Thursday, November 08, 2007

Chilly Willy(s) ... not really ... Cold Chrysler

Front porch rocker morning view

31 degrees here at PFHQ this morning. I just heard the Weather Channel gal state that Tallahassee, FL at 27 degrees F was colder this morning than Bangor, Maine.
(Put on your sweater Sophiemae)

Last night, I went upstairs and pulled down the big black garbage bag that holds my winter clothes. Here in Pure Florida, coats, jackets, long-sleeved shirts, and vests get tucked out of the way around March.
In November, down they come for a few months of activity, even though it can be shorts and T's one day and triple layering the next.

In a few minutes, I'll climb into this little sweetie and drive "al fresco" for 20 miles to work.
Let's see ... a 60 mph breeze at 34 degrees F ... what's that windchill? (It warmed up three degrees since I started this post, but I took a break to cook Mrs. FC some breakfast)

Junior probably won't ride with me, since he thinks I'm crazy when I ride topless or almost so, on crystal clear cold days. I tell him it's all about layering and dressing for the weather, but he just shakes his head and tells his Mom I'm nuts.

So, how cold is it where YOU are?

JEEPophiles may get the title of this post.


pablo said...

According to the not-always-accurate-or-reliable weather report on my desktop, it's currently 44 degrees in my part of Kansas City. I even thought about walking to work (2 miles each way).

Okay, so how many options does Junior have for getting himself to school? If it's 20 miles, it would seem to me that only one car is going to make that trip and two cars would be a waste.

Cathy S. said...

52 here. I just went out in my PJS to feed horses and to this menopausal woman, it felt GREAT!

Thunder Dave said...

You beat us by 1 degree, we were at 30F this morning!

Oh, and by the way I did the wind chill calculation for you and here it is:

60mph @ 34F =


Wayne said...

27.5 degF before dawn this morning! That's so almost normal it's hard to squint and see that it's really considerably below normal.

The tomato plants are not happy. Glad I finally harvested the basil.

Still no rain in the week-ahead forecast though.

dani813 said...

Mornin'FC. Love your view!!! We got 52 here in pinellas this morning. Another great day to go out and play.

lesle said...

Here in Tallahassee it WAS 27 and felt like 17. We fired the heating pads up for the cats last night.

The North Florida Fair starts here today, all those animals, and the farm families camping out in the barns, will be cold the next few days. One year we saw five young farm kids with their two calves all huddling together keeping each other warm.

Enjoy your ride; you've obviously taught junior common sense.

Doug Taron said...

It's 38 here in Chicago right now. I'm not sure that there has yet been a frost right at the lakefront, though we have had several in the past week out at my house.

debbie said...

Yep, Tallahassee is cold this morning. But it's not too bad and I'm sure that it will turn out to be a beautiful day. I love the view from your porch. I'm so jealous!

Mark said...

Actually freezing? Amazing. Has the National Guard been called out?

Anonymous said...

Yep, a good bit of frost up my way (Coonbottom,FL- northwest of Tallahassee, by Georgia)... and I even had to scrape the windows on my car! Didn't check the temp, but it was clear and cold!

Laura said...

52 out here near the beach in Pinellas! 48 in Tampa, according to the morning news. My, I love it!
I have to chaperone for the band outside tonight. I'll probably dress in layers. And more layers. And more layers.....

btw, that's a beautiful view from the front porch! Beats mine by a mile. lol

ArtfulSub said...

I'm not a "jeepophile" but I get the Willy's reference. Troll Island is consistently 10 degrees cooler than Tampa in the Summer, and 10 degrees warmer in Winter.

Not sure why that is. But it's remarkably consistent.

roger said...

still foggy here on our part of the left coast, but temperate. maybe 50.

that is a nice view.

i get the title.

robin andrea said...

That's a beautiful morning view, fc. Cold mornings are lovely for that crisp clarity.

threecollie said...

41 degrees across the river...odds are pretty much the same here. Down to 27 last night.
That view from your rocker there is very lovely!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful porch view. :) They had us around 40 I think. Felt GOOOOD!!! :) My daughter is the same way, she whines if I ride with the sunroof and windows open. I think hers has to do with her hair though...

SophieMae said...

Whatever the Tallahassee forecast is, we always deduct a few degrees. When I went to bed, the back door thremometer read 30... out front, 25! DAWG! That's some kinda COLD for us thin-blooded crackers!

LOVE that porch view! The previous owners here made a 'lawn'. *sigh*

Walter Jeffries said...

Love your header photo (saluting the flag over water).

Hurricane Teen said...

It only got into the mid 40s here. Being so close to the good old Atlantic moderates us a good bit, as you know. Still cold enough for everybody at school to wear winter coats!

Walter Jeffries said...

Oh, and outdoors it was 50°F high and 26°F low with snow, mostly cloudy, spots of sun.

Deb said...

As I was driving my oldest out to the bus stop at 6:30 AM, my car thermometer said 21, but my big outdoor thermometer said 18. Ice is on the pond. I think the high reached 40 today.

Here in Minnesota, the winter gear gets maybe a three month reprieve!

Floridacracker said...

If it were only 2 miles, I'd ride or bike as often as the weather allowed.
During basketball season, when he practices til 8PM M-F, we are mostly wasteful, cause I'm not hanging around for 4.5 hours after work.

Cathy S,
Do the horses press against you for warmth like the skinks do for Vicki?

Bro, it's just my cheeks that get a little chilly. I have my park service vest, a jacket, gloves, goofy hat, and blanket across the lap to trap the heater's warmth.

Funny how close we are to be so far apart. My peppers aren't happy either.

Hi! Yes it was and I wish I could have done so! Hope you did.

Hey! Welcome to Pure Florida! That fair sounds great, I can picture the kids and critters huddling. I think he got his common sense from me ... all of it.

Pretty cool to think it was colder here than in Chicago. No frost here yet tho.

I love this cold weather and you are right the day was gorgeous. Glad you like the view. No neighbors in sight from the PFHQ porch.

Another couple of degrees ...

Welcome to Pure Florida! Coonbottom? I pride myself on being pretty good at FL place names, but you've got me. I never heard of it before.
Thanks for commenting and expanding my view.

I hope you're not freezing as I write this at 7:52 pm. Enjoy the weather! We deserve it!

Back home in St. Aug, we were always warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than nearby Jax, but they were more inland while the sea moderated St. Aug's temps.

didn't you leave the fog?

It's pretty out there tonight too with a clear dark sparkly sky.

Of course I didn't photograph the smelly dogs lying next to the rocker and pawing you for snacks.

Yes, the windblown hair look is not all that popular among adolescent girls.

I get my temps from Weatherbug and they use the Cross City "airport", so we could be a degree or two different, but it should be close.
Sorry about that lawn.

Thanks, right place at the right time I guess. Envious of your snow.

Yes, every kid at our school was either decked out for arctic exploration ... or shivering in shorts and flipflops.

At least winter provides a change in my work wardrobe. I'm not much of a clothes hog unless you count shorts and T's.
Stay warm up there in Minnesotarctica.

Mrs Mecomber said...

Here is Upstate New York we had snow. Not much, just a half-inch or so. So we packed away our thin little tank tops and put on our t-shirts and shorts for such balmy NY morning.

Floridacracker said...

Mrs. Mecomber,
It's all relative isn't it?
Enjoy your balmy snow days :)

Cathy said...

My husband just put his *Jeep* in storage for the winter. He is inconsolable.

How cold is it? Well - you know those cubes of hard water you make in your freezer? The sparrows are enjoying the large one that is now sitting in their bathtub in my back yard.

kathy said...

It was a cold 27 Thursday morning here in Birmingham. Brrr! I'm not ready for this cold weather yet!

Floridacracker said...

Wow, frozen bird baths already?
I may see that two or three mornings all winter.

I am so ready for it, send it this way!

Dr. Know said...

Nice view of old FL in the first pic. The old live oaks and Spanish moss are surreal, especially on misty mornings.
Considering the bling you attach to Jeep references, one might conclude that you harbor an unnatural obsession. ;-)
The convertibles of my youth had their tops locked down in winter.
65mph + 30 degress = No Way

Floridacracker said...

Obsession it is.

Leslie said...

Okay this is an ancient post I'm commenting on but I only visit blogs sporadically. I got the Jeep Willys reference immediately but not because we used to own a dark green Wrangler.

It's because a Willys is referenced in "Death of a Salesman" in a flashback. Amazing what one learns from plays and theatre.

You have a peripatetic teaching style. That's from A Chorus Line.

Alan said...

So, how cold is it where YOU are?

We hit 28 that morning. The perils of living further inland on the ridge I'm afraid.

Our average first frost date isn't even until December 1st!