Saturday, March 01, 2008

I Dig It.

As her birthday approached, we asked her what she wanted.

"I want a garden pond," she said, " Just get me a Lowes or Home Depot gift card and I'll start buying the stuff I need."

She was away on business on her birthday so when Junior and I arrived home after work and school, we started digging. I dug a trench to get a water line closer to the pond site.

Junior started the excavation for the pond.
The next day, I went into Gainesville and picked out a preformed pond. Her inlaws came through with gift cards.
I also went and gathered rocks ... lots of rocks as you regulars know.
She came home, saw the hole and trench, unwrapped her pond stuff, and was pretty pleased with all of it.
A few days ago, she dashed off to Lowes with her gift cards and returned with plants, a waterfall, and stepping stones for her pond.

I spent this afternoon trenching again, but this time for an electrical line out from the PFHQ to the pond site. I dug deep, even though the wire will be in conduit.
As I dug, I also stopped periodically ... constantly ... to move boulders for her as she arranged and rearranged rocks around the pond.

Dig, stop, move rocks, dig, stop, move rocks, dig ...

Lucky for me, I had "the world's greatest shovel" ... that's what the label said before I wore it off shoveling tons of sand and whacking oak roots.

Here's the trench going back towards the house. I tunneled under the walkway too.

The pond site, still under construction. The weather was perfect. I started off in a long sleeve shirt at lunch time, but after 15 minutes of digging I shed it in the heat.

(That was for my frozen friends in the nawth)

By 6:00 pm, when we quit, she had used all the rocks on hand and it was obvious I would have to go gather more.
Also, by that time, I had the trench all the way up to the pond site.

Lucky for me the sun set about that time so I could take a break.

Nite, y'all.


Sharon said...

Now THAT'S love! :)

Deb said...

I agree, that is love! And that pond is going to be lovely.

Kimberlee said...

I've always wanted a pond, but I'm definitely not ever going to be able to have one while living up here. So, although I do feel a slight tinge of envy as I see yours taking shape, the bottom line is, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

I always wanted a few red-eared sliders hanging around mine. :)

By the way, GREAT job!!!

pablo said...

I've known several people who have had garden ponds. If you put golfish or koi in it, that's supposed to be an excellent way to get herons to visit your yard.

threecollie said...

A garden pond! There couldn't be a better gift. We enjoy ours so much.

Thunder Dave said...

Looks like an oasis in paradise!

CrackerNation said...

Wow, sand is a good thing! I'll trade you some clay.

Floridacracker said...

Well, she does put up with me ...

Thanks, we won't be skating on it of course ... not like in Minnesotarctica.

I suppose in the far north of Alaska, liquid water is very seasonal thing. I have the sliders by the way!

We have this "won at a fair" goldfish named Ceanne living in a crockery bowl on the front porch. This will be her new abode soon. She'll have to take her chances with the herons!

I hope it attracts as much life as yours does!

You betcha!
Hey, the clock is ticking. I bet I know what you are doing today.
That was a hilarious phone call Friday night by the way... did your head hurt the next morning?

Love that moniker! Welcome to Pure Florida!
Clay ... hmmmm, Geogia or Florida panhandle?

robin andrea said...

A lovely birthday present, and truly the work of love. It's true about the goldfish and the heron.

roger said...

looks like easy digging. i like that. nice pond too.

Laura said...

FC, you are fantastic. That's the perfect present, in my opinion!
I'll bet she loves this one. :)
Can't wait to see the after photos!
And good luck with the herons! LOL!

tsiya said...

The frogs will want to get in and out of the water, when they go courting they hop all over the place. A couple of ramps for when the toad tadpoles want to get out is nice too, once they go from tad to toad they don't swim so well. Steep sides above the waterline need to be relieved in places, to keep everyone happy.

Cathy said...

Ohhh. . . . The splishing and splashing . . . the wriggling . . . the little eyeballs sparkling.
(pond creature's - not yours:0)

What a lucky lady.

CrackerNation said...

Thanks, originally from the panhandle, but currently living on a clay hill in East Tennessee.

tsiya said...

Cathy, there are times when I have to block off half the yard, little bitty toads, about the size of your little finger nail, just cover the ground, all from one little frog pond!
Little bit of water, throw in some dirt, it will come alive.

Floridacracker said...

It msst be ... judging from the comments. Perhaps my attack roosters will scare them away.

"easy digging"
now there's an oxymoron.
it is rockless, but full of big roots from a nearby oak.

She's out there right now at 7:06 pm arranging rocks. After photos will certainly happen, we aren't there yet, but the progress has been faster than I expected!

Excellent advice.

Well, luck's a two way street.

Ahhh, plenty of clay in that state. Friendliest people in Tennesee, always amazes me.

Alan said...

And in just a week she can have you out working until 8:00 instead. :) I've always loved the outdoor ponds/waterfalls if you can't have the "real" thing from a natural creek, etc. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Anonymous said...

You do nice work, but I'm gonna remember that "heat" comment this summer when you're doing a slow broil.

Remember, no fishing in your own pond.

debbie said...

You are a good man. It's going to be beautiful when finished.

Floridacracker said...

Man I hate DST... why can't we just leave it be?

Oh yes, and that broil will be here way too soon.

Thanks :)