Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barred Owl Babe In The Woods

The barred owls and their chick are a constant presence around here this time of year, but they still present a bit of a photographic challenge.

They are owls, you see, so challenge numero uno is their habit of being about in the twilight and beyond. Even though I can see him sitting on the park bench eyeing the koi pond, it's not much of a picture at night.

Then there is their habit of sitting fairly high up in my (magnificent if I do say so myself) oaks during the brighter part of the day.
The backlighting is usually so intense coupled with their altitude, that you are just wasting megapixies to shoot 'em.

This morning I went out sans Bear (whine, whine) just for a little while to scope out the owls. I walked almost all the way through the palm glade (remember the controlled burning this winter?) and then leaned against an oak tree (a smallish one, not a magnificent one) to be quiet and scan the woods.

Nothin'... and then ... I looked straight up and directly over my head was this barred owl pup.
He was a little backlit, so I flashed him. (don't even ...)
He didn't seem to mind the attention and I left him there after shooting my fill.

Now to focus on getting the park bench barred owl shot.

The walk back to the house took me past this volunteer Brown-eyed Susan swallowing up my baby Satsuma tree.
Two great plants in that picture, let me tell ya'

The blueberries are still producing, but we are on the downhill slope of the season here. My days of gobbling them by the repeated handfuls are dwindling and I may have to actually purchase them in a few weeks.

The horror!!

"Good Eats" did a whole episode on blueberries the other night and I missed all, but the tail end of the show.

I'll have to catch that one on the rerun.

I have to run now too, there's still oak logs to cut up, datil plants to transplant, laundry to do, and Rube Goldbergian recirculating aquacultural tinkering to tinker with.

... and Bear play ... gotta do that too.


Dani said...

I wish we lived closer, I would love to sit and watch your owls! They are such a treat for the eyes.

Anonymous said...



threecollie said...


cndymkr / jean said...

Playing with Bear. Such hard work. NOT.

lisa said...

Blueberries look awful good. Nice picture of the owl.

Sayre said...

Your owl pup looks so surprised!

I'm going to try to sneak off to the farm this weekend and see if there are any blueberries left. Might plant a bush in my yard for next year...

Caroline said...

OMG! He has that "Whooo are youuuu?" expression of the Caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, sitting on the mushroom, smoking the hookah and examining Alice below him. I love it!

Cathy S. said...

Ah, the summertime life of a teacher. Sounds like you are enjoying every minute of it. You deserve it so soak up the freedom! So, my word verification is fit for Mrs. FC: reggator

Sandcastle Momma said...

Congrats! That is a beautiful shot. She's absolutely gorgeous.

cinbad122 said...

and your blueberries are soooo yummy...i did eat those!

Miz S said...

You are DA MAN when it comes to nature photography. Wait 'til Vicki sees that baby owl!

Thunder Dave said...

What's there to learn about BB's? I don't think you can improve much on BB Panckes, BB muffins, BB syrup, BB Jelly/Jam, BB cobbler, and even plain old BB's! ;-)

TROLL Y2K said...

Nice work. You should put together a coffee-table book of your nature shots.

Thunder Dave said...

Oh, I meant to ask is the new main photo sort of a Where's Waldo for Nemo? ;-)

Floridacracker said...

That would be cool! And you could share some of your green thumb tips!!

They are.

Nice to have around!

What? It's torture I tell you!

I just came in from grazing on them and I can vouch for their flavor.

Do that! They are so carefree.

Ha! I see it!

Cathy S,
Freetime and no paycheck... just like college.

Thanks, just missed another opportunity with the adult owl... oh well.

Well ya better! You need your antioxidants. Home from NJ?

Miz S,
Thank you! I bet Vicki can relate to this shot since she's sort of a owlnana.

I just love his background info as he cooks.

Thanks, but does anybody buy those?

Floridacracker said...

Waldo is the orange one.

Alan said...

Great shot of the owl. Fortunate timing!

Floridacracker said...

Thanks Alan!

robin andrea said...

Love that owl, fc. What a delightful sight. I also appreciate that beautiful Brown-eyed Susan.

Anonymous said...

Our blueberries are not quite in season yet, and we're just starting the 90 degree days.

So what am I jealous of this time? The barred owl? I'd never get that close to one here.

Margaret said...

Owls are cool--they look like fake animals to me. (like a cartoon, if that makes any sense) You've already got blueberries!! They are my favorite, but here in northern climes, we don't get them until mid-July!