Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Buckeye Stops Here

The red buckeyes are blooming and fruiting in the woods now.

I found these guys Sunday while stalking rocks. It looks like a staggered bloom event as some buckeyes have new fruits, some blossoms or buds, while many have no sign yet of a flower spike.
I left these fruits as they were pretty new and probably not developed enough to have viable seeds.

The blossoms are eyecatching if a bit rough ... many were chewed on by some nibbler. These are growing in a swampy area with lots of dappled light so getting a decent photo was a bit frustrating ... this one will have to do for now, but I'll see if I can do better when I return.

I only had a plastic hand shovel with me, so my collecting was limited to smaller herbaceous type plants.
(Remember, I have the landowner's permission to collect a few natives and the 30 acre tract is literally carpeted with what I'm seeking)

A few Ferns, Florida Violets, and Blue-Eyed Grass went home with me on this trip. I divided and potted them while frying chicken wings out by the barn Sunday afternoon. Later, I'll get them in the ground here at PFHQ, although my current batch of Blue-Eyed Grass and some of the violets are going to Mom.

The wings by the way were delicious, but .... YOWZA ... the price of peanut oil has shot up a bit.

The gallon of peanut oil ($13 ) cost more than the 5 pound bag of chicken wings!

... probably due to all those wacky hippies driving VW biodiesel vans.


pablo said...

A plastic hand shovel? What do you do when you hit a rock? Oh, yeah.

dani813 said...

Hey now be nice to us wacky hippies!!!LOL

threecollie said...

Nice to hear about flowers..and to see them too..

CrackerNation said...

It's nice to be reminded of what is coming. Being a bit further north, my red buckeyes are still sticks.

kathy a. said...

you've posted your grill before, but don't believe i've seen the fryer. when we lived in SC, i remember some big parties at my friend's farm -- there was an oyster roast setup [concrete block supports with tin over them, fire under], and her dad manned the fryer for battered fish and hush-puppies. i recall at least one thanksgiving when he deep-fried a turkey, too.

Floridacracker said...

It bounces off of the round ones of course.

I love wacky hippies.
In truth it's probably the price of good old real oil that's made the peanut kind jump too!

Okay now, I've seen the photos of your tropical nook!

Worth the wait tho.

Kathy A,
Oh yeah, oyster roasts are a blast ... as long as you take along some datil pepper relish.
Living in Savannah for three years introduced me to the low country boil ... a big pot of shrimp,corn on the cob, potatoes, onions, sausage, and shrimp boiled up together.

Sharon said...

Oh my, wings, oysters, low-country boil...what are you trying to do to me!?! :) Time for a visit to Ronnie's in GCS.

Floridacracker said...

It really wasn't a food post.

Anonymous said...

Yes it was.


Floridacracker said...

Apparently it was!