Monday, July 16, 2007

The Naked Dishwasher

No need to scroll down, this is it.
I always wear at least a pair of shorts when I wash dishes.
We came late to the new-fangled world of dishwashing machines. This one hasn't been here that long, but it has been naked way too long, so this week I'll be working on a suitable cover. The zigzaggy line on the wall behind it is where a section of counter was liquid nailed.
The clever position of the Foodsaver machine is to counter balance the freestanding dishwasher so it doesn't tip over when you are loading or unloading.
Today, I'll be prepping and then priming the kitchen for a new coat of paint. I left the color choosing up to Mrs. FC and it looks like we'll leave blue behind and continue the warm yellow in the hallway.
She did most of the degreasing and cleaning of the walls yesterday so my work today is easier than it could have been.
Of course, the problem with this new coat of paint is that it will make the 18 year old linoleum floor look even more battered than it does now.
I sense a major tile job in the future ... sigh.
This could be a two post day if I get bored watching paint dry later.
Here's my schedule:
1) Post this
2) Hit the weight bench on the porch to jumpstart metabolism (I made BBQ ribs yesterday ...OMG!)
3) Have breakfast: Kashi with fresh New Jersey grown blueberries
4) Off to town for paint
5) Tape kitchen, paint ceiling and walls with primer.
6) Cleanup, take Jr. to Gainesville for a soccer event.
7) Go to Lowes for finish coat paint while Jr. is soccering
How's your Monday looking ?
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roger said...

i'll be putting a second coat of paint on two 10' posts. then...maybe we're closer to sale condition than i thought. something will surely come up.

foodsaver machine?

Peggy said...

Wow, a dishwashing machine....what a concept! (We never did get around to getting one!)

I intend to head to the river for a few hours to get in some paddling time today before the rains come to look for that limpkin chick again, and then do some preliminary gathering of things for the NC trip coming later this week!

Happy painting (I hate priming more than anything)~

robin andrea said...

I'll be feeding the birds, watering the plants out front, shopping for new red flowers to plant by the new red front porch.

A few months ago Roger and I stopped using our dishwasher. It seemed crazily impractical for two people to use the dishwasher because it took forever to get full enough to wash. So, now we do the dishes the old-fashioned way. There's something very nostalgic about washing and drying the dishes, and then putting them away.

Sharon said...

Honey-do lists never end, do they? :) My Monday is looking pretty dull. The big kids are in NC at camp, and I'm recovering from our family reunion in Hawthorne Saturday.

debbie said...

Just returned from a week at St. George Island with family and friends . . . back to reality, heavy sigh. Today I'm plowing through a huge pile of laundry and trying to find the energy to clean the house.

Laura said...

I don't know if your readers are aware of just how much driving time you'll have to do today, going into Gainesville and back! That's a long, hot drive!

Can't wait to the after pics, FC. Our dishwasher gets used every single day. Sometimes twice a day when we have a full house of company!

Leslie said...

Your dishwasher is very swish (in a modern, not unmanly, way).

You owe Mrs. FC big time. Painting is fun. Prepping sucks. More labor and no visual gratification.

Today? Same as every other day - one step forward, two steps back against the weeds in the garden. Which reminds me, you can come get your deer now. We are tired of them.

pablo said...


Thunder Dave said...

Getting caught up again:

The cake looked awsome! Some of my best recipes are created on the spot.

Not surprising that Mrs. FC caught more fish, Lightnin puts me to shame everytime. (I can clean, cook, and eat them all the same though!)

One odd looking bug!

Jr. and his buddy did a job they should be proud of!

Nostalgia is a good road to go down every now and then!

Coontie!? I don't even know where to begin. I'm thinking we'll have to talk about this during a long car ride in August!

Thank goodness for modern inventions in the kitchen!

There, I made it!
Thanks for the entertainment!

Cathy S. said...

My Monday: Being a supervisor, telling employees things that made them happy and things that made them sad depending on who they were and what they asked. All according to policy you know. Somedays, I wish I were a hermit. Sigh. But, tonight, I am free! Husband's gone to help a friend trim some trees. I already went to the gym, horses are fed, dogs are banished to the kitchen because they are wet and muddy since IT RAINED! So, I have the house to myself, nothing in particular to do (but mop up the mud in the kitchen) so I think I will take a peek into other people's lives through their blogs then, write a bit. I can hear the peace. Only four more days till youngest son comes home so I better enjoy it.

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

When I read your Post I thought of another Picture.....One my Wife does sometimes when I have been a Good Boy...:) (OMG)

Have you thought about Pergo for the Kitchen. We did it and it was cheaper than tile if you can believe it and it looks like Real Wood and it's tough.

Look forward to the before and after, my wife is watching HGTV, so this will be a nice surprise to see someone actually do this without the crew from "Design to Sell" coming in to do it for you...though I dont think you would complain about that.

Hey did you ever find out about the Dugout in the River? I found a nice PDF at the Florida History Online site with alot of info on them.

Yours in the Bond.

kathy a. said...

all day meeting, that's what it was! but a good one, and a chance to see some old friends at my old office.

scrubbing down kitchen walls is a yuck job, so kudos to mrs. FC. hope the taping and priming went well -- the painting itself is satisfying, anyway.

if you decide to tile the kitchen yourself, all i can say is -- hope the project doesn't turn into the 11 month saga of my sweetie's bathroom tile project. [it turned out very nicely, really. and i can't send the tile cutter, because he might start in on the other bathroom once daughter goes to college.]

Meems said...

i once went without a d/w for 4 years holding out for a whole new kitchen. that's 4 years of holiday cooking. not very smart. i finally caved and bought a new d/w - i'm still waiting on the new kitchen.

love painting projects. hate the prep but love the painting. love picking the colors. it is the least expensive way to freshen and brighten any room.

i ran errands today- not fun. baked my third blueberry cobbler (for supper) in as many days.

it is too hot to work in my yard for any length of time so indoor projects are the ticket for me for the next few weeks too.

Deb said...

Just the usual day at work here. Dishwasher? I'm it!

Tomorrow we're going car shopping. It's definitely time for something with less than 200,000 miles on it. :)

Floridacracker said...

reseals bags and sucks the air out of storage bags so food last really must watch more infomercials!

I hope your NC trip goes well!

I actually enjoy it too, unless I've knocked myself out making the mess.

There are only two rooms left to remodel in this house so it has to end sometime.

Ahh, the post trip let down, back to reality can be a shocker.

You bet, 80 miles roundtrip and I have to do it 3 more times this week for a soccer camp he's in.

Swish ... um...
Hey we're making more deer here and I was goona send you a few fawns and a yearling.
Maybe some coyotes for your rabbit patch too.


Good job scrolling!

Cathy S,
Enjoy your solitude. Most of don't get near enough of that.
Glad to hear that your dogs are muddy. Mine are too!

It's good to be good.

I haven't got the log pics to the right people yet.
We want tile in the kitchen, but I did install Armstrong's version of Pergo style laminate flooring upstairs and I really like it.

Kathy A,
I've tiled three bathrooms here, each one progressively bigger so I have amassed a tile tool kit and tile saw, so you're off the hook!
11 months is a long tile job!

At least painting allows me to work in A/C. That's a good thing.
Tonight is downright cool after some thunderstorms blew by.
I could eat blueberry cobbler three days in a row.

Floridacracker said...

Car shopping? Exciting and dreadful at the same time. Good luck.
Sounds like you need fresh wheels.

SophieMae said...

Drat! That's the 2nd time today blogger ate my words. >8\

Now, what was I saying? .....

Gave myself Monday off after hectic weekend... ds cooked supper... sesame-ginger pork chops and yellow rice...mmmmm!!!

Pot likker... made me nostalgic, as well... one gran'momma grew all sorts of wonders, like cherries and pomegranates and avocados and such. Other gran had a guava tree... mmmmm!!!!! I'm thinking greens for supper tomorrow. Mustard are my favourite.

Now I'm gonna copy this just in case...

pissed off patricia said...

Our old dishwasher died not long ago. We replaced it with a fancy new one. Like Robin, we decided it's much easier to wash the few dishes we dirty, by hand. I don't put my pots and pans in the washer ever nor do I put our flatwear in there so that leaves a few dishes and glasses. As long as we are washing the other stuff by hand, why not do the dishes too.

As for what I did yesterday, I did laundry, filled the bird feeders, read some blogs and took care of my pets as needed. In the afternoon, I vegged. It was too hot, even for the pool.

Anonymous said...

I love your new header photo!!! We don't have a dishwasher...when we became another dish when we bought this house a dishwasher was not on the list of priorities ;)....I am still working on getting the wallpaper off the guest bathroom...that is my 'renovation' project of the summer. Good luck with thing always does lead to another doesn't it? :)

Floridacracker said...

I have finally trained myself to copy each comment because I never know when it will get eaten. Those chops sound good.
Gotta pass on the mustard, that one and kale are two I never got around to liking.

Sounds like a casual day. It was hot here until the afternoon/evening and then it got delicious due to some storms nearby.

Thanks! That's North Key offshore of Cedar Key.
One thing definitely leads to another!