Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On The Road, Off Topic

I'm sitting in the St.Johns County Public Library basking in it's glory and it's fast access connection.
When I was a kid, this library was one upstairs floor of an old house down on Charlotte Street. It was musty and dusty, cramped, dark and small.
This place is quite a change.

There was no post yesterday, because I'm in St. Augustine repairing my Dad's greenhouse. The hurricanes of 2004 damaged it, and I had repaired part of it, but the west end of it needed some work so it can be recovered in plastic.
So I worked on that all day yesterday in 93 degree Florida humidity.
I was glistening let me tell ya.

The nice thing about being completely soaking wet in your own sweat, is that you're soaking wet and the slightest breeze cools you.

Did I mention there wasn't the slightest breeze yesterday?

I'm supposed to be in Home Depot right now picking up some longer screws to finish the greenhouse repair, but I had to stop in and reconnect for a few minutes.

I spent most of my time hitting some blogs I haven't visited enough lately so this is short. I didn't get to everybody I wanted :(
I'm amazed, just amazed, at how quickly I accomplished those visits via broadband.

Tonight, I'll be back in my dialup world, with my "4 year old running slower these days computer" and everything will be back to SNAFU.

Right now I'm off to Home Depot like a good boy.
My hour of self actualization is over.


robin andrea said...

Here's a surprise for you, I think our temps are hotter here. We may hit 98 today. Roger was in the greenhouse yesterday, in the late afternoon. I can say that he definitely commiserates with you.

Glad you had a chance to high-speed connect, while you were out running errands. It's so good of you to take such fine care of your dad and his greenhouse, fc.

I'm hoping for cooling breezes from coast to coast.

roger said...

i am tempted while in a home depot, as i am also tempted while in almost any bookstore, to order "one of each please. have it delivered. thank you."

it's 8:30 am here, and already 80 degrees outside in the shade. the breeze may save us, if it doesn't scorch everything.

mmmmmmmmm. libraries. love 'em.

kathy a said...

FC, you are a good son! i'm guessing that "glistening" is not so accurate a descriptor as "dripping" -- hope you catch some breeze. broadband is one of the wonders of the universe, as far as i'm concerned.

robin and roger -- that's hot hot hot! we've had a lot of nice coastal fog lately, and i'm very grateful for it. [i have to go to orange county week after next, and am SO not looking forward to the heat.]

Laura said...

He's not kidding, folks. It is hotttt here lately. But at least we're not out west!
I wrote about the heat on my post today, too.

Good luck with greenhouse. When you're finished, want to come on down here and work on our concreteblock house? lol

Hurricane Teen said...

Ah yes, the old library on Aviles Street! My SCV camp cleans that up every month (because it is where General Edmund Kirby-Smith was raised.) It's a beautiful building, for sure.
There's something about working in a greenhouse that does not particularly appeal to me today...though I'm fixing to get my own very soon. Enjoy the rest of your visit in the best city in the world!!

Cathy said...

Give that air an assist.
Fellas were cutting and laying stone in my backyard last summer. It was tough to watch.
- I ran an extension cord to a big turbo fan so that some of that glistening could be converted to cooling. That fan was totaled by the end of their project. It helped me at least as much as it helped them.

ImagineMel said...


I CAN'T WAIT for school. I def did not feel that way before yesterday.

threecollie said...

Don't envy you your task, but you are a good guy for doing it.

Floridacracker said...

I saw that forecast for you in the news and I thought of you two. Keep cool.

yes, one of each in home depot, the book store, and best buy.
that should do it.

Kathy A,
There was dripping involved too.
No need for a sauna here.

I think I picked the most breezefree days of the summer to do this job. Usually the seabreeze kicks in and cools the afternoons, but not yesterday.

I did enjoy some shrimp at Schooners this afternoon as a matter of fact.
This is the greenhouse where Datils are born :)

Actually, Dad had an old fan venting the greenhouse and I tried to walk in front of it as much as possible.

Now those two won't get away with anything!

I should have done it a year ago, but better late than never.

pablo said...

I thought, with you being off for the summer, that we'd get to see even more posts here, but it seems that other people have plans for you!

pissed off patricia said...

My dog agreed with me yesterday when I suggested it was hotter than two hells.

Ava said...

Howdy! Just checking in and wishing you a great weekend! I hope you stay safe and do something fun!!!! How'd that working and sweating go? Did you get cooled off?

Floridacracker said...

If I were doing any more blogging I'd probably be divorced!

The wisdom of dogs. You were both right.

It went well, my Dad was tickled to know his greenhouse will be useable again this winter when he starts his seeds.

Sharon said...

When I read "St Johns County Library" I was thinking you were right down the street from me, but then I realized you meant in the oldest city. :) Yes, it was nasty-hot, and it's hot and humid-beyond-belief again today. Glad I don't work outside! you're a good son, I agree.

Floridacracker said...

Yeah, I was by the carousel park.
I'll be shrimping off of fruit cove in a few months with any luck.