Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Snake SSSSinema

Back when I posted the pictures of the moccasin eating the fish, I whined a little about having a video clip, but not being able to upload it to Blooger.

Well, now I can, thanks to Youtube.

Enjoy, and may your Sunday be as calm and peaceful as the moccasin in the video.


threecollie said...

What an interesting video. I am glad you found a way to do it. You have a nice peaceful weekend too!

Susan said...

Sunday SINema? Tsk, tsk, tsk.

: )

The moccasin looks peaceful as he plays in the shallow water. I love to see the true personality of creatures in their own habitat, when they don't feel threatened.

I've posted a new collection on my photo page if anyone is interested... "A Green Georgia Summer."

Miz S said...

COOL! I love snakes.

Do you ever worry about the dogs getting bitten by snakes?

caroline said...

New header is very cool! It looks like you have at least 3 species in the photo. Hard to tell which, is this June photo or when they would have been in non-breeding plumage. I see orange bills, orange feet (upper right)royals: (lower left) small tern with dark bill, black feet, possibly sandwich, one right above the sandwich and to the right, is something different, can't id, but is definitely larger and showing white forehead. I am looking at Sibley field guide for help. What do you think?
Caroline in South Dakota

Floridacracker said...

Future vids will be a bit longer since I now believe in the possibility of posting them!

I thought about that, but it's sssssimply alliteration.
I'm interested!
Going to check it out after this.

Miz S,
Brownie points for you for snake appreciation!
I don't take them with me into really snakey territory, but I still worry when we are walking around PFHQ.

The photo is last Friday.
I thought the little guy in the lower left was different ... maybe a Forster's or ???
I'm such a casual birdophile ...

Sharon said...

Eeek. That is all. :)

j/ go with your videos! Adds a whole new level to PF. :D

Floridacracker said...


elpbulls said...

Cool video Dad just think if you had that ability when Raymie and I had our awesome fight scene lol!! Then again thats not really Pure Florida material...Love ya!!

Floridacracker said...

...or is it?