Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Spider, Flat Turkey, and Rain, Rain, Rain

The spider below just screams Warning Coloration.
On Earth, a lot of critters sport something biologists like to call Warning Coloration. It ususally involves reds and yellows, but not always ... and the message is something like this ...

"Look at me. I make no effort to blend in with my surroundings, because I am venomous, taste bad, poisonous, able to sting, or I just look like a fellow critter who can do some of those things (mimicry)."

I confess, I do not know this spider's name, so if you do, educate me.

It looks like she's doing some web repair work. I can relate as I am repairing some water damaged porch steps this summer and silently kicking myself for putting off some routine preventative maintenance that would have negated the need for the current project.

Bear hoping to get a little tail.
Last week, before this daily rain event began, I tried something new on the grill ... new for me, that is.
I took a 15 pound turkey and split it down the middle, just like my Daddy used to do with the Easter BBQ chickens, except I didn't fully separate the two halves.
What I created was a flattened, almost roadkillesque turkey. This was rubbed with some olive oil and then rubbed with a little Tony Cachere and Tones Cajun blackening spices.
The flaturkey went on a hot grill for some direct heat ... kinda hard to flip, so yes, I should have split it into 2 separate pieces for meat management.
Live and learn.
After some direct heat searing, I set him off to the side and used indirect heat for most of the cooking. About halfway through I wrapped him in heavy duty foil to prevent drying him out.
Oh, and I brushed on an olive oil, lemon juice, wine, spice basting sauce during the process.
I wasn't trying to smoke the turkey per se, rather I was going for a bigger version of my BBQ chicken ... although we did not sauce this bird.
I didn't want to sauce this first attempt because I wanted to taste the results of the spices and cooking method on this shakedown cruise.
It cooked for about 2.5 hours and was a big hit with everybody.
At the table, I didn't slice it in the traditional Thanksgiving turkey way. Instead, I just cut randomly across the grain to free up chunks and we just dug in. Very primitive and strangely satisfying to sit around the beast and eat that way. We did accompany it with some mashed, but not whipped, herby new red potatoes, and some steam in the bag green beans.
It was excellent and so were the turkey sandwhiches the next day ... okay, later that night actually. I couldn't wait ... I really, really love turkey sandwiches.
And, yes, Bear did get the bird's tail at the end.

And THIS is what it's been doing here for a week.

Everyday has seen little or no sunshine and frequent rains like this one. Somehow, yesterday morning while Hughesnet Mark was here installing the system the skies were sunny and blue, shortly after he left, I shot this video.

The water is wonderful of course, always better to have too much than too little in my opinion, but it has really cramped my picture taking missions.
But it should be really interesting out there when this current pattern shifts a bit and the sun returns.

Have a great Saturday, I may be traveling south to the land of the Bulls today to inspect Emma's new college digs.


Sayre said...

I've got a list of projects to do around here too - since we got a new roof, we need gutters!!!

Your flatturkey looks fabulous! Must convince the Mr. to try that. Lucky Bear - got some tail after all!

Joey B said...

Micrathena sagittata

I'm a contributor to this guide and it's a fantastic resource.

threecollie said...

Pure Florida sure is a pretty place even in the rain!

jojo said...

SWWEEEET! welcome to to the 21century you have got to be the last dial up blogger in history!

Love the snake pic. And i'm thinking Bear ate the chicken? I hope you moved it off the table (or ate it). That's some serious temptation for a bear.

Miz S said...

What a pretty little rock path that leads to your porch? Did you do it yourself?

Florida Beach Basics said...

your west coast rain keeps making its way to the east coast - we've had more than our share of lightning and wind. we need the water, though.

do you brine your turkey overnight before you cook it?


Ivan said...

Your gutter endcap is leaking. ;-)

3" in south Titusville during the past week, and glad to see it.


FC, now that you have HughesNet, you might try this:

-In the Enter Location box, use exactly- tampa, fl (trial and error, you might find a closer location)
-On the zoom icon, set the indicator up either 2 or 3 lines
-Click animate to see moving loop
-Move transparency setting to extreme left

Right now, 5:30pm EDT, Saturday, it shows rain just a few miles south of you.

Over time, I've found this more accurate than anything else.


Anonymous said...

FC- Thank you so much for once again posting the effin spider!
You know who!

Dave Coulter said...

I like the looks of that turkey better than that spider :)

robin andrea said...

That's an interesting spider. I'm glad someone identified it in the comments. That rain sounds very pleasant, and it looks good and green there. Nice.

Scott Ian Freedman said...
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swamp4me said...

Gee, FC, the zoom on your camera works really well...'cause I know you didn't get close to that spider ;)

Tasty looking turkey and you ate it in my favorite manner, pulling it directly from the source (that's how we like to eat the Thanksgiving turkey, too -- such a primitive lot here in the swamp!)

Congrats on your new hook-up -- happy posting!!

Patrick said...

I see you got high-speed internet! Awesome!!
Sorry for the lack of visiting...My summer job entails sitting front of a computer for 45 hours a week. I get tired of computers after a while :-D
Hope you and your family are doing well!

Patrick said...

^^^^BTW, FC, that last comment was me, HurricaneTeen...
I don't know why it uses my first name now instead of my Blogger name.

Ericka said...

that was the view out my windshield for most of the drive to ohio last weekend... awesome!

i love the path to your house. imprinted concrete or rocks?

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Turkey looks great.Gotta try that.
As one Bull(ChrisC)to another,tell Ms Emma,Welcome to Bull Country!
Yep-even tho we had a defecter in our midst(Erich,the Younger,became a Gator)we are Bull Nation here.Is she ready for the Palindrome Bowl? USF vs. FSU ? We have a DIL who's a FSU grad.Gonna be fun times around here,come f'ball season.

Floridacracker said...

Definitely give Flaturkey a try!

Joey B,
You rock dude, thanks!

Thanks! I like to think so :)

He has very good table manners and he waited until it was his turn.

Miz S,
I did, years ago with one of those little molds. Planned to go farther with it but somehow it never made it out to the cars parking area.

Sun all day yesterday... amazing!
I didn't brine the bird.

The poor downspout is just overwhelmed by the rain volume! I need another downspout nearby.

Thanks, I love accuweather!

More to come too... worse thangs...

I second that motion.

I had the lens touching the web thank you very much! :)

What kind of work?

One of those plastic concrete molds with dyed concrete. Pretty easy to do.

Chris and Jon,
LOL! Just wait until next year when they play the Gators. That should cause real angst in this house. I can't wait to watch the dynamics.

Just the Right Size said...

Hey FC, that method of preparing a bird is called "spatchcock". As in, "I spatchcocked a 15 pound bird and threw 'em on the grill!"

It's an awesome way to grill a bird versus roasting whole. It comes out evenly cooked and not dry. You did it perfectly!

Now a "Beer in the Rear" bird on the grill is another story!