Friday, January 09, 2009

Reptilian Rejoicing: Those Gators Did It Again! ...Plus A Little Friday Florida Food Fest

For a long time I have thought that the smoky goodness of Chorizo sausage would match up well with chicken.
Certainly there are probably recipes out there that cover this, but I did the little melange above with just some in pantry stuff and it was pronounced very edible.
In fact,I almost didn't get a picture for you as it disappeared quickly.
I just sauteed chorizo, chicken, bell pepper, garlic, mushrooms, added a dash of this and that, splashed in a little cheap wine and served it over bowtie pasta with a salad.
I only used one short little chorizo so it's not a high fat dish either.

This fence lizard is demonstrating how most Floridians feel today. We stayed up too late on a week day night to watch the GATORS slaughter Oklahoma ... and boy are we gators dragon today ... (heehee).

We be tired, but we be happy.

(and yes, I did watch the whole game ... maybe I even hooted a little)


cinbad122 said...

I am so PROUD! I guess you wouldn't want to watch with me...I do a lot of screaming and cusing!

tai haku said...

I too stayed up to watch the whole game (being as I am as intrigued as a limey can be by the USA's "american football").

I thought it was an excellent match-up with a deserved winner - I just wish they could've kicked-off a little earlier.

kathy a. said...

that lizard definitely looks like a gator fan! [it seems well-armored.] the dinner looks nummers, too. congrats on the big win!

so, how were the bands? the snippets i heard -- beloved watched the game off and on -- sounded good! [i just don't really get sports. but BANDS, they are fabulous!]

beloved is more of a sports fan, and he informed me this morning that gatorade was invented by the gators. learn something new...

Deb said...

Congrats Gators!!! A little hooting is a good thing once in a while. :)

Hmmm...I have chorizo, I have chicken, I have cheap wine (cheap enough that I won't even drink it, and I'm hardly a wine snob)...sounds like dinner!

Floridacracker said...

No, that would be fun. Actually it would probably sound like home!

Amen to all that. Why that game had to be so late eludes me.

Kathy A,
Wow, you didn't know the Gatorade history?! Glad you patched that hole in your cultural knowledge collection! :)
The bands were good! Lots of spirited play.

I left off garlic, but that goes without saying around here.
Have fun with it!

Ark Patti said...

SEC Rules. If it couldn't be a Razorback night, so glad it was a Gator night.
Should know better than to visit on Friday though. Now I have to go eat----again.

TROLL said...

Your instinct was correct. Combining Chicken and Chorizo is a mainstay of Spanish (minorcan) Cuisine.

So, this may be an example of genetic memory.

robin andrea said...

That dish looks and sounds just like one of ours, minus the chorizo. Yum. Congrats to the Gators, and hello to the very mellow lizard.

ImagineMel said...

stayed up? even hooted? Who are you and what have you done with Mr. FC?

kevin said...

We just made it back from South Florida. It was a late night, but great night. I'm sure Mrs. FC is very happy today.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Your food fotos are fabulous! Added your CHOMPionship phrase to my blog posting after the game - good one.

Will you and Mrs. FC be attending our Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival?


Anonymous said...

And here I thought you were serving up Sooner Stew.

amarkonmywall said...

There are lots of cajun recipes that call for both chicken and chorizo. Mushrooms? No. And usually your dishes LOOK delectable- this one, I'm thinking, tasted better than it looked. It SOUNDS good. It was a great day for gators.

threecollie said...

Go Tebow!

Lady Jane said...

Football? Meh. Now, that chicken/chorizo combo is something to get excited about.. looking good!

For you, I am glad the team won;-)

Susan Rose said...

Give me a food photo any time, especially the thrown together stuff, but I've heard enough football talk today to last many moons. I'm NOT a football fan, but I am glad that Florida won.

tsiya said...

No Datil peppers? We need to recall you for an overhaul!

elpbulls said...

looks way more than just edible!!! love ya

Aunty Belle said...


Nice vittles! No wonder it disappeared.

(Ya can still show us yore junk--I'se postin' more tomorry round noon)

Floridacracker said...

Hope it was good!

True Troll, perhaps it was that.

He was mellow, no challenge at all to photograph ... not like today's moccasin.

Perhaps I was drugged by someone without me know it.

Thanks. I don't think we can make that. Sounds great tho.

Nah, we don't eat em, just beat em.

We don't really play by the rules in our bright orange kitchen.
Funny, I thought it looked like La Choy Chop Suey out of the can myself, so I have to agree with the negative points for presentation.

He is a singular person.

Lady Jane,
I hear ya, I am the most casual of fans myself.
Food is a different matter.

The game is one thing, the football talk is soooooooo boring.

I know that is odd isn't it?

It was good, even knucklehead liked it.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks, I'll give it another shot.

rick said...

GO GATORS !!!!!!!!!

Congrats on watching the whole game,

Miz S said...

It is a measure of my GREAT admiration and affection for you that I actually checked the sports page on Friday morning to see how the Gators did.

Hey, how's your dad's leg healing up?

Laura, VitaminSea said...

You watched the game!!! :) I'm like cinbad in the comment above. I tend to get very vocal during the games!

Now, when I read this: "I only used one short little chorizo so it's not a high fat dish either..." and then saw the picture of the lizard that followed, I thought for a moment there that you were going to say you'd added him to the chicken dish.

That is one mighty big dragon lookin lizard, I must say. He is eating well!

Ahhhh, what a great game. Happy Saturday to you and yours! :)

Floridacracker said...

I knew I could do it!

Miz S,
Have I told you lately that you rock?

I suppose that lizard would taste like chicken, so it might not be such a bad idea.
As for vocal, You and Cinbad would fit in here just fine as the rest of the clan are ... shall we say, VIGOROUS in their enthusiasm!
Your Rick has to tune in Monday. Be sure he does.
Happy day to you too.

Ericka said...

game? *blink* sorry, didn't notice.

food looks yummy though.

and deb, be careful using undrinkable wine in food... especially if it's in a sauce where you're cooking the wine down - you'll end up with uneatable food!