Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Diamonds In The Mail

A while back, I sent some fatwood kindling to my chilly blog pals at Northview Diary. They are nice HARD working folks who heat with wood and I needed to see what the shipping costs would be for mail order sales of kindling, so they were an obvious choice for an experimental "free" package of kindling.

(A fat 6 inch bundle of footlong sticks had a shipping cost of about $10 by the way ... seems prohibitive)

Anyway, the kindling was a gift of sorts and did not require anything in return, but Three Collie and family sent me a box back with a cool hat and THESE!

Herkimer Diamond in the Pure Florida Sun.

Just a few weeks ago, I was watching the "Cash and Treasures" show where the little cutie goes around the country digging up fossils, gems, and other treasure. They were in New York digging Herkimer Diamonds, and I thought,
" Hey, Three Collie wrote about these awhile back".

Here's a close up of one still in the matrix.

Diamond In The Rough.

That's the diamond from the first shot. I'm holding it so you can get an idea of it's size.

These aren't the first amazing rocks I've received in the mail since becoming a Jedi Webmaster, but they are the sparkliest!

Thanks Northview Crew!


threecollie said...

Those photographs are amazing! I have tried a number of times to do something like that with some big matrix specimens we have out in the herb garden...glad you like them.

dani813 said...

Wow!!! That's so cool three collie. Great pics FC.

swamp4me said...

Wow, those are pretty!
Getting ready to head out to the firing range in just a bit - qualification time again. Always makes me think of you :) Wish me luck and a steady hand...

robin andrea said...

Those are beautiful diamonds. How cool that threecollie sent them to you. I've never heard of herkimer diamonds, so that goes on my list of things to google today.

Sharon said...

Cool! Add another one who's never heard of them. What a neat surprise :)

Laura said...

Add me to the list! I've never heard of them either. Beautiful photos, too.

pablo said...

Hmmm. Too angular for my tastes.

Floridacracker said...

That Florida sunlight brought out the New York beauty in these rocks!
Thanks again!

Aren't these cool? Wouldn't you love to go digging for them? We've dug garnets and saphires in NC ... but these would be extra neat.

Funny, I dusted off my skills last Saturday. There's a Glock competition down in Orlando in Feb and I was considering shooting it, but eeeuuuu I was rusty. Still dangerous, but competition sloppy.
Dropping shots left = the lack of shooting anticipatory flinch.
I took some pics for a post, but it's kind of embarrassing ... not sure if I will post it.
Maybe if I dry fire a few hundred times ...
Good luck on your skills test!

I'd like to plan a vacation that took me from treasure dig to treasure dig!

New to me also, but beautiful.

Thanks. I bet YOU have dug garnets and saphires in NC!

You made me LOL.
Still, these might be a nice complement to some other rocks in my treasure chest.

Thunder Dave said...

Sure beats the box-o-rocks from Ohio!

Floridacracker said...

Hey buddy!
We are proud to own a bit of Ohio.

Doug Taron said...

I went throug a brief rock collecting phase in junior high. I remember buying a Herkamer diamond at the local rock shop. Your is prettier than mine was.

Rurality said...

Wow kewl rock! All I have is a lot of boring regular rocks... of course I don't have to actually import them from other states... hehe!

YES you should post pistol pics. I'm embarrassed to say that I haven't even brought mine out in (mumble mumble) years.

Rurality said...

Oh I forgot, I was going to metion priority mail flat rate shipping to you... $8.95 if you can stuff it into a certain sized box. I think there are 2 different sizes now.

Or if you are shipping UPS it really pays to get an account number and print the label online - you can save a lot that way. Then you just take the package to any place where UPS picks up.

But generally, anything under 5 pounds is going to be cheaper to send USPS. California is the big ouchie. It costs a lot to send stuff there from here! But a large percentage of my orders are from there.

Floridacracker said...

I have not outgrown a fascination with rocks, but that may be because FL is rock poor.

Okay, but I'll put a big disclaimer up for being rusty. I can't believe I've taken a year off from any practice. How did that happen with a range in my back yard???
Thank you for the shipping info. That is extremely useful info. I jumped in to this with little homework ... as usual.
Thank you again!!
And yes, unless you like chalky limerock, we must import decent rocks from other states!!