Monday, January 28, 2008

Florida or Not?

Are we in Florida, or did FC travel out of state recently?
Is this a scenic overlook in some state with real hills?

Sunshine state or pseudosunshine state?

Hmmmm ....


S N B said...

Did you go to Chattachoochee this weekend?

pablo said...

I hope we learn the answer to this mystery!

Danielle Blogging for Balance said...

Hmmmm....I think it is Florida....this time of year we have the smattering of red (what kind of trees are those anyway)....we went on a 'photo field trip' this weekend and saw many a fisherman dressed the same way....not too bundled...but enough to keep away the chill...and not cold enough to stay home.....hmmmmm... I think it is Florida

Jacki said...

Looks like Payne's Prarie to me!

Anonymous said...

Virgina. It looks like Virginia.

David said...

Sure looks like the good 'ole Ocklawaha to me. :) There are some amazing bridges across that river!

Laura VitaminSea said...

North Florida :) and I'd agree with Jacki, the bridge scene could very well be Payne's prarie.

And the road scene reminds me of one out near Williston, and a few of the roads near Ocala.

But I can't help thinking you're further north of g'ville in these pics.

Where ever you were... you're lucky!

threecollie said...

I'll bet it's not New York. Our mountains are higher and so are our snowbanks.

elpbulls said...

Payne's Prarie??

jojo said...

ocala somewhere... :)

where? i haven't a clue. but that is the only place (and some parts of Lake County) i've ever seen hills.

Scott aka Florida Native Musings said...

SB was right but not Chattahoochee, my guess is more near Marion or Lake County. Although the 1st pic does look like what we see when we pass over the I-10 bridge looking North and South over the Appla. River.

you got me FC.

yours in the bond

The Troll said...

I'd have been stumped but I can read the County Seal on that Police Cruiser in the last pic.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Cross Florida Barge Canal to me. The pic of the fishermen look like they're fishing below a dam , so I would have to guess that that is a pic of Rodman Dam.

Floridacracker said...

Wow! I like your blog! Thanks for commenting here at PF. Chatt is too far north.

Soon come.

Those are red maples.

Not the prairie.

I thought so too. NC, TN, VA .

You get your gold detective badge.

Well, you're right about being lucky. It was a beautiful day to not have a schedule.
You are in the zone, but not spot on.

Nah,not New York. A lot warmer.

No, but it's not your fault honey, your Dad never took you here.

Not far from Ocala.

Marion is a good guess.

You CAN?

You got it! You and David above narrowed it down nicely. Great job!

Those 3 shots are all in the vicinity of Rodman dam and the town of Eureka, FLORIDA.
I just thought they had a more northerly feel to them. The scenic overlook shot was taken at the crest of the bodaciously high bridge over the tiny Oklawaha river and it's floodplain forest.

Thanks for playing along!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I guess it's somewhere in Florida because I'm in Oregon and I don't know where Florida is but it looks right nice.

Mike Wolfe said...
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Jacki said...

Well, I was still right - it LOOKS like Payne's Prairie!

Floridacracker said...

Right nice.

Why yes it does. Can't deny that :)