Saturday, September 12, 2009

Spanked Hard By The Other Team, But Jr Did Okay.

Well, we were outplayed by a superior team last night. They ran all over us right from the start. In the end, we had put two touchdowns on the scoreboard, but they put alot more.
Junior had an excellent night. He caught pass after pass and made both of our two touchdowns.
In the collage above, the upper left picture is as he (#3)scored a TD right in front of me. I had zoomed in on him expecting him to be the target and then he got to me so fast I couldn't dezoom enough to get a decent pic, but that one is just after he grasped the ball about 3 feet in front of my position.
The upper right photo is just as he catches the ball ... that might have been an interception and he is about to get clobbered.
The bottom left photo is a post catch, post clobber photo, but I think he dinged the guy on the right pretty good.
The bottom right photo is just a rushing in to block shot.

Next Friday, we play in Daytona.

When I got home, the porch lights had been left on and there was a Preying Mantisapalooza going on. I've never seen so many large preying mantises at one time.

These ladies were about 6 inches long ... I'm assuming they are girls due to their size ... and beauty.

Go Mantis Go! Go Mantis Go!
Eat all the $%^&*@*!! asian cockroaches you can snatch!

Katydid with a death wish.
"As soon as I finish this moth, you are toast Katy."

This being nature ... even a superlative hunter like the mantis becomes the hunted. The golden orb weaver web that stretches from the porch to the palm proved to be the end for this mantis.
Today it's raining and I am wrestling a Maytag dryer that refused to start this morning ... after 6 years of continuous use. I am presently dissecting it and my chef salad lunch is over so it's time for me to return to the fray.
Feel free to chime in with all kinds of encouraging appliance repair tips and tales.


Cathy S. said...

Hmm. Perhaps you have another Tim Tebow working his way through the ranks?

Florida Beach Basics said...

My suggestion? Call a repairman :)


kathy a. said...

go, junior!

nice mantises. mantii?

i think a repairperson sounds like a good idea, too.

Anonymous said...

Make it three for the repair call. It works for me every time.

Floridacracker said...

Ladies, you are acting like girls.
A repairman?
Next you will be expecting me to ask for directions when lost.
I press on ...

threecollie said...

I am amazed that the spider could take a mantis...they are so big and tough.
And I vote with you on the repairman, but then I have an Alan. We only call repair folks as a last resort. Good luck

kathy a. said...

6 years makes your maytag "modern." our personal dryer [kenmore] is close to 25 and still chugging along, but the washer is only a few years old -- when it had a hitch in its getalong a couple years ago, the problem turned out to be some fancy computer part. try fixing that with a wrench and a screwdriver...

Floridacracker said...

Don't know if you have these "banana spiders" up there, but they are massive.
Repairfolk are only for the things I can't do. :)

Kathy A,
You sound like my Mom. She has a Kenmore fridge that is over 40 years old. I can relate to the washer story too, because our new Fisher Paykel washer quit after a year and it was a circuit board. We let the warranty pay for a repairguy that time.

Oh by the way y'all ... I found advice on line and just determined what the problem is. A fuse that will cost me about 20 bucks. I took pictures in case you've never seen the guts of a washer.
Not very naturey tho ...

Ericka said...

this is so unfair. why do you get cool big bugs?!?!?

i'm currently wearing a t-shirt that proclaims "i void warranties" so you know my vote is rip into the machine and make it work!

wtg, junior! he keeps that up, and perhaps a scholarship will come his way.

random thought - how's frank doing?

myamuhnative said...

Well its probably a bit late now, but has great schematics and and parts and FAQs that can help you diagnose the problems. You can even email them specific questions and purchase the parts.
And then if you are like me you take the darn thing apart curse,scape knuckles,fix it and wait till the next week when a really big part breaks-and call the repairman! But my repairman is a nature lover so it all works out :)

Floridacracker said...

I dove in and apparently was successful. It's drying a load right now ... a little jury rigging until the part comes in.
And I was just thinking today, it is time for a Frank update.

Ha! That's exactly where I went and ordered the part from. Great minds think alike!

edifice rex said...

Beat it with a hammer; that's my repair advice. Got to show it who's boss!

W.R. said...

Mān·tĭs·apa·loo·za: Noun; New Latin from the Greek.

A convocation of males and females of any of several species of the order Mantidae for the purposes of general fooling around usually followed by communal dining.

Cool word FC, I'll have to add it to my collection of FC-isms. :-}

Deb said...

Last time The Hermit messed with my automatic washer, Problem A got fixed but the result was Problem B...which is why I'm back to Old Reliable, the wringer. An electric dryer is on my wish list of things to get before winter.

Floridacracker said...

That definition is perfect.

There is always that danger ...

Bill said...

Belt or switch?
Dryers are too easy and should last forever...


Floridacracker said...


Ericka said...

"Beat it with a hammer; that's my repair advice"

around here, we call it "percussive maintenance."