Sunday, November 09, 2008

Total Dr. Seuss Homecoming Emersion Weekend

Well, ... whew ... gasp ... the insanity (and fun) of homecoming week is over finally.
It ended for me last night around 11:15 pm when I finished my stint as Homecoming Dance chaperon. It was an excellent week all due to the hard work of my teacher buds, Cindy and Nancy, who organize the whole thing.

(They would give credit to their Student Government kids, but nothing happens without the energy and dedication those two teachers bring to the mix)

It all started last Monday with each day of the week being a different dress-up theme ... all related to Dr. Seuss ... the overall theme for the week and the parade.

Pretty wacky week, but we did manage to learn a few things in class and keep moving forward ... I'm talking about the teachers of course ... the kids ... well, I'm not sure about them.

Thursday night was an intramural Olympiad between the classes. The top left pic below is from that event as are the 2 bottom pics.
That's not Junior in the whipcream/cheeseball pic, even though it may look a little like him. The rules for that little competition involved 3 classmates, one with whipcream applied to the face, one blindfolded and throwing cheeseballs, and one giving throwing directions verbally to the blindfolded thrower.
Got that?
Most cheeseballs stuck to the face won.

The upper right photo is from the Junior Class float and coincidentally, that's Junior in the Cat In The Hat costume.
The tug-o-war pic was from a 4 way class vs. class battle. The Junior class didn't win that one, but they did win the overall competition and the coveted inflatable vinyl trophy cup.

How about that shot?

That's Junior snatching a ball out of the air. He took it and ran down to the 8 yard line and a touchdown resulted a play or so later.
Eight times he kicked for extra points and 8 times he put it smack in the middle of the goal posts.

We won the game with room to spare so there was much jubilation in Whoville that night.

In other news:

  • I haven't taken a nature shot all week! This whole work thing is really interfering with my photography/adventuring thang.

  • Friday night, I had a neat experience involving a box that sat upon my classroom shelves for 14 years ... perhaps tomorrow I can share that tale.
  • Bear now weighs 91 pounds and it's all muscle folks.
  • I weigh 166 and it's a mix ... heehee.
  • I have snow peas to trellis in the garden and a row of baby collards that are doing well in the deerproofed garden plot.
  • I think I will scratch in some lettuce seeds around those collard plants today.
  • The mantle has the first coat of poly on it. When it warms up today, I will second coat it.
  • I built a temporary scaffold to hold the mantle while the final wiggling and matching of rods to holes occurs later today or tomorrow.
  • I took off Monday as we have Veterans Day off on Tuesday, so maybe I can find a bit of Floridaunatural to share with you before I return to the salt mines.


pablo said...

My kids prohibited me from making any appearance at their dances, though I did sneak in with a camera for homecoming when I was told in advance that #2 Son was going to be announced as King. he didn't seem to mind.

kathy said...

Can Junior come to Bama, in spite of his Gator-esque uniform there? We need a kicker! Happy to hear of his success.

TROLL said...

I'd weigh 166 if this planet had considerably less gravity.

lej619 said...

Glad someone had a great week.!
ya my kids did not let me go to there dances either. Guess it helps that you are a techer at the school!hehe
Maybe JR. can go to Georgia.

BeeDancer said...

Junior looks great in those Gator colors...Hope he stays with them

cinbad122 said...

Thanks for all your help this week! You totally ROCK!! ;)

threecollie said...

I read all that and it sounds like a fine weekend and Junior looks really cool as the cat in the hat...but what really took root with me is that you are gardening. Outdoors!

Miz S said...

Go Junior! Quite the athlete, your boy.

Enjoy your long weekend. I will think wistfully of your adventuring as I slog my way through parent conferences.

Doug Taron said...

What a great action shot of Junior. Looks like a fun week all around.

What variety of lettuce will you plant?

Floridacracker said...

I usually don't go, but the very sweet SGA sponsor needed one more chaperone.
How could I say no?

I think his Gatormaniac Mom would disown him.

Perhaps on Mercury.

See my comment to Kathy ... ditto!

That would be his wish, trust me. He's very orange and blue.

You did all the work! I just assisted a little.
Smokin in that prom dress by the way.

This is the best time of the year for gardening here. The fungi and bugs that come with summer heat are gone and we can grow cool weather crops finally.

Miz S,
I am trying to not feel guilty about taking a day off, but I do.

I think I've found my new screen saver!
I'm doing a leaf lettuce ... forget the name ... and Cos Romaine.

Cathy S. said...

We also had a Dr. Seuss week, but not as fun. My youngest is doing his senior research paper on a literary analysis of Dr. Seuss. Who knew all those rhymes were so political and the good doctor was such a social activist?

Enjoy your day off tomorrow. Don't feel guilty. How often do you take a personal day? Not very often, I bet.

caroline said...

So jealous of your cool season gardening, we have just had 2 snow days because of genuine blizzard in South gardening here! Drifts and blocked roads in some places and folks waiting for power again.
Go Jr! We sure could use that golden foot at my daughter's HS, they lost the big cross-town rivalry game by 1 point, a missed PAT in overtime.
Caroline in the snowy Black Hills

Dani said...

That's a great shot of Jr!!
Hope you have a nice day off.

Floridacracker said...

Cathy S,
Hmmm ... the brainy side of Doc S!
No, I don't take much leave, now that the kids are all big. Used to be I would use it taking care of their illnesses, but now it just builds up.

I thought of you this weekend when the radio announced 4 feet of snow had fallen and folks were completely isolated in SD.
Hope all is well with you!

I plan to work on that mantle project some more.