Saturday, August 08, 2009

Odd Bits On A Saturday

Bear's journal note August 8, 2009: "I am rapidly evolving opposable thumbs and will soon have the upper hand on these humans."

A recent phone call: "Hey, Kelly made a harvest and there's an ice chest full of fresh clams from the farm on our porch. Come get all you want."

Note from Luke the Koi's journal: " I am rapidly evolving opposable fins and will soon be have the upper hand on the strange beast who visits the pond."

Flounder's journal,August 8, 2009 entry: "My recent batch of Doggi Draft is almost ready ... needs more fish poo."

Lastly, Friday's missing video ... sorry I didn't post, I was driving back from North Georgia and was mired in the mess that Georgia calls I-75.


Sayre said...

It takes more than opposable thumbs to get a let up on humans. Not much more, but more...

Lordy, you are right about I-75!!! I was rather relieved when Naggy Maggy decided to take us home down I=85 by way of Columbus instead!

lisa said...

I'll be right down for some clams!! He, He We also have a beast that visits the pond!!

Anonymous said...

Hello from London!

Yum, fresh clams!
Is chowder popular in Florida?

robin andrea said...

I'm not going to show Roger that pile of clams. He'll be so jealous. Nice catch. I hope all the animals do get opposable whatevers and whup our collective butts.

Anonymous said...

The animals will soon be taking over!!

Where did you get they grey stone that Flounder is standing on? That is exactly what I am looking for!


Ericka said...

opposable thumbs are nice, but they still have to figure out the upright walking thing so we've got a little time before the revolution.

Anonymous said...

Bear-I think you already have the upper had at the HQ!

Floridacracker said...

It boggles me that they do construction on it during the busy summer season, but I suppose it's always busy.

We froze a little bit of leftover chowder, but you had better hurry.

Welcome! Yes, clam and conch chowder are pretty popular here.

I take it they don't farm clams out there?

It's one of those aggregate stepping stones, but we've had it so long I'm not sure of it's origin ... safe bet it was Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowes.

Opposable thumbs and elongated tarsals. :)

Oh yeah. Very perceptive.

Doug Taron said...

That call about the clams is the kind of phone call I LOVE to get.

Miz S said...

Here's a random question for you: Do the old dogs get jealous or confused when you leave and just take Bear?

Floridacracker said...

That call means a lot of kitchen work, cause I almost always make chowder, but never look a gift clam in the siphon.

Miz S,
No, they just sleep.