Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Bird Is This?

This little guy popped out of the bushes while I was filming baby gators last week. He (she?) was very bobbittybobbity busy in subdued light ... so the photo may be just a bit soft.

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I did catch him on video, which was actually much easier than catching him in a focused still photo.

As usual, when it comes to some kind of warbler (I am assuming it's a warbler) I call upon your expertise, birdnerds. I can not find my Sibley Guide anywhere and with dialup, I'd spend all weekend searching the web bird ID sites.

In other news:

  • Mrs. FC and her girlfriends have gone all entrepreneurial on us and started a catering business called "Southern Sisters". They will be at the High Springs "Pioneer Days" festival today and tomorrow, so if you are in the area, go have some amazing food and be sure to ask "Which one of you is Mrs. FC?" .... rumor has it that I will eventually be drafted into his business as a BBQ chef / chowder maker.

  • In yet another case of "IS THE INTERNET JUST ABOUT THE MOST AMAZING THING EVERRRRR?, I want to share this little tidbit. I'm going to do it without naming the folks involved just out of respect for their privacy. First, let's flash back through time to FC as a teenager. He's crazy about the ocean, fishing, surfing, maritime history and treasure, and in his later teens, diving. Like a sponge, he soaks up everything he can read about any of those topics and certain heroes emerge ... Sylvia Earle (okay, had a crush on her), Cousteau, Mel Fisher, and others. FLASH FORWARD to present day. FC is a little older, a little wiser, but still crazy about the ocean. He runs this little website called Pure Florida. Because of this little website he "knows" all kinds of neat people who drop in and say "Hi" in the comment section. Some say "Hi" via email too, and one day an email arrives with a question about a previous post. FC answers the question, but notices that the sender has the last name of one of those early heroes. He knows it's a long shot, but in his response, he asks about that coincidence. Turns out, it's not a coincidence, it's "spot on" as the Brits would say. DO WE LIVE IN AMAZING TIMES OR WHAT?!! So, I'm pretty stoked this morning.

And now, I'm going to go out and shoot something ... with my camera.

Have a most excellent Saturday!


Freste said...

You got an email from Cousteau? The internet IS amazing!

MyamuhNative said...

The bird is a waterthrush.I'm gonna leave the determination of Louisiana vs Northern variety to the Science Chimp.

Anonymous said...

Catering, for real? Awesome, and perhaps self-defeating. My first reaction was "wish I lived in Florida" and as I recall, the last thing you want is a flood of newbies deluging the state.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

That's a typical Florida scene -- but one that fascinates to any out of towner. Sometimes we forget how good we have it ...

Aunty Belle said...

Heh..Robert is RIGHT! We fergit how fine a privilege to live in Floridy!

Best of luck to Mrs FC and her caterin' venture. Await addition of FC's own specialties.

Deb said...

MyamuhNative has it- a waterthrush. And since I just happen to have my bird guide handy, I'll look it up...

Okay, the "eyebrow" looks a bit yellowish and the streaks on the breast look pretty strong. So I'm going to go with northern waterthrush. But I could be wrong..

Airborne dad said...

I'm thinking Louisiana waterthrush. BTW, I do a little photo blog over at La Florida

Miz S said...

That's awesome, FC! The Internet is kinda cool sometimes.

Sorry I can't help with the bird ID, but I'm astonishingly under-educated in that area.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

lisa said...

I have no idea, so, I will take everyone else's opinion and wait for the definate answer.

Donna Mc said...

I just encountered this bird for the first time while camping a couple weeks ago in N. GA. It's a Louisiana Waterthrush. Fun to watch bobbing & hopping along the edge of a creek while we were fishing.

jojo said...

YOU WEANIE and you aren't going to tell us who you brushed up with? lol...

how far are you from West Palm? will mrs. FC cook and deliver?

Anonymous said...

YAY southern sisters!

SophieMae said...

Shoot! I was in Lake City yesterday and had actually considered going down to High Springs. But it got late and I was tired... If I'd only known! 8-{

threecollie said...

Neat on the serendipitous meeting of the early hero. That is so cool.
Of course Pure Florida is so cool and lots of really cool people congregate here. I swear, I met half my blog roll here. lol
Congrats to Mrs. FC, wish we lived where we could stroll up and ask that question.

Floridacracker said...

He said to say, Hi.

You know, I thought it was a little thrushy, I would look so smart right now if I had voiced that opinion in the post. Still had no clue as to which thrush tho.
Thanks for the ID!

I do fuss about that don't I? Do come visit tho! Florida needs tourist dollars!

True. That's my mission here ... to remind us so we protect it.

Heaven on Earth basically!
Hey, I'm making Minorcan Clam Chowder today.
Bring yo spoon.

You real birders fascinate me. Such a knowledge base, so many birds, so many look-a-likes!

Thanks! Nice shots over there too.

Miz S,
You too! Hope your weather is as amazingly perfect as ours is.

Heh! Me too!

Welcome to Pure Florida! Thanks for the help on this bird!

A bit far for catering profits! And sorry, I must be weenyish and protect the privacy of the person. Pretty cool tho.

You got that right! The food was amazing.

You are the travellinist thang! Always going!

It is pretty astounding who crosses your site and how you feel like you know people you've never met. A unique time in the history of the world ... and we are there!

TROLL Y2K said...

No idea on the bird. What's the Catering Business Plan?

caroline said...

I'm with Donna...Louisiana waterthrush. You are right about it being some kind of warbler. The Louisiana has white supercilium (eyebrow) and Northern has one that is more yellow. We have the Northerns here in SD.

We also have 8" of SNOW, again this morning. It was our kids' prom last night, they arrived home in 4" of snow, with young ladies having borrowed tux jackets of chivalrous dates! It was 83 degrees on Thurs, 8" of snow 48 hours later. Eeep!

Nancy Ortiz said...

Louisiana Water Thrush. They got it first, but here's the web address of a picure and discription. Plus matching eyeline! :)

elpbulls said...

Chowder????? Nooooooo!!!! I no better than to hope for some left over by the time I got home! lol I love ya!!

Woodduck said...

Right in time! I saw one, Tuesday; on the upper Roanoke River of NC.

There was a tree down and lots of floating material had gathered to form an area the bird could forage.

We caught some nice rockfish(stripers), by the way.
Love getting out!
Enjoy your site...thanks.

Just the Right Size said...

I'm jealous! I would love to do something like a catering business! Someday maybe....sigh!

Thunder Dave said...

Awesome stuff FC!
Tell Mrs. FC good luck in the new venture! Hey if it takes off I know of a fairly good cook that might be moving to that area soon! It's just a thought! ;-)

Dani said...

So cool! I would have been stoked too!

Best wishes to Mrs.FC and her girlfriends.

Aunty Belle said...

Time fer a full report: How did High Springs event turn out? And the Minorcan clam chowder? Wuz OOT so I missed yore invite to bring mah spoon--drat!

Floridacracker said...

To make money and tithe some percentage to each member's favorite charity.
I am not privy to the details beyond that.

8 inches of snow! We are baking in prime solar radiation now. That image of a snowy prom is so alien to me! LOL

Thanks! My avian education continues!!

Maybe we could freeze some before it's all gone. Pretty hot batch.

Wood duck,
Hey congrats on those stripers!

Thanks, I just love the connectedness and opportunity the net provides.

Let me make that a real post real soon!