Monday, March 03, 2008

More Rocks

On a trip for more pond rocks yesterday, we found this chubby guy pretending to be part of the galvanized gate.

Faithful steed with rock toter attached.

Pal Jonathon and Junior strolling out of the woods.

Ever look at your baby and go, "What the hell?!"

When did he become Adonis?


pablo said...

Takes after his mother, eh?

Didn't Pal Jonathon once have a bushier head of hair?

I have to say that I find it a little touching to read of a grown man getting excited about collecting rocks. Where I come from, we trip over the things. I should send you some!

Sharon said...

Yes, as a matter of fact I do! :)

Rock and roll :)

billg8tr said...

Tell Junior to be careful with that darn machete. They bite, I have the scar to prove it.


LauraHinNJ said...

Pablo's comments are too funny!

Happy ponding and rock collecting. Looks like it will be really cool when it's finished!

robin andrea said...

Nice frog. Handsome young men. Life is good in Florida.

Cathy said...

Aw, Dad . . . isn't it great when they turn out gorgeous as well as good?

The Troll said...

I almost laughed when my boy announced he wanted to go to VMI (Virginia Military Institute) 3 years ago. Now, I'm absolutely sure he can handle the physical rigors. They grow up!

ImagineMel said...

Pablo - yes, until his mother begged for a different hairstyle!

FC - you just continue to add to your awesomenimnity! :)

We had classroom walk-throughs today...hurrah.

Floridacracker said...

Oh most definitely.
The Mom (Imaginemel) of Pal Jonathon, has answered the hair question.
Does anyone need some sand?

Well, yeah, I suppose we all hit that moment, huh?

Don't worry ... his is usually so dull it only leaves a nice bruise.

Pablo is a funny lad.
Thanks for the pond encouragement!

He was a fine frog.

Works for me.

It's just so fast.
That's a good school.

heehee, I remember the gel days and watching his hair remain pefectly still in an open JEEP at 60 miles per hour.
Our CWT's happen tomorrow.

SophieMae said...

How do they grow up so fast while we stay so young? 8-}

My pond form has been sitting in the shed for... well, I won't embarrass Duller by saying how long. Good on ya for getting on it so quickly. Can't wait to see the end result.

Floridacracker said...

It is a wonder.
Oops, I have lots of half finished jobs around here too.

edifice rex said...

He is a big, handsome boy with 2 really pretty sisters!

Floridacracker said...

... And they have spoiled him rotten!

Kathy said...

I was just looking at my only 11 year old while at baseball practice tonight. I wondered where his mustache came from all of the sudden and just then, one dad kidded him about them asking for his birth certificate. I don't feel old enough to be his mom. I can't imagine when he is Junior's age.