Monday, October 20, 2008

Secret Pond Walk ... Part One

Okay, we're going off trail.
Why not?
You ask the silliest questions ... no, no ... there's no such thing as a silly question ... except for that last one of yours ...that one may qualify.

There's ibis clustered up ahead in the tops of some tall trees. That probably means a wetland or a hidden pond.
If we leave the trail and walk towards them, we should find it.

Someone's been here before us ...

... and it looks like they had lunch.

There's our sign post ... that tree loaded with ibis.

We'll just strike off quietly in that direction.

No, we don't need a GPS! It's a few hundred yards away through thick brush and willows, but I think we can do this without any technology ... Kit Carson must be spinning in his grave.

Now, most of the ibis left their perch, but did you notice they swooped down, not away? We didn't spook them (yet).They are dropping in to feed not fleeing.

There has to be water up ahead.

Oh well, ... best laid plans and all that.

At least we found the secret pond.

Tomorrow, we wade in to it ... prepare to get wet and muddy.


roger said...

can i wear boots? or waders? will there be alligators? piranhas? what about snakes?

Doug Taron said...

It appears to be my week for getting muddy. Nice ibis shots. They remind me a bit of the white pelicans that I got to see here in Illinois yesterday.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'd love to walk to the edge but you couldn't pay me enough to walk in it! I'm happy to live vicariously through you LOL I can't believe you've never been bitten by something!

BeeDancer said...

A few months back we JEEPed up to Devil's Hammock and tried to find the trail you had written about that had the ginermous tree that you had taken your friend to see...We drove all over, checked out a few likely trails, but never did find the right one...Now I want to go back and try to find the pond...probably won't be successful, but that's the catch about secret places

BTW, never trust an ibis...after all, they represent the 'Canes

Mockingbird said...

Secret pond...
New hikeboots...
Good to go, ready to launch!

robin andrea said...

You do get to see some very cool birds there. Your video reminds me of most of our bird encounters.

LauraHinNJ said...

What's all that squalking in the background?

Floridacracker said...

Oh yes, there will be snakes,... and where what you want ... but no flipflops okay?

Love those white pelicans! We get them here in the winter.

Who told you I've never been bitten?
I have been sampled by multiple species.

For the big tree, it's either Logpile or Parker Field road after the Waca bridge on 24. They actually have a sign now once you get to the parking area.

This pond is a little harder to find as it's not noted by signs or visible from even a few yards away, much less from the road.
Take Bear Pocket road to seek it tho.
And if you see a red jeep with a redfish tag on the front, please flag me down and say hi!

Thanks for that Ibis trustworthy tip too! I better stick with gators and bulls.

Now that is the spirit. It's gooshy in there.

I had worked so slowly to get close and the very alert egret spied me and spooked the goofier ibis.

I'm not as birdery as some of you, but could it have been a catbird? There was a bird fussing in the bush that looked like a catbird to me.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You're a maniac ... in a good way. You do Florida proud. It looks kind of dry up your way. The dry season is upon us!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Robert!