Friday, May 15, 2009

Insurance Against Pesky Bugs

I don't generally ADD exotic species to PFHQ, but I confess I did bring this Mediterranean Gecko back to the house after I captured him as a wee tiny thing at the site of our old school campus.
He vanished after release on the porch a year or so ago, but recently reemerged to enjoy the resurgence of bugs on the porch, now that winter has passed. As a nocturnal feeder, he's not really competing with my porch anoles, so all is peaceable in the porch kingdom.
The grey, dirty spot below him is where a mud dauber wasp nest was removed. A restaining of PFHQ is eminent, so I will soon be scrubbing and powerwashing those @)#*(%$ things off the cedar.
Which reminds me ...Y'all have seen pics of PFHQ in previous posts.
We are trying to decide if we should stay with the basic red cedar stain or branch out into something a little lighter ... a little more colorful.
Whachu think?


tai haku said...

Down here wood houses tend to get painted bright sky blue, pink or yellow. It works surprisingly well but I don't think I could live in one.

Dani said...

Are you thinking of going with paint or just a different, lighter color of stain?

Floridacracker said...

Grew up in a bright blue house and it was fine, but I'm not going Caribbean here.

A semi-solid stain.

debbie said...

My vote goes for keeping the red with the green trim.

Sayre said...

I love geckos (even if it is un PC). We have some at work and they love eating the ants that infest the place from time to time.

I rather like what you had on your house. Very woodsy. But a lighter stain might make the electric bill a bit lighter...

roger said...

i like the reddish stain, tho a lighter tone might be nice. on the other hand....i do like barn red with white trim.

what would it look like with no treatment at all?

Bill said...

I vote for red cedar. My house is dark almost army green, picked out by my tree hugging wife...

Thunder Dave said...

How about camo? Although then we wouldn't be able to find you! ;-)

Nancy Ortiz said...

Have you considered a nice gray? It looks like naturally aged cedar, but if you use the semi-paint-like kind, it will protect the wood better. Unstained or unpainted cedar will deteriorate quite badly in a shockingly short period of time in our climate. But, the porch deck and ceiling can be any color you like. I vote for bright blue. Supposedly discourages dirtdaubers because they perceive it as sky. Still, it's pretty on a porch.:)

threecollie said...

PFHQ looks great just as it is, but lighter might be nice the little lizard guy.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks. I don't want to lose the cabiny look, so that is a strong contender.

Good point. My shady oaks and some really good insulation make this an economical house to cool and heat, but that is good advice!

with no treatment, it would be grey in the sun and darker in the moister shady areas. really needs something down here.

Green is good buddy. We all need to be greener :)

That could come in handy sometimes. I need paint with chromatophores in it.

That is a pretty combo. Not sure if we are ready to go grey, but I appreciate that advice. I am constantly battling those dauber dudes.

Thanks! I'm leaning towards a lighter version of what we have, but it will mean more prep work before the new stain goes on.

Pablo said...

I really think you need to keep the cabin look. The colors inside are wonderful. Maybe they could stay inside?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I recommend white .... it's the easiest color.

Floridacracker said...

It is kind of a surprise package in a plain brown wrapper isn't it?

Perhaps, but I can't go there.

Ericka said...

the gecko is darling. such neat critters.

since i don't have to live in it... or paint it myself, i'd say lighter. you can always change it again if you decide you don't like it. if you take a picture, can't you go to one of those paint places and see what it would look like with the different colors?