Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Goethe Part Two

A rainy forest to myself. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This is one of those insurance shots when the subject is too far away, but you shoot anyway just to prove it was there.

Sometimes, you're lucky and the critter actually comes to you and then poses.
That's what this knucklehead did.

The fox squirrel was so cooperative that the sandhill cranes seemed like overkill, but there they were as I left the forest, so what else could I do?


Anonymous said...

I know you can bribe squirrels with peanuts, but what do you use to bribe a crane?

lori said...

really nice pictures - not seen a fox squirrel there cute.!
and the crane is pretty also

Sharon said...

Cool! Love his expression.

Laura said...

What a great way to spend the afternoon. I was stuck in a mall at the time. *sob*. Why can't they wear jeans and tshirts to homecoming and just have a big old bbq and a party? lol

The first time I ever saw a pgymy was on our driveway up at Star Lake in Hawthorne. My dogs found it first, but we were able to get them away before their noses were bitten. (whew!) I can imagine how stoked you were. Hub was thrilled at the time! Me, I was moving away a few feet and yelling at him not to pick it up. (grumble...) ;)

A friend sent me a link to a photo site of sandhill cranes nesting up in Gainesville, if you'd like to see it. The site belongs to a Gainesville Doctor who is a highly talented photographer as well. Some great shots there if you're interested!

Hurricane Teen said...

Fox squirrels and sandhill cranes in the same day?? I'm jealous.

robin andrea said...

Love these photos, fc. The Fox Squirrel is a beauty, but those cranes. Wow! Love that red head.

rcwbiologist said...

I love how depending on what part of their range you see them, fox squirrels fur colors can be so variable. In South Carolina where I worked they were almost jet black with white around their faces. Where we live now they are somewhere between that and your pictures. Dang, wish I was with you for the sandhill crane, that would be a life lister for me.

SophieMae said...

DAWG! Two of my all-time favourites - and hardest to come by - in one afternoon! I have GOT to move back southwardly! So close, and yet so far. Honestly, I'm not sure which I would get more excited over. OK, probably the cranes, though I do see them every time I visit the Tampa Bey area. Photographically, though, I think the 'monkey squirrel' might win, IF I could get a good shot at it. My only nigh-decent pics of those, so far, are insurance shots.

Floridacracker said...

Did I mention the otter?
He was too fast and i prefer not to post a really blurry shot, but you can add him to the list too :)
Baby gators too that afternoon, but a little too dusky by that time for a good shot.

This time of year, the pastures and fw marshes of North/Central FL host lots of cranes. Pretty common bird here for the next few months.
No bribe needed.

I actually think I saw fox squirrels for sale as pets on the internet once. They are definitely cute.

What's neat is that I stopped and he ran down the road toward me and then jumped into a tree next to the road.

You gotta get that husband to quit grabbing the poisonous ones.
Or maybe Tampa doesn't have snakes anymore.
I'd love to see the crane nest pics. Are you posting the link or emailing?

... and rattlesnakes, otter,gator ...

Emma told me the other day that there was a pair of sandhills walking around the USF campus with her.

Even here they are often blacker than this fellow. I love their variety too.

The NPR Tampa area is full of cranes ... pretty tame ones too. My wife used to have them in her yard when I was dating her.
Of course there were dinosaurs too in those days.

SophieMae said...

Yep, we often see them in someone's front yard in the NPR area. They don't mind the traffic at all. I haven't tried a pedestrian approach yet. They're usually in a subdivision with no parking accomodations for non-residents. Even DS said the squirrels would be a cooler sighting - *THUD* - considering their relative rarity.

I remember those dinosaurs. I even have a few pics of the last ones. ;]

Deb said...

Those must be my sandhills. I haven't seen them for a couple weeks. Glad they arrived safely!

Floridacracker said...

Pouring rain here tonight so long legged cranes are probably pretty happy.

Thank you for tending them this summer. Will the Robins be next?
You did remember to send them didn't you?

misti said...

I saw a Big Cypress fox squirrel once on Loop Road. Very cute, and a nice poofy tail. :) Love the cranes too. :) Can you believe they hunt them in Texas???

Floridacracker said...

I had no idea. Doesn't seem very challenging.
Loop Road is a very crittery place.