those individually packaged mega pickles ... very good,very hot.

That is a tale of goober woe ... we can feel your pain. I've always felt a great kinship with Texas ... we share the Gulf Of Pure Florida after all, but this Texan absence of the heavenly fruit causes me some concern.

I remember a distant post of yours where you mentioned something about nothing salty and crunchy makes it home unopened ... (I'm paraphrasing).
You picked a great chip, I love those. I like those and any good kettle fried chip.

As rainy as the PNW is, I could see this phone thingie being practical on a long walk.

Just another reason to love Alabama, as if magnolias, real southern drawls, and southern belles weren't enough.
That's an amazing statistic when you think about it.
Peanuts are a huge crop in our rural county too.

Bald peanuts ... LOL. I like the freedom this case gives me and the accessibility.
Really nice in a canoe for obvious reasons.
I bet Peggy of Paddle Tales already has one.

Here's my take on sausage and biscuits ... I can cook it and get rave reviews on the end result, but I can't bring myself to eat sausage gravy.
Give me a chunk of sausage. Give me a biscuit.
Hold the goo.
Believe it or not, I'm the "Sausage Gravy Guy" at our staff breakfasts.

I know just what you mean. What is it about being on the water and the appetite?

I hear ya, but I'm going with the 60SPF sunscreen now that I sport 3 scars from Basal Cell removals. Goes on like Elmer's Glue, but works great.
My family got me a shirt and hat that are rated SPF 50. I was shocked to read that a standard T-shirt is only about SPF 3.

Just drink that good Florida OJ with Vitamin D and Calcium added or some of ThreeCollie's cow juice.

threecollie said...

You live in a sure 'nough, amazing wonderworld down there I thank you for sharing it. Love the dolphins, and water photos. And Birds. And all.
Been too busy to stop and comment for a couple days and sorry for that...I get here to read, though, when I can. Thanks for the milk plug above. Love that good old vitamin D!
My dad has basal cell too and they are just a misery....he is so blond... I am sure hoping it skips me, although I am fair too. Good luck with the check up.

Thunder Dave said...

Man, my mouth is watering for Fried Chicken now!

I can only hope that you keep the cell on board in case of emergency, and that it's in the off position the rest of the time. Sometimes it's good to be incommunicado!

Sorry, I know it seems like a lame excuse, but work has been really, really interfering with my blogging. I'll have to tell you about it later, possibly in a post of my own. (that would be different!) ;-)

Floridacracker said...

Hey, I know it's busy on the farm.
My check up was very good. That's always a relief.
Glad you like the critters this week!

I think I COULD eat it every day, even though I don't allow myself to do so. Sorry work's so crazy, I have a photo to post soon that I think you'll appreciate.

Leslie said...

The fried chicken and pickle reminded me of when I was a little girl and we'd drive to see our grandparents in Tennessee. It took about 7 hours because of the windy hairpin roads, and there wasn't a McDonald's on every corner back then.

My grandmother would pack us a lunch for our return trip. Fried chicken, pickles, apples, home made cookies, maybe biscuits left over from breakfast... and always a big glas jar of water from the well. It tasted so much better than our town water.

Zanne said...

What a wonderful post. I feel sick to my stomach looking at the last photo with the lovely little palm - - I'm needing some open water badly - preferable the salted kind. As you know I'm landlocked in Illinois. Nothing around here except some water retention pits that the developers lovingly call "ponds".

Mockinbird - Now you're talking...
"50% of the peanuts grown in the U.S. are sown witin 100 miles of Dothan Alabama."
That's exactly where my dad and his family were from - just across the state line in Westville, Florida. They were peanut farmers who threw in a little cotton and sugar cane. My uncle would soak those peanuts in a bucket of salt water. When my dad was serving in Korea we lived in a sharecroppers shack surrounded by fields of peanuts. Gosh the memories!!