Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summertime At The Pool

We've visited this quiet gator pool before, but never via video, and I thought you might like a brief glimpse of the place in motion.

Not a lot of motion of course, ... unless you're one of the countless dragonflies cruising this pool. The juvenile gators seem pretty content to just do their floating log imitation, conserving energy, while waiting for the gator equivalent of the pizza delivery guy to show up.

The big gator was nowhere to be seen again, so I stayed back away from the pool's edge.

You don't want to wind up like one of those zebras at the African waterhole if you know what I mean.

On the home (mine, not the gators) front:
The living room remodeling continues ... with a minimum of fauxpasnicity.
The basil paint is on the walls. Valspar paint is pretty amazing stuff. Good enough that one coat might have done it, but I'm not a one coat guy.

The wainscoting is up except for where it has to wait until I trim the windows and entry. I'm getting those pieces today.
The wall that will be completely panelled in T&G pine is partially clad. I'm picking up more of that paneling today.

So far, the materials have come in at about $300, but that will rise after today's visit to Lowes.
Of course all the labor is free.

Tomorrow is Wordless Wrensday again, so you will be able to check on the nestlings progress if you slide back over here.


elpbulls said...

Can't wait to see your progress. Hope Gumbos feeling better. Love ya!


Susan said...

I've been reading and enjoying your posts from afar... in San Jose, CA, visiting my truly amazing granddaughter.

I particularly like "After The Rain, Before The Storm." I love the rainy side of Florida's personality. When I move to San Jose, where it never rains in the summer (May thru October!!!), I will miss the wonderful summer downpours of the southeast.

I hope you'll post a video tour of your "new home" when the facelift is finished.

Rurality said...

Whoa, gators!

It's funny, your Common Yellowthroats have a noticibly different accent than ours.

"Fauxpasnicity"! No wonder you get a college level reading score on your blog. :)

robin andrea said...

I was wondering what bird was singing that sweet song. Thanks to Rurality for the ID. Lovely.

So cool to see those gators just lounging lazily, waiting. An interesting scene.

Fauxpasnicity is a most excellent word.

Anonymous said...

"Last One in is a Rotten Egg!" Cool video, maybe a bit more action next time. Come on you guys, haven't you figured it out yet? FC grabs his dictionary and finds a fancy word and works it in some where! Sounds like PFHQ is coming along nicely, and you did get a good rate on the labor.
Bro J

Miz S said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures of the project. I am wondering what shade of green "basil" will turn out to be. I bet it's really pretty. Mrs. FC will be a happy camper.

Anonymous said...

It's not that I want you to end up as alligator chow or anything, but think of all the hits a video like that would bring your blog.

You do have a waterproof case for the camera, don't you? :)

Alan said...

Oh, FC - labor in a DIY home repair or remodel project is NEVER free. :)

Anonymous said...

We need to get TD some time off from work. I think by todays blog of his, he's been putting in way to much time. You'll know what I mean whan you check it out!
Bro J

Floridacracker said...

See you today! Loveya!

I need rain. Don't think I could live there, but I hope you enjoy it.
Video tour? hmmmm.

I love the things you birders pick up on in the videos.
I'm just trying to keep the mother tongue evolving.

That word is all mine. I registered it and you have to pay me to use it.
TD working? I thought he just travelled on the company check!

Miz S,
I was so relieved it wasn't more Florida Gators orange!
It's very nice actually.

I considered the jump in popularity that PF would experience if I had video from the inside of a 9 foot shegator, but being able to only do it once was a drawback.

Don't I know it.