Friday, September 11, 2009

Flu Shot Friday and Bamboo Proof Of Life

If it's safe for you to do so, Get Your Flu Shot!
You will be protecting yourself and those around you by doing so.
This shot was ONLY the regular flu strains ... you know, the one that killed 36,000 Americans last year.
That is a little more than the population of our county,

It doesn't hurt near as much as the bite of a 3 foot gator, or a stingray sting, or a scorpion sting, or a wasp/bee/cowkiller sting, or cutting your finger tip off (search stupid things I have done)... anyway, you get the idea.

Proof of life!!!!
My bamboo transplants live!

This young shoot was expected to die due to transplant shock, but JuniorBoo has stepped up to the plate and grown from below the cut culm top to far above.
In fact, this picture is about a week old. You could add another six inches to that spike as of this morning.

Here's a side view from last week too.


Tonight is football. Wish us skill, brains, and no injuries.

Have a great weekend after you get your flu shot.


Sayre said...

I already got my shot. When I was diagnosed with diabetes, my doctor told me that I no longer had a choice as far as he was concerned. Flu shot every year, pneumonia shot every five years. Ouch.

Bamboo is pretty darned resilient - and it grows fast, so life or death of the stuff is pretty obvious pretty fast.

threecollie said...

We get em when we can. Sometimes it isn't all that easy.
Glad the bamboo lived for you. That is wonderful.

Deb said...

I think I may be, against my will, dragged kicking and screaming to our HS football game tonight. Calvin's in the pep band and Starflower wants to go hang out with her friends.

Congrats on the bamboo life.

h said...

Never had a shot. Never had the flu. Are there any side-effects?

A focused prayer for no injuries to either team is the better method, methinks.

Skill and brains displayed on Friday Nights are all about EFFORT put in at practice.

h said...

Wondering if the commenter above actually named her kid "Starflower".

Aunty Belle said...

Jr. Boo--heh heh heh..funny.

Best to yore team tonight!!

R.Powers said...

Doc knows best! Let's hope so anyway. The shot does seem to work and work well.

I hear ya, with your busy work schedule, I can see how it might be hard to get it done. I live with the shotgiver so it's easy for me!

Brace yourself, you are at the foot of the hill with many more Friday Night Lights to go. Have fun!

A wish, a prayer, whatever works ... for both teams definitely. Let know one be hurt.
And yes, Starflower is a charming bright young lady who occasionally reads Pure Florida. I think Deb named her after an actual flower that grows wild in Minnesotarctica and is dear to her heart ... like her daughter.

Thanks!! We usually need all the good mojo we can gather.

Anonymous said...

Good job with the bamboo!

I'm still waiting for our dr. to GET our flu shots.

Must be working their way south from north Florida. I think she said she would have them by next week.

I'll be in the line-up!

Deb said...

FC- thanks for the sweet explanation! And yes, she does like to keep up with the goings on at Pure Florida. Actually, Troll, Starflower is a pseudonym I use for her on my blog. It would have been more apparent had I mentioned my youngest child, "Mr. Attitude", in the comment. :)

R.Powers said...

Hey I hope the vaccine gets to you before the flu!

You're welcome! All this time that we have been reading each other's blogs, I actually thought that was her real name.
I knew (hoped) Mr. Attitude was a psuedonymn. LOL! So glad that she checks out PF!!

Scott & Liz said...

IT LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ericka said...

yay for living! i'm like a plant serial killer - they scream in the store when they see me coming, really - and i have killed bamboo before, so i'm impressed.

also, yay for no injuries! go, junior, go, but carefully.

wv: beetickn, which gave me a visual of a little bee pulled over onto a leaf getting a speeding ticket from a mean police biker bee in a white helmet, which made me laugh.

R.Powers said...

Yes and I am totally stoked! Now to keep it that way!

Beefuzz. LOL