Saturday, October 11, 2008

Falling For You

Some more of Fall in Florida ...

Sunrise on the way to work one day last week.
Swamp Sunflower in the front yard.

Blue Curls ... if you've never seen this wildflower, you are forgiven ... the entire blossom is about 5 millimeters in size.
You can walk right past a Blue Curl plant loaded with blossoms and not notice it.
But if you do notice, and you bend down to get close ... you'll be rewarded with some of the prettiest flowers around.
General stuff:

  • The UF Gators play LSU at home today and Mrs. FC has scored a ticket thanks to her big brother Chuck, so she is pretty excited.
  • I will be some place greener and just as excited to be there ... although the sky outside this morning is grey and overcast, so I may be overly optimistic.
  • Junior's football team came back from a two touchdown deficit last night to tie the game at the end, but lost in the overtime period. Frustrating for them, but it was a magnificent comeback while it lasted.


Anonymous said...

FC your sunrise is beautiful and I wish we could get them like that here. enjoy your weekend. smokin

robin andrea said...

Fantastic sunrise there, and that Blue Curl is quite a beauty. Great fall shots.

Go Gators!

Sharon said...

Beautiful shots! Hope you have a great day. I'm in Vilano for a retreat and had a great time with the sunset this morning :)

Linda and Denny said...

Hmm, first I found this: Then I found this:, eventually finding this: Bingo! I love finding blogs that expand my knowledge. Now I'll be watching for tiny little blue flowers whenever we make it down south again.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Great sunrise photo: we always focus on sunsets here in Naples (being on the Gulf), but every once in a while catch a sunrise, and just like you, its on an aperiodic "earlier than normal" commute into work (traveling East). The sun has been especially big on the horizon in recent weeks because of equinox: its shockingly big.

Floridacracker said...

This one was just amazing ... not the everyday here either.

Thanks and thanks for that Gator cheer!
All the way from California!

Well, if you have to retreat, Vilano is a pretty sweet spot.

Linda and Denny,
Welcome to Pure Florida! I love havin' people comment so thanks! Look for blue curls in dry uplands when you get this way again!

I noticed it was huge on the way home last week.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey hey! Loverly sunrise...fabulous, but we Floridy folks expects it--but it doan never fail to amaze me how gorgeous it is!

The blue curl flower--I doan know it! how is that? Whas I doin' wrong, FC? Whar does I look fer that sweet bloom?

I turned off the gators at 8 minutes to go in the 3rd...jes' cain't watch. ( Uncle is in the woods--last wknd of bow season)Least the Gators is up fer now. Thang is, one year fer Christmas we took the some of the clan off to the Sugar Bowl when Gators was playin LSU...uh huh, Gators leadin'-- then, I cain't say how, but the wheels came flyin' off! LSU always worries me.

'Course, I has two Tiger Uncles so you know stakes is high fer the year's braggin' rights.

Lookin' back'ards, I'se pleased to see Mia is set right again. (nope, never would guessed that stone)

Miz S said...

Aww. Too bad about Junior's game. But there's always next time...

The sunrise picture is amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing photos from whatever adventures you have been having yesterday and today.

Floridacracker said...

Look in the scrub gal. Blue curls likes dry feet. That Gator team did okay afterall so you have bragging rights with those family tigers!
Thanks for the Mia well wishes. She is a good doggie.

Miz S,
Well, today's adventure was topless and involved college girls, but I probably won't get those pics up until Tuesday's post due to Junior having a term paper he's left too late and needin' this computer.
It was fun though.

... that should spike Tuesday's hit count.

caroline said...

Blue curls are delightful, Ma Nature has a sense of humor when it comes to design.

No sunrise like that in the Black Hills today, the cold front brought low, gray clouds. But it also brought the sandhill cranes! I watched from our deck for about 2 hours this afternoon (37F) and counted in excess of 50 flocks of sandhills, probably between 4000 and 5000 birds. Unbelievable, amazing, timeless!

elpbulls said...

That first pictures AMAZING!!!!! I had a great weekend home. Thanks for taking all my friends for a nature tour jeep ride. I'll see you in a few weeks. Love ya!!

Cathy S. said...

Ha ha! Emma blew your surprise. And now we know why Jr.'s term paper is late. College girls home for the weekend would certainly be a distraction.

Floridacracker said...

That just sounds amazing.
... and 37 degrees sounds delicious!

It was great having you girls around. You have a great group of buds!

Cathy S,
Yes, she did the rascal!
Just what Adonis needs ... one more set of distractions!