Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Flounder Got In Trouble

Saturday, I worked on the Mother's Day extension of the waterfolly while everyone was off to visit relatives down south in concrete world.

I was pretty busy removing sod, moving sand, dumping pebbles, and assembling a bench thingie, so the dogs were more or less unsupervised.

I wasn't really concerned about Feather getting into mischief since she picked a spot on the porch where she could adore me as I worked.

It was her brother, Flounder, that I was a little concerned about, because every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of him in pursuit of Hoot the rooster.

You might recall that we've talked about this slow motion old dog vs old rooster chase before.
It's all harmless since he never catches Hoot, plus old Flounder's canines and incisors are not very sharp anymore.

I was too busy, the day was too hot, and my time slot for finishing was shrinking quick, so I didn't really pay close attention to the dog vs bird drama going on, except when the two of them would trot past my location.

Eventually, Hoot gave Flounder the slip and Flounder wandered over to where I was watering in a newly planted Plumbago.
He was hot, panting heavily, and his tongue seemed to be hanging down to his knees.

I gave him a drink of water from the hose, poured the cool water over his back, and rubbed it in through his oily labby coat. He seemed to be calming down.

Then I continued watering the plants.

There was a splash behind me ...


Don't tell you know who that he got in the pond.
...I really like this dog.


Cathy S. said...

Too funny. My Dobies do the same thing in mine.

Rurality said...

What do you expect, the name is Flounder! So it's really all your fault to begin with. ;)

Laura said...

Where there is water, there shall be labradors.

~Old Labrador Adage.;)

threecollie said...

Ha! You'll never stop him now! He looks so happy and Labby there! (That is why we had to put our pond so far above ground...so the dogs couldn't figure out how to get into it...and even then we have caught Gael leaning over the side with a speculative look in her eye.)
BTW, the water folly is looking just wonderful, and the Lab does add a certain something.

debbie said...

We used to have a lab that loved late night dips in the pool by herself. It was so funny looking out the window and seeing her swimming in the moonlight, or just sitting in the spa cooling off.

Susan said...

Your dogs will probably not take "no" for an answer, especially with the weather heating up.

You may have to build a doggie-folly. Seriously.

Mark said...

Well, you shouldn't have made the pond look so much like a dog poor.

robin andrea said...

That pond was built for Flounder, wasn't it? I'm sure he's very grateful too. Look at that face. It has "thank you" written all over it.

roger said...

i'm sure flounder is appreciative of the fancy pool you built for him.

Anonymous said...

Would you look at the koi look on his face! On such a hot day, did you really expect him to perch himself somewhere else? Is he going commando? LOL!

SwampAngel65 said...

You cannot deny a lab his water! You built him a fine pond, though it could be a little deeper and a bit bigger...but it'll do for a quick cool down spot ;)

Good Dog!

Anonymous said...

Well dog-gone, he looks so cute in there. Like it's his own personal watering hole! I'm considering putting in a pond and hubby says that's where we'd frequently find our black lab Smokey.

Makr said...

I meant "pool". "Dog pool." I can too spell.

pablo said...

Wait a minute! You're already working on an extension of the pondfolly?

Thunder Dave said...

Laura's got it right, Lab's are drawn to water like little boys are to mud puddles!

SophieMae said...

Thanks, FC! That laugh did me a world of good. 8-]

Who could resist that face?! And the doggie pool's looking great!

Deb said...

Cute photo. Flounder is thinking, "aww, he built this just for me!"

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Great dog minds think alike.

I should have known he'd grow into his name.

So true!

I think I'll be buying a kiddie pool soon.

I can so picture that.
Too funny.

You are probably right. A cheapo kiddie pool is on the list.

I knew what you meant.

So that's what's written on his mug.

he seems to approve.

He's too sweet to get mad at.

He is a sweetie so we'll let it slide this time.

Probably so, they can't resist it.

A Mother's day bench to sit and enjoy it.

Yes, labs and I have that in common.

In 12 years of Flounderness, I have yet to resist it.

Floridacracker said...

Yes, he even sent me a thank you carp.
Wacka wacka ...

Alan said...

You obviously put the waterfolly out there for them. I mean, it is their yard, after all. You live in the house...

Floridacracker said...

Well, perception is reality!