Monday, July 09, 2007

More On Saturday's Puzzler

The puzzle.
The added clues.

Saturday's post began with a puzzler, but morphed into a rant which became the focus of your excellent comments. Only a few remembered or dared to venture a guess at the conundrumilicious mystery at the top of that post.
Here's a few cluenifinous photos to aid you who persevere.
I'm tweaking my header with Bloogers new post a pic in you header thingie, so bear with me.
The photo seems a little big right now.


Hurricane Teen said...

we have one of those on our back door right now...I don't know what they are, but I am sure they have to do with something changing from a walking bug to a flying one...yup.

Sharon said...

Some sort of scale? I don't know, but that thing in the 2nd & 3rd pics is not pretty...

kathy a said...

love the new header!

do centipedish things come from egg sacs? the white blobs on the leaf remind me somehow of spider egg sacs, only denser. [we did some time with a pet tarantula.] my only contact with centipedes was in japan, and i did not at that time care where they came from as long as they got the hell out of my house and away from my babies.

Leslie said...

That is the stuff nightmares are made of. What do I win for my correct guess?
Love your words.
Blooger has a picture header thingie? Must run... (yours looks great! but yes, a bit large somehow. Maybe cropped?)

Doug Taron said...

Dobsonfly eggs. My paltry knowledge of aquatic inverts is showing here. I had no idea that dobsonflies laid their eggs outside of the water. I thought that it was more like how a dragonfly does it. Thanks for expanding my knowledge (again).

OldHorsetailSnake said...

It's bug juice, right? Please say it's bug juice....

rcwbiologist said...

Yikes! That looks like something from a SF movie. I had the same problem with my header as you. I fixed it by cropping the picture and then checking, cropping, then checking, cropping, then checking. You get the picture. I think it took me about 5 or 6 tries to get it how I wanted it to look. Now mind you, I'm not saying that's the best way to do it.

Laura said...

First off, love the header, FC! It can be a royal headache to try to get the headers to fit and match the colors on the page, but I like that one a lot. Good luck! If you need any help at all, send me an email. I like think that one fits great, however.

As for the puzzler, I see it a bonafide Wacasasa cocoon and if you swallow one, you'll have discovered the fountain of youth!

Laura said...


I was also thinking that if you resize to 640, that might fit better?

Floridacracker said...

This guy is aquatic and doesn't fly til he morphs. You may have an adult.

Looks like scale, but is way bigger. That's the egg, the larvae is the not pretty thing :)

Kathy A,
He looks centipedey, but he's something different. I wouldn't want centipedes in my house either.

It's new, the header thingie.
I took Laura's advice of 640 and it seems to fit better.
Good guess... definitely nightmare qualified.

You got it! The helgrammite is really common in this river and in trying to learn more about them, I learned what their eggs looked like. They are pretty cool, but I've never seen a live adult.

Well, sorta ...

Thanks for the tips. When I cropped, it seemed to still take up the same space, but resizing to 640 made it fit better.
I still need to mess with it a little, but it's okay for now.

Thank you. Your advice worked. It's better now, I may tweak it a bit more, but I can live with it now.
I'm still looking for those fountain of youth coccoons.

SophieMae said...

Love that header pic!

I thought of you the other day while driving down Mandalay. In the canal, which runs off the Aucilla River, we saw some young fishes that didn't look like the usual bream, etc. They were about 4-6" long and had reddish tails. One of the bunch was noticeably paler. No way, unfortunately, to get any pics. Any fish nerdy idea?

BTW, I really like your fishin' hat. 8-]

Rurality said...

I had no idea on the puzzler. But I do love the new pic in the header. :)

roger said...

i love the picture. gives the place an expansive feel. nice bug too. the helgrammites in the trout creeks of my youth built little tube houses out of bits of wood and teeny pebbles. kinda like a snail shell, but straight.

robin andrea said...

Beautiful header, fc. Very inspiring. Well, I'm late to the "guess the bug" quiz. Glad to see the mystery was solved. What a great group of smart people come here to peek at life in Pure Florida.

ImagineMel said...

hello my new co-worker! :)

Deb said...

Now I'll have to sit here with my bird guide trying to ID all the shorebirds in your header. Nice!

Floridacracker said...

I'm not sure on that brief description, but we do have some beautiful freshwater river fish in Florida, some of the dace for example.
You obviously need an underwater camera!

You might have these in your stream. Pick up some stones or logs and look underneath.
They bite by the way.

these are southern helgy's and are far less industrious than those northern types.
it's the whole manana attitude thing ...

Looking forward to suffering together with you.
Your son did a great job on the WACA clean up!
That's another 4 hours towards his scholarship.

When you do, we'll compare notes.
I think I have them.

Ava said...

I had no idea!!!

Floridacracker said...

Hey, no problem. You could easily live your whole life and never encounter this buggy fella.