Monday, September 15, 2008

Dog Days Of September and PreFall Color

I had to stop and shoot the moon last Friday evening around 6:45 pm as I raced to the football game to see Junior play ... we won ... did I mention that yet?
I am often late due to pictures that must be made in the moment ... the ones I have passed by haunt me.

High school football and big pretty moons are just one more sign that fall is out there somewhere.

Fall is still a long way off down here, we have some more hurricanes to do, and then somewhere along the way fall will slip in.
Right now, we are in the dog days of September ... forget August. September is just as hot, maybe hotter since so much of August here was grey and cloudy.
Still we have some seasonal color beginning ...

The warm glow of a ripe datil pepper and a few ripe guavas. I cut one in half and ate the pink insides with a spoon last week ... the guava, not the datil pepper ... I don't have a death wish.
It was pretty seedy, but la saveur et l'arôme est très bonne!

Here's a bit of prefall porch critter color.
Regal moth?

The Gulf Fritillary larvae adds a nice orangey splash to the warm prefall color scheme. Pupa cases are appearing all over the side of my house a few feet from the passionflower vine that the larvae have stripped of it's foliage.
I'm tossing the passionflower fruits hither and yon to spread their seeds for more of these beautiful vines ... and more beautiful Gulf Fritts next year.

Last night, Bear found one of these fruits on the ground and brought it in with him as he dashed to the kitchen. The sweet fruit was full of ants which spilled out on to the kitchen floor and on to his punkin head. He definitely keeps things stirred up around here with his antics.

Speaking of Bear ... and you know I love to, why don't you come along with me and chase him around the yard?

Mind the fence post and don't fall into the hole that the old Directv satellite receiver sits in.
Wacka, wacka ... "Fall"... get it ... oh, I slay me sometimes.

Have an excellent Monday.


Miz S said...

Ha! "Fall" I get it! You are one funny dude. One funny dude who wakes up way earlier than I do.

threecollie said...

Great video! Flounder didn't look too impressed by it all though.

pablo said...

You give your pups such a good life!

Dani said...

Bear is just the cutest!

susan said...

Thats a great moon shot! Full moons are fascinating, even without fancy clouds and lighting.

Boy, do I love fresh ripe guavas! During my Fort Myers childhood, those were my favorite. I put fresh guavas in the same category as morel mushrooms... extremely hard to procure but worth every bit of the effort.

Thanks for the funny Bear video.

DougT said...

That's an amazing moon photo. Well done!

Hurricane Teen said...

Ahh so true. Big full moons and high school football. Memories.
It would be nice if Junior's team could play St. Aug. or Nease. That would be at least give them some competition...St. Joeseph's is a good school, but not so great with the football :-D

Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't dig guavas, Fc.

We have BloggerSync. As you know, in one day, I posted our guavas and a regal moth.

That's interesting.

All this time, I thought I was copying you. ;)

elpbulls said...

Great moon shot Daddy it's sooo cool! Of course so is the goofy Bear video and I love that he doesnt even have the ball in the end. :) Love ya!!

Hurricane Teen:
It would be a complete slaughter if Juniors team played St. Aug high or Nease, we are just FAR to small for that kind of competiton. Im sure the flashes will be all we can handle lol. :)

kathy a. said...

bear makes me laugh, even from all this distance!

Anonymous said...

See FC Run. Bear has you trained well!

Great moon shot. It was so very beautiful over the river the other night.

I don't remember reading if you ever found Princess Laya after her eggs were found opened. Is she okay?.

Did you ever get that book?

I was over in Old Town and Suwannee today. Beautiful. Great marshes.

Have a great week.....patti

Stacy said...

Imperial moth. So, close enough. :)

Deb in FL said...

Terrific moon shot! Was this taken with your Sony? Funny footage of Bear. I tried to keep up with him to determine when he lost the ball...He is too fast!

Deb in FL

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
The early bird and all that ... Actually I just scheduled it for that time.

He was afraid we would run into his arthritic bones!

And they give back the same.

No debate there. :)

I confess to preferring guava jelly, but it was good!


Neither are we ... tiny squad, no reinforcements.

You probably are.
It was papayas that I run from. Peeeuuuuuuuuu.

You rascal I miss you already!
Love ya!!!!

Kathy A,
There will be no charge for that long distance chuckle.

I keep forgetting when I'm in C-land. I'm an idiot.... must write note to remind self!

Thank you! I didn't bother to look it up.

Deb in FL,
Hand held with the Sony, then cropped to enlarge on the computer.
Kind'a grainy, but it was so pretty.
I don't know when he lost the ball either.

Freste said...

Dayammm I sure am glad it was this kind of moon that you shot. Very coolness, especially with the coloration of cloudifornia. Handheld or tripod?

Totally digging the video. See? We toldja you should keep 'em coming. You DO know that bear didn't have the full gallop on just so you could keep up. LOL

Freste said...

That's Bear, not bear.

freste can't tipe.

jojo said...

me too... there is a subtle change in the weather. i feel it. the moon sits different. everything is just a little bit different to tease you into thinking its fall... but the only difference really? is no more white. or did that go away too?

Floridacracker said...

Considering that in dog years I am 350 years old, I think I did pretty good.

Pretty subtle for sure.

Breezey375 said...

Why oh Why must you post pictures of moths? Here I am enjoying a nice post with pictures and then whammy icky nasty evil moth. But it's okay I didn't need those ten years you scared off my life.
Great pics though.

NativeMom said...

Datil peppers. My mom grew these powerful little peppers alongside other vegis in the garden in St. Aug when I was growing up. I made the mistake as a child of gathering a few of these peppers to decorate my mud pies. The juice got on my skin and blistered it. That's one evil pepper.

Floridacracker said...

Moths are scary?

Deliciously evil tho.