Friday, March 14, 2008

Photo Free Friday

No, it won't be a regular thing ... this is a photo blog afterall.

It's more a case of, "I didn't awaken early enough to be creative, much less upload photos on a dialup connection" and still get to work on time.

This is going to happen from time to time, and I always feel like I dropped the ball when it does.
One of my goals for Pure Florida is for it to be "that website where something is always happening" , so it bugs me to not have some kind of buggy, snakey, slithery, slimey, fishy, tasty, scary, stupid, cutsie, sad, awwww inspiring, silly, puzzling, soapboxy, stinky, pretty, doggy, teachery, JEEPy, bubbaish, Floridian type of post with pictures for my visitors.

It looks like I won't be able to salvage this day with a late post either since we are off to Ocala this evening for an AAU basketball tournament that FC Junior is playing in.

Something is bound to happen tomorrow tho.

I'll see to that.

Have an excellent Friday!


threecollie said...

An excellent Friday to you too...And most excellent of good luck to Junior and his team!

pablo said...

Visitors who are disappointed by today's post and want to go somewhere where the blogging is really happening should go to this link.

Anonymous said...

You have a life? How dare you!

You need a tee shirt that says "Blogging by dialup is not for sissies"

Jane said...

God you brave thing. Blogging with a dial-up drove me mad when I was staying in the Florida Keys. Now I'm back to my lovely-fast-broadbandy-thing...

Hey, your blog is real life - don't beat yourself up about it. Today I got up, washed, went to the shops and did some cleaning... now that's exciting! Jane

Sharon said...

It happens :) have a great weekend.

dani813 said...

Good luck to Jr.

robin andrea said...

Hey, you post something exciting and well photographed everyday. One day off is well deserved, especially since you do all of it on dial-up. Good luck to Jr.

SophieMae said...

Oh, how I long to be shed of dial-up. Every time it rains, it gets even slower. I've even considered one of those phone/cable/internet packages, but my MIL has quite a few problems with hers.

Being a great dad is way more important than being a great blogger. You still manage to do both, so cut yourself some slack and make another memory with Jr.

SwampAngel65 said...

We'll let you off the hook this time, mister...but it better not happen again!

(You know I'm just kidding...hope you have fun at the game!)

Alan said...

Dial up? When for only $300 or more you could get satellite internet!?!?

We're off tomorrow to take advantage of the state park service's lecture series at Ft. George Island - The Timucuans: History or Archaeology, Who's Right? Or something to that effect. Then it is up to Ft. Clinch for the Confederate garrison and hopefully lots of nature and coastal photos in between.

Doug Taron said...

Good luck to FC Jr. on the b-ball court.

Kimberlee said...

After those AWESOME cottonmouth could go on an actual vacation without guilt! (But I hope you won't, of course!)

Floridacracker said...

To all,
Thank you for the support. Junior's team got clobbered, but it was a good experience for them. They can see now that they have to train harder.


Very clever!

I need that shirt!

Someday broadband will creep out here to where I am.
Your day sounds nicely normal!

It does, not often, but it does :)

Send more, he has another game tomorrow!

Thank you for that.

We suffer together.
That was some good advice too, thanks.

I will not miss posts.
I will not miss posts.
I will not miss ...

Uh yeah ... that satellite net is just a little pricey for a guy with two girls in college.
Your day sounds like a great one.


Floridacracker said...

Thanks! I guess you don't see too many snakes where you are :)

Mrs Mecomber said...

OMG! FLASHBACK FLASHBACK! That line is from an old Bogey/Bacall movie! Wow, I've haven't seen that movie in 25 years! ooo... what was the title? It was Bacall's first (we both went to the same acting school in Manhattan, so I saw all her old films)... can't remember. Her name was Marie in the movie. Hmm.

I did love Key Largo. ;)

Floridacracker said...

Mrs M,
To Have Or Have Not.