Sunday, November 18, 2007

Five Oaks

Last week, I posted about the large mastfall this year and included a photo of Laurel oak acorns covering the ground. The owner of Jasmine commented on how much my Laurel oak acorns looked like Water oak acorns and it got me to thinking (as her posts usually do) .

So yesterday, I took a walk around and grabbed acorns and leaves from the 5 oaks that grow here on my property.
It was late in the day so the photo is not stellar, but above on the paper plate are the PF oaks.

The big leaf and acorn with cap at 12 o'clock is Turkey Oak.
The triple acorn sitting on the leaf at 3 o'clock is Water Oak.
The two long acorns sitting in the canoe like leaf 4o'clock are Live Oak.
The two acorns and small leaf at 7 o'clock are from a small moundy bush oak, that I think might be Chapman's oak, but I haven't really dug into that one.
The two acorns with the lance shaped leaf are Laurel Oak.

Two posts about acorns in one week.

It's a thrill a minute here at Pure Florida.


threecollie said...

Cool! So many oaks! Around here we seem to have red and white...not much oakley diversity around here.

SophieMae said...

The turkey oak acorn even has a wattle. Pretty cool stuff, trees. We have more pines than oaks, but there are a couple of fairly nice live oaks out there. And since we moved here, the sweetgums have propagated themselves into a small army.

You've got me curious now to explore the woods a bit more. After I'm sure the ticks are dead or hibernating or whatever they do in winter. 8-}

pablo said...

I liked this post. To a tree-nerd, it is thrilling.

rick said...

white oak are my favorite cause the deer just love em, wondering why deer like arorns so much I took a bite of one once and wow was it bitter, but they know it builds fat for the cold weather to come if you want some venison let me know i can give you some at Christmas

Sharon said...

I have wondered about it all myself, so thanks for answering the questions for me. So many oaks, so little time! :)

pablo said...

Rick - I'd like some venison.

Stacey063 said...

Thank you for educating us Floridians - we just called them all "acorns" - I am glad I can identify them now - my daughter was asking just the other day about why they were different;)

Stacey063 said...
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robin andrea said...

I love these acorn posts, fc. Entertaining and educational, just like the way I like it. I had no idea there was so much acorn diversity among the oaks. Very cool.

rcwbiologist said...

Nice oak diversity there at PF headquarters.

Barb said...

Love your Pure Florida website and find myself checking it each day. Today, I learned about the different oaks and their "babies".
We met at the Cracker cattle auction earlier this month.I was the one selling books.Barbara

Rurality said...

Nice! We thought we had Water Oaks here for a few years, then finally realized that they are really Bluff Oaks. Ours didn't produce much this year, and neither did the Walnuts.

Floridacracker said...

Funny, no reds or whites here.

We are an island of oak surrounded by thousands of acres of mostly planted pines.

Thank God for tree nerds. Rick's venison is very good.

If only acorns tasted like pecans.

Glad this was helpful. I was afraid it might be kind of boring.

Thanks! Diversity of trees here in the southeast is pretty high.

Thanks. They were all here to start with ... none added by me.

Hi Barb!
I enjoyed chatting with you at the auction. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad you're enjoying PF.

I'll have to Google Bluff Oaks as I don't think we have them since we mostly don't have bluffs!
I wish I had walnuts.

Larry said...

Love that "handful of acorns" photo! Here in NE Missouri we don't have water oaks; red, black, pin, and shingle oaks in the red oak group, and several species in the white oak clan.