Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Annual Family Reunion / Chasco Boat Parade Shindig

It's 9:55 and I just got home from our annual family reunion (Mrs. FC's side) and the Chasco Boat Parade. The rest of my crew are spending the night down there so they can attend the concert and ride the fair rides.

Long time readers may remember seeing similar posts about this time of year. We all head to my brotherinlaw Johnny's riverside house to eat, enjoy each other's company, and watch the boat parade.

This year, Mike somebody from the Tampa Bay Bucs football team stopped by Johnny's to visit after his Grand Marshall of the parade duties were over.
(Laura of Vitaminsea, are you getting this?)

I did not have a clue who he was and took a hell of a lot of ribbing about that, but they are used to me in this family, so it was all in good fun.
The girls knew so I got a pic of them posing with him. There's Kate, Emma, and best buddy everrrrrrrrrrrrrr Corinne with big smiles.

The parade was lots of fun as usual. The theme was Hollywood.
Some of the floats were really clever.
I have signed on to be a crew member on the pirate ship for next year. Look closely at the crew.

The canoe float tipped over right in front of our dock when the man on board leaned as he tossed beads at the dockside kids.
We went down and helped them offload their stuff and refloat their canoe.
No harm done.

This is "Weezy". She's my niece Sara Beth's new yellow lab puppy. She was the real star of the day.

She stole my hat and my heart.


edifice rex said...

Yeah, can't imagine why you'd want to be on that ship, FC. ;) Better watch yer booty! or something...

OldHorsetailSnake said...

You are joining the mafia guitar players next year? Ok......

Sharon said...

Looks like a fun time :) Adorable puppy. So is she named for the Dragon, or George's wife?? LOL

Alan said...

That would be Mike Alstott, FC. Although technically he is a former Buc as he is now retired due to a neck injury.

Those would indeed be some buxom wenches on the pirate ship, argh.

Very cute puppy - but aren't most of them at that age?

Were the Blues Brothers guys singing "Rollin' on the River?" by chance?

kathy a. said...

ms. louisa is a mighty fine pup. i can't let my husband see your blog, you know. he would just die of jealousy.

and i figure mrs. FC will find some more appropriate job for you at the next boat parade. supervising the puppies and/or football stars. hell, i bet she'd let you wear a pirate costume.

kathy a. said...

apologies for reading too much in. "weezy" is a common southern nickname for the more formal versions. this dog has class.

Anonymous said...

Aye, shiver me timbers! Ya have a nice ship there. Yes ya do. Looks likes I has ta hornswaggle my way aboard, don't it? Cap'n must be a fine mechanic cuz I sees plenty of finely kept wrenches, dontcha see?

Looks like ya had a right special time. With respect, I tips me hat.

Pic 2 of Weezy is priceless!

threecollie said...

Sweet puppy! Nice hat, warm heart. smart dog. lol
The boss says he wouldn't have known Mike either. He is a big football fan so I hollered in to him for ID and didn't get one. Sounds like a great day.

valown said...

I'm up for being assistant crew mate.

Floridacracker said...

General Note from FC:
The pirate ship was the best float by far ... even if it had been crewless. They really decorated well.
I just find it amusing that it was sponsored by a plastic surgeon (I cropped the photo and the banner barely shows).

Arrrghh, ye have a point.

Somehow the allure is not there.

Short for Louise or a.

Yes. True, all the Bucs fans there said he was retired due to injury, but I should have still known who he was.

Kathy A,
No apologies, you were spot on with your observation. It is the affectionate version of Louise. She was such a sweetie.
Mrs. FC says I'm not allowed to raid other boats ..some kind of prenup agreement fine print apparently ... "the no swashbuckling clause"

Arrghhh, tis a toss up which is cuter, the lively pirate wenches or Weezy.
Okay, Weezy wins ...I like the second pic too.

You'll notice I didn't let her chew on my New York hat :)

Hurry up and wait. I am applicant 4,321,567 and you are behind me.

Anonymous said...

You really are a big softie when it comes to labs aren't you?

Floridacracker said...

I melt.

robin andrea said...

That pup is absolutely the cutest. She melts my heart, and I'm just looking at photos. I imagine it was quite easy for her to steal yours in a second.

Hey the parade looks like fun. The kids look happy. Are you really going on the pirate ship next year? Or is that wishful dreaming?

Floridacracker said...

I think I'm only allowed to watch the parade :)
Weezy is definitely a cardiomeltdown in fur.

Anonymous said...

Hi, we are the wenches from the pirate boat we just came across your site. Thanks for posting the pic and all the comments. We had a lot of fun. Everyone watching was really cool thanks for all the cheers.

Anonymous said...

Wenches? I wanted wrenches. Can't fix a motorsickle with a wench. Or maybe ya can. But it takes longer. OK, I'm off the boat.

omg did I just say that? (checks pulse)

Laura said...

!!!! Mike Alstott!!!!!!!!!

You saw Mike Alstott!!!!!!

Btw, his official name is "The Great Mike Alstott."
And wasn't he cute? He's as cute as lil Weezy down there in the bottom pic. I really wish old Buddy would let me get a little labrador, too.

I was up to my ears in yard and remodeling work yesterday, so I didn't have as much fun as y'all did! Sounds like a great way to spend the day. :)

Floridacracker said...

(And I say that affectionately)
May I say you were a lively crew.

It would be worth buying a motorcycle just to find out.

I had a feeling you would know who he was.
I didn't.
Hope the yardwork went well :)