Monday, October 20, 2008

Moon Trees and Old Friend Snakes

What a weekend! A week's worth of postabilities just bursting at the seams!
I'll need to pace myself this week.
Let's start with an age old question, finally answered ...
"Who hung the moon?"

Obviously the trees did. I caught one in the act on Sunday.
Mystery solved.

After returning from a more dangerous snake encounter in a swamp (another post) Sunday, Bear and I were walking out to feed the chickens when the Pump House Ratsnake made his appearance.

He was stretched out to his full 5 foot length in the grass near the pump house and I saw him before Bear. I stopped and used a well tossed stick to distract Bear so I could pick up ol' PHR without interference.

This is a wild snake, yet it never tries to bite and has never musked (PU) me. I held him for a few pics and a short video, and then released him back into his pump house lair.

... I really don't know why I go anywhere to find critters. They seem to find me here at home often enough.

Have a great Monday!
I will ... Teacher Workday ... none of your little darlings are here!



Dani said...

FC, check your inbox later, sent you an email.

Love that snake, such a sweetheart!

Susan Rose said...

Would Bear do harm to PHR if he saw him first?

BeeDancer said...

For the last week, just as I turn the corner towards my office, I've gotten to see that moon, and every time it just makes me smile

Good thing you got to PHR first...

Enjoy your almost free day

Freste said...

"Whoops"? LMAO!! I just thought that you never knew the meaning of that word!

NICE of you to shoot the moon for us. (ahem...)

SwampAngel65 said...

Wow, is that the same snake that you had pictures of eating the egg? He's grown! What a beautiful creature to have around. We encountered a Florida Brown snake last week when we moved the kayak to cut the grass around it. Sucha cute little guy and I hadn't seen one in years. Made me smile!

robin andrea said...

Cool snake. Great cinematic direction.

Klaus said...

For a moment there I thought Steve Irvin is back! ;)
Nice catch!
Cheers, Klaus

threecollie said...

I like your videos...they add a whole nother dimension to PF.
Like the snakes too. lol

kathy a. said...

i'm not that into snakes, personally, but this guy seems awfully friendly. did you taste good?

TROLL said...

I'm guessing water moc regarding the close encounter of the not-so-pleasant snakey kind.

elpbulls said...

He's pretty big! Can't wait to go to St. Aug this weekend. Love ya!

edifice rex said...

I'd call him (the snake) Snicky Snake! I think that is a good name.

Sharon said...

LOL! I love your videos :) (Even if there's snakes in them) ;o)

Floridacracker said...

Thanks I just checked it out!
You know you are a herpophile when you call a snake a sweetheart.
I agree completely tho!

It was just an unknown. Even by accident, Bear could hurt a snake like this through sheer mass. I was being cautious.

It's been beautiful hasn't it?

I invented "whoops" ... seem to need it all the time.

Same one as far as I know. It's a really big ratsnake.

You noticed that eh? We just started filming with no discussion of end point so I had to adlib.

Well, I don't grab the poisonous ones, so that's one big difference!!

I found I can upload them in a few seconds after work on my classroom 'puter vs. hours at home so you will see more.

Kathy A,
It may be a girl snake ...

You are correct sir.

Me neither 'cause I get to see you!
You will be riding in style this time.

Done. He/she is now Snicky Snake.

We aims to please.
Thanks ... got one more snake video coming up this week ... so far.

Miz S said...

Teacher workdays...I love 'em.

Hey, who is doing the filming and the photographing when you got your hands full of snake?

Also, the moon picture is lovely. Funny, because I was just thinking yesterday about how I am slightly obsessed with the way that branches look against the sky. Really beautiful picture, FC.

Floridacracker said...

Miz S,
Mrs. FC gets the cinematic credit for this video and the still pics.
Glad you liked the moon shot. I shot a bunch of delete destined shots to get one I like.

caroline said...

I have a couple of moon shots this week, not satisfied yet. I get the view as I park at school and look west, it hangs just over the hogback ridge where I saw the hawks and sandhill cranes migrating by.

The scaled one is beautiful, I startled a neighbor by stopping in the middle of road on Sunday to usher beautiful plains garter snake to roadside safety. I was afraid he was headed for same fate as your gator of a couple of weeks ago.
Caroline in South Dakota

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Hoo boy, FC, you are just full of talent (and surprises).

amarkonmywall said...

Great snake. PHR is about the same size as Finn, the rat snake I take to schools from the zoo- also frisky but good natured. I laughed at "Cut!"
There was a smallish, all charcoal black snake in the Florida yard- any idea what kind?

The moon was lovely all week while I was in Florida. Now, back in Chicago, it's very gray and overcast.