Friday, May 23, 2008


No time for a proper post this morning due to puppy stuff.
I'm actually at work now and have a moment, so here's an update on Gumbo ...

After a good morning yesterday, he had some nausea and was pretty listless for most of the day. Emma babysat him instead of going to work, she did an excellent job of caring for him.

He wasn't eating or drinking after the nausea episode, so our big fear was dehydration.

Last night, I set my cell phone alarm clock to wake me up every two hours. Then I made a nest for Gumbo and myself on the kitchen floor. I gave him a midnight snack of Gatorade and then he and I curled up for the evening.

Every two hours, I woke up and gave him Gatorade and the Nutri-Cal gel. At 3:00 am, he stood up after the Gatorade, walked over to his water bowl and drank deeply.
THAT was pretty thrilling!

Later, around 5:00 am, he drank a bowl of canned chicken broth and was perky (not his normal perky) during our walk to see the chickens. I took him to see the chickens because he loved chasing them before he became so sick.

I wanted to give him some incentive to hurry up and get better... "Gumbo", I said, "These chickens are getting fat without you chasing them into the trees. They need you."
He wagged his tail, so I know he understood.

He's home with an experienced RN (Mrs. FC) today so I know he's being coddled and spoiled.
That is as it should be.

I just wanted to update you on Gumbo since so many kind thoughts have been sent from you to this little pup.
It is much appreciated.

Today is Junior's first ever High School Football game (a jamboree) so I won't be able to blog properly this evening.

I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I can get up and actually blog about Florida again.


Sandcastle Momma said...

I found your blog not too long ago and I am hooked. Your posts remind me so much of my childhood - back before the developers took over and mowed every tree in sight down. Your part of our great state is my favorite and reading your blog is like a mini vacation for me.
I have been thinking about and praying for your sweet Gumbo and hope that he is up and chasing those chickens very soon.
Thanks for the glimpse into the Florida I love!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little Gator-Aid to help the tummy. I think it was the caring daddiness that made him feel he was not in this all alone. Eye hope he nose how special he is. I'm sure he's eating up every minute of your and Mrs.' time but that's what we're hair for. Whelp, it's time for me to coat to work. Thanks for the update and GOOD LUCK to Junior today.

Suze said...

I'm in there pulling for little Gumbo - wish I could give him a little TLC myself, since I could love on puppies all day long and never tire of it.

If and when he starts wanting solid food, maybe some lamb and rice? I know that might be a bit expensive, but when I was a teenager we had a German Shepherd that had very bad stomach problems - he got very sick and the vet said to give him lamb and rice. My mother did - of course, no spices or salt - just the meat and the rice. It got him back on his 4 feet and he lived to a ripe old age.

I'm sure you know what you're doing, but I couldn't help being a busy-body and making a suggestion.

Looking forward to further updates and other posts.

Paintsmh said...

WE LOVE YOU GUMBO!!! Get better baby!

debbie said...

Thanks for taking the time for a pup update. I've been worried about him. I know that he's in the best hands possible and is getting all the attention that he needs.

billg8tr said...

Thanks for the update. Kevin and I and 7 of our friends and family all went to see ZZ Top last night at the Saint Augustine Amphitheater. Who would ever have thought that would happen? We walked from my house, that was pretty cool. Sorry to hear you were camping out on the kitchen floor. We are all praying for Gumbo and following his progress anxiously. I know he is in great hands.


robin andrea said...

You are such good caretakers. If anyone can help this pup heal, it's the Pure Florida clan. He's in the very best hands and is one lucky puppy to have landed there. Sending him lots of love.

Good luck to Junior! Woohoo.

Cathy S. said...

Blessings to Gumbo (and you for staying up all night with him) and Good Luck to Jr. I do remember a basketball game that required an ER visit so hope he takes it easy. You have had enough emergencies in your life this week.

edifice rex said...

Glad Gumbo is some better and hope he continues to improve. You don't suppose part of the nausea could be all those God-awful puns you are so prone to..... ;)

LauraHinNJ said...

Glad he's getting a little better! I agree... it must be all the extra TLC.

Kathleen said...

I'm a newbie to your blog, the egg eating snake was my first day, and I am hooked! I had to check in before going to work this morning to see how Gumbo was doing. "June" was a special entry and filled me with joy. It is wonderful that Gumbo is drinking and improving. You are such a good pup daddy! Gumbo is blessed to have you.

crackercowlady said...

That lady sure knew what she was doing to include the runt with Bear! Being a part of the PF family is the bast medicine for any critter, I'm thinkin'. Thanks for the update and for your nightly pooch-pampering. For all us animal lovers, you're the best, FC, you and the rest of your PF clan. Barb

threecollie said...

Poor little Gumbo. It is so great that you folks who can and will give him what he needs are where he ended up. Good luck to junior too.

Deb said...

Aww, you're such great folks to take such special care of little Gumbo.

Good luck to Junior! Although we in Minnesotarctica don't think of football this time of year.

And, are they finally allowing you to check blogs from work?

kathy a. said...

GO, GumbO! xoxox

Lynn said...

thanks for the update. I just found this blog and am thoroughly enjoying it. You capture Florida in a very nice way, we DO have things other than theme parks, shark attacks and hanging chads.

cedrorum said...

Glad to hear Gumbo seems to be getting better.

Kimberlee said...

You put Gatorade in your Gumbo? Must be a Florida thing. (wink)

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

It sounds like you and yours are giving the little guy some primo TLC. I'll echo the other sentiments...he didn't end up at PFHQ by accident.

Floridacracker said...

To all,
We won the football game.
Thanks for the Gumbo wishes.
Sorry so late responding to this post ... kinda busy.