Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Cool Thing

On that recent trip to Hagen's Cove (below), I took along a new piece of boating gear to "test drive".

Peer into the inner recesses of FC's new cool thing.

The picture above shows the vast interior of my new H2Zero Omni-Drybag. I already have a small drybag just big enough for the camera and a really cool dry case for my cell phone, but I was lacking a big, all encompassing drybag for extra towels, camera, lunch, etc.
I ordered the H2Zero bag to fill that equipment gap.
Aboard our 19 foot, very wet, Carolina Skiff, we have used boat bags that close with a zipper, but before long the zippers are corroded, or off track and the bag is no longer water tight.

What's nice about this H2Zero bag is it's simplicity. There are no zippers to break or corrode, Plus, getting in and out of it is quick and easy.

You just stuff your goodies in the sack.

Here I am dropping my prized JEEP wallet into the H2Zero bag.

After your goodies are in there, you just fold the top over 3 times and snap the click catch. At that point, you are water tight. This bag is holding some snacks, two beach towels, a couple of extra T-shirts, a wallet, 2 cell phones, and a camera bag with room to spare.

Since this was the bag's shake down cruise, the question was ... would it truly keep our stuff dry?

The answer is yes!
On our snorkeling canoe trip to Hagen's Cove, we launched under cloudy skies and a light rain. Later the skies cleared and we were in and out of the canoe, dripping and splashing. After a while of this, the H2Zero bag was sitting in a puddle of water, but all of our gear stayed nice and dry.

Like my BubbaKeg insulated mug, my Sony DSC-H5 camera, and my beloved JEEP, I'm going on the record as a fan of H2Zero dry bags.
I got mine from Outer Sports athletic apparel and equipment. They've got lots of cool sports stuff ... everything from rock climbing gear to golf apparel.This H2Zero bag will be going with me on lots of future paddling excursions.

Tomorrow, with a little luck, I should have some horseshoe crab video posted ... including a case of limulus interruptus ...stay tuned.


Sandcastle Momma said...

Neat bag. I'm going to give that a try. We're always looking for dry bags and that looks like a good one. Thanks for sharing!

Dani said...

I'm so glad you posted this! We were just talking the other day about looking into a waterproof bag for my camera.

kathy a. said...

the more pedestrian among us are still thinking the invention of the ziploc bag is way up there on the scale of glorious things.... but they don't make ziplocs that big. yet.

Pablo said...

C'mon. You have to throw that thing in the water and hold it under for an hour before you've really tested it.

amarkonmywall said...

How oh how, if you wrote one, did I ever miss a review of the BubbaKeg insulated mug? I'm with Pablo. Dunk it. Kidding aside, it looks like a great item.

Floridacracker said...

I like this one a lot better than the gym bag style boat bags we have used in the past.


Kathy A,
We actually have some giant ziploc bags from Walmart that could swallow this bag, but they are not as tough.

Good point. I need to try that!

Floridacracker said...

I actually sung the praises of my BubbaKeg on Pure Florida Food, my occasionally updated food blog.
I take my Bubba everywhere.

jojo said...

i love those things. They make clear ones! love that part too when you have too many of them its easy to figure out what is where.

Mine are plus 10 years old. I think they still work. During the last two hurricanes i put all my stuff in there that i wanted safe and secure. laptop etc...

Floridacracker said...

What a great Florida use for them! Thanks for that input!

Anonymous said...

FC-Thanks for the side job you and Jr. did last evening! It's greatly appreciated!

Floridacracker said...

You are welcome. They shouldn't bother y'all again. Junior wasn't along tho. I took care of it myself.