Sunday, March 01, 2009

Great Pot

Yes, that is one great pot in the upper left photo.
I'm not sure how many gallons it holds, but the other cookers looked upon my pot with envy.
Apparently size does matter.
It was a wedding gift from the Tybee Island crew of the NPS back in my Fort Pulaski days, so it has been around a while.
The collage is just a snapshot of the FFA Food Fest shindig from Friday night. The Food Fest helps to raise money for a few FFA scholarships to graduating seniors. Some of the money also goes to fund the auction purchases of livestock shown by FFA'rs at the upcoming fair in late March.
The partial menu included pulled pork, fried mullet, wings, fried turkey, swamp cabbage, chicken and rice, green beans, corn bread,corn on the cob, baked beans, gumbo, grilled sausage, grits, mac and cheese, and a whole bunch of other goodies .
The money comes through ticket sales and the after dinner auction of art and beautiful cakes. Mrs. FC made a mile high cake with goulash icing ... is that what she called it? Anyway, it was two layers of chocolate cake with a thick brownie layer in the middle and roasted pecans strewn about.
It went for $70, but some of the fancier cakes go for $250 ... usually purchased by a politician with an upcoming race.
I boiled 2 bushels of corn in the husk Friday evening and most of it was eaten by the crowd. Folks would stop by the table, peel back a cooked ear, and dip it in that coffee can which is mostly warm water but with an inch of melted butter floating on top. As you pull your corn out the butter clings to the kernels.
My Uncle Richard taught me this and it works great.
A dozen or so ears came home with us and they are going to be eaten today with steak and salad. We will be spoiling Emma who is home for the weekend, although I have not seen her yet. There was a big benefit concert in town last night and the star ... some guy named Craig Morgan, was staying at Emma's best buddy Corinne's house, so the girls were all atwitter ... "Daaaaaaaad, what do you mean you don't know who he is?"
I was not all atwitter, being only a casual country music fan.
Now if it were Buffett ... I could get all atwitter over Jimmy.


threecollie said...

I was gonna congratulate you on the pot and the loss of facial hair and all, and maybe drool over the food list a little and then I read about Craig Morgan. Suffice to say, we sure know who he is. lol (We like Jimmy too, of course)
How cool for Emma and her friend!

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Nice pot.Jon has one like that.Great for a seafood boil,and totally necessary when a hurricane has taken you're power out for a week.
Whattya mean you don't know who Craig Morgan is?And Jimmy's gone a little bit country recently.

Florida Beach Basics said...

FC - surely caught my attention with the title. marge

Aunty Belle said...

oh man! That corn trick is too cool, an' mah moth is waterin' fer Mrs. FC's brownie cake wif "goulash" icin'.


Dani said...

You're gonna get a lot of hits with that title!

Doug Taron said...

I totally covet that pot for cheese making.

Ark Patti said...

Darn you. I just ate and now I'm hungry again. Sounds like a great deal for FFA. Son of a son of a Sailor is a favorite.

Cathy S. said...

Hmm. I want some of that corn and cake. I hear you had bad weather this AM. Hope all is well. Is it cold up there yet. (I don't know who Craig Morgan is either.)

linda said...

is goulash the same as ganache?

craig who?

love the crab pot~

Hurricane Teen said...

That sounds like some GOOD FOOD!!
...AND CRAIG MORGAN IS STAYING AT EMMA'S FRIEND'S HOUSE?!? Send Emma my deepest jealousy.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Don't get caught smuggling that "good pot" of yours into the concert!

Susan Rose said...

Great pot? Jimmy Buffet? And they let you teach school? :)

Yummmmmmeee! All that food you listed is my kind of food, except maybe the chicken and rice.

Hey! It SNOWED all day today in central Georgia! Our first snow in about five years. Check out my Cardinals-in-the-snow pic.

Freste said...

Hungarian Goulash icing sounds interesting. Westerners prefer ganache. Dang it.... the scrumptuous sundry of scintilating snacks sounds simply scandalous. There's nothing better than a food fest! Especially when it's for a great purpose.

Alan said...

Looks and sounds like some good vittles.

Thunder Dave said...

Sounded like a good menu, and yes that pot is big, but I may have one that it would be envious of. Partly because of the malted barley infusion that it usually contains! ;-)

CHEF TROLL said...

Looks like an excellent buffet. As for Buffet...

Was expecting the pot to be bigger. When you said 3 bushels, I thought you meant ALL AT ONCE. Grrherhahahahahhaa.

Deb said...

You Floridians know how to put on a feast. The last fundraiser I heard of around here was a waffle dinner. Didn't interest me. Nor does modern country music. Craig who?

cinbad122 said...

Thanks for the extra corn! Yum! Don't worry I don't know who Craig whatshisname is either. Loved the brownies...much better!

Floridacracker said...

Facial hair gone = spring on the way!

C and J,
Yeah, but Jimmy was country when country wasn't cool.

You like to cook?

Apparently I mispronouncatated the icing name! The corn butter'n trick is sweet.

Cathy S,
We had a tornado watch til 10 am on Sunday.
No damage. Just a million live oak leaves and some branches down.

Welcome to Pure Florida!
Yes, it turns out it was not goulash icing. Who knew?

Obviously you are hip to the scene.

All I smuggle these days are my snowcaps into the movie theater.

Susan Rose,
Snow envy!
Cold here, but no snow.

Eat for kids. What a great fund raising idea!

They were pretty tasty.

Thunder D,
You fill yours full of home brew and I'll fill mine full of clam chowder.

No, it only took about 3 batches to cook it all. I was eating it raw it was so sweet.

A waffle dinner? dinner?
They are breakfast food, best served with real NORTHERN maple syrup ... not our icky southern cane syrup.

We ate our extra corn last night ... sweeeeet!
Glad you liked the correctly cooked brownies.

Thunder Dave said...

I'll swap brew for chowder anytime! ;-)

Hurricane Teen said...

FC, I can honestly say that you are the first person to tell me such a thing! :-D

Freste said...

Excuse me, but if anyone is looking for me, I'll be over at Thunder Dave's place with a couple loaves of sourdough and a bucket of crab.

Floridacracker said...