Sunday, September 27, 2009

How To Call Owls

Apparently, if you whine loud enough, the owls will hear it and come to you.
Friday's post (whine alament) seems to have worked.

This Barred Owl showed up in the oak near my porch just as I was rushing out to a football game Friday night.
I was almost late already... as usual, but I had to stop and shoot a few shots of him to share with you.

I cut this video down to one pretty short clip, because after that initial head nod, he did nothing more than stare at me.

In a familiar refrain, we lost the football game, but Junior had a really good night, catching a beautiful long pass for a touchdown, catching a bunch of shorter first down passes, and power kicking (thank you years of soccer) both the kickoffs and the field goals.

Dad's birthday is today. We celebrated it with him yesterday over lasagna, salad, and garlic bread.

Oh, and one blackberry pie and one French silk pie.

He likes to say that no matter how full he is, there is always a desert shaped space left in his stomach after the main course is complete.

He filled it pretty well with a slice of each pie.

With his birthday complete, September, that month of too many birthdays is finally over.

Bring on October!


Caroline said...

Happy birthday to Dad!
Blackberry and French silk pie sound yummy even at breakfast time. My daughters always thought we should institute "dessert of breakfast". Since dessert was legit for lunch and dinner meals, why not breakfast?

lisa said...

Awesome, I love owls!

robin andrea said...

Love seeing your neighborhood owl, fc. Always a special thing when you know an animal is looking right back at you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful owl!

Happy Birthday to FC Sr.!! I agree with him on the space left for dessert!


Aunty Belle said...

What a great visit ya had! Fine photo of yore regular amazements at PFHQ.

Happy B'Day Dad!! Post recipe fer silk pie.

threecollie said...

Happy Birthday to your dad.
Love your owls!

Carol said...

Another Happy Birthday wish for your Dad...and now I want a piece of that Blackberry pie, thank you.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!May he have many more.
The pies sound delish!My 90 yo dad's dessert of choice on his b'day too.

Deb said...

I guess I need to start whining more! :) Happy birthday to your dad!

Miz S said...

I always have a dessert-shaped space left in my stomach, too! Happy birthday to your daddy, FC.

Dani said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your Dad.

Floridacracker said...

Thanks everyone!
I really appreciate the kind words.