Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wordless Wrensday #2






Susan said...

Beautiful! I know they're keeping Mama busy.

robin andrea said...

They really are too cute for words.

Danielle Says Hello said...

Oh my, those photos are tryly beautiful!!!

Emily said...

I love the last one especially. I kinda feel like that sometimes with my kids - "Feed me! Feed me!"

Anonymous said...

It's something to watch the stages they go through. Be up and gone in no time now. Hope you can catch their first flight.
Not only is he traveling on their dime, they gave him a pay raise to boot! I'm proud of him though, and glad he's had his travels.
Bro J

Floridacracker said...

It's a regular flyway through the porch with mom and dad bringing bugs and spiders to feed them.

So true.

Thanks! Very convenient location in a hanging basket.

LOL! Wait til they're teens!

Bro J,
Me too, he's done good!
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Dr. Know said...

Who needs words with all that squawking going on. You'll be a dad for another week, then they're gone. Pity humans kids don't grow up that fast -- and eat bugs. ;-)

Great pix. Acutely ugly little dinosaurs -- in a cutely endearing kinda way.

Gotta go hang another birdhouse...

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Mama Wren have set aside enough for the college fund.

Anonymous said...

Your photo's amaze me everyday!


billg8tr said...

Hey FC,
Quit sleeping in, you are messing up my coffee surfing in the morning. I knew a bunch of girls would post some ooohss and aawwws.

kathy a. said...

cute cute cute cute cute!

Aunty Belle said...

Wow--how'd ya git uo that close to 'em?

I likes yore word play, FC.

Thanky fer yore compliment to the Handsome fella on mah Front Porch, bet--I see ya have one of yore own!!

Rurality said...

I'll bet you felt guilty for not feeding them, after that last picture! :)

Floridacracker said...

Hang a hanging basket plant on your porch. That's a favorite wren nest site around here.

Once they fly the coop, they are on their own!

Delighted to know that!

Not sleep dude, remodeling! Must sneak up here now to blog.


Aunty Belle,
They are in a hanging basket right next to a little porch table and completely adjusted to our presence.
Couldn't be easier.
Glad you like my lexicalligronomenclaturic style.
I have a huge soft spot for dogs like yours.

And who says I didn't?
Still haven't got that bug taste out of my mouth.

Dr. Know said...

Hang a hanging basket plant on your porch. That's a favorite wren nest site around here.

I've got two already, but there are plants in 'em. Neighbors tend to complain about things which appear "nonconventional." (i.e. Weedy looking empty pots.) I'm certain they hate the "wildlife patch" in the backyard as well. I'll try hanging some under the back deck.

The Carolina Wrens here love to nest in the gutters (they have debris guard covers). They've figured out that they can push the guard aside and squiggle under it. If there is a bird sized hole or crack in something, they'll be investigating soon. Can't stop 'em, yet worry about them when it rains -- so far no fatalities. There is a grommet with a removable plug in the garage which I run extention cords through, and if I fail to cover it when done, one of those silly wrens ends up in the garage -- Every Time.

Still haven't got that bug taste out of my mouth.
I'm certain you say this in jest, but everyone should be aware that human bacteria tends to be deadly to birds. Just FYI -- don't chew up any bugs and try to feed birds, use a sterile crucible.

Thunder Dave said...

Man they look odd at that stage!
Thanks for the kind words FC. It gets even better, and I'll try to post about that after next Friday (I can't promise anythign until then!).

Laura said...

They always do look a little funny at that age! But man, those mouths. Hungry little buggers, aren't they?

When Samantha was small, there was a nest of baby mockingbirds outside her bedroom window, and that was a real thrill to see each day. I wish I'd had a blog then!
'course, it was 17 years ago, and I don't think we even had a computer at the time. LOL.

I'm going to cruise through your posts for a while. I haven't been able to blog properly for a week or two.... too much going on! *sigh*

Hope the pups are ok. I've been missing them. hahaha. :)

And isn't it good to hear that Bertha is heading Northwest! whew!