Friday, September 25, 2009


Here's a random skipper shot for you, because I'm not sure what I'm going to write about this morning ... if it goes badly, at least you will have a pretty little insect to admire.
Why this uncertainty?
Here's the dealio cats ... September has been a bit of a whirlwind. Every weekend ... well 3 of them at least, in September are family birthdays. Mom, Junior, and this weekend, Dad. These all involve trips over to St. Augustine for a day, which means the other weekend day is for catching up on all the things you usually try to get done during the week, but leave to the weekend, and still don't get done.
It makes for a full day on that one day.
The point is, I'm not getting wild much lately.
My kayak is covered in leaves and fallen grapes from the wild vines overhead. It has not seen the water in months.
My camera's memory card is waaaaaay too empty if you know what I mean. I really, really need some marshtime.
I didn't even make the last Culinary Smack down (sorry Heff).
On top of the September celebrations, I have started my Girl's Soccer Coach duties so now after the school teacher day is done. I spend a couple of hours trying to get my gaggle of girls into shape for the upcoming season. We are doing conditioning now, not real soccer practice, so I am more of a drill sergeant than soccer coach.
I'm no stranger to the teenage girl mind, having raised a few and taught a few thousand over the years, but the role of coach is a new one to me.
It's not that different from teaching (except you get a cool whistle) as far as the motivational and communication skills involved ... that part doesn't worry me so much. It's more the knowledge of the game and a lot more experience watching soccer than playing it.
I have found some excellent web sites and I bought a great book, "How To Coach A Soccer Team", so I'm doing lots of research. Plus, someday soon, Junior is going to take me out on the pitch and tutor me (whip my butt) in soccer.
Yesterday a covey of girls from the TV Productions class came to videotape an interview with the new girl's soccer team coach.
When they asked me why I became a coach, I said, "So I could get a cool whistle and skip faculty meetings."
I think that clip airs on the Friday morning show at school today, so y'all let me know if their are any teaching openings in your area.
I might need to be looking.


Pablo said...

I always looked on soccer as a more elegant sport than most of the others. Make those young women proud of themselves!

advisor said...

Skipping faculty meetings? All the other teachers at your school and at any other school would like to, too. :) Even the principal would like to, except if he/she is a talker. Then it is even worse for everybody else.

Dani said...

The fun thing about PF is that we're all friends here, and even when there isn't much going on or too much, we all still come over and chat with yah. :) Good luck with your girls. Can't wait to see pics!

threecollie said...

I didn't see any whining there...seems like it has been a busy time everywhere this your posts whether wild or tamish. Keep up the great work.
Oddly the word verification would have better fit the last post


TROLL Y2K said...

The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.

About 30 commenters said something like " we're afraid of Donna" as their excuse for backing out of the Throwdown. WIMPS!

Emory said...

I think I hear a video of you blowing your shiny new whistle. I know you have practiced using it. It is just something guys do.

Doug Taron said...

Your skipper was tough to identify- I even had to embiggen. It's a long-tailed skipper that has had its tails chomped off. Have fun with the shiny whistle.

Deb said...

I'll whine right along with you: September has been crazy around here, and I have hardly had a chance to get out and enjoy the summer like weather, much less blog about it. And I don't even get a shiny whistle, unless my flute counts. :)

Floridacracker said...

I agree and I'm working on it!

Yes, but some of us are more equal than others when it comes to skipping required meetings.

Thank you for the cheer!!

Thanks, yes that word verif would have been perfect yesterday!

I even bought a box of the mini-farfale. I just ran out of time.

Welcome to Pure Florida! LOL!

Tough for YOU?! Wow!

Floridacracker said...

I think a flute counts. :)

Pablo said...

Somehow I can't see FC calling any plays via a flute. Even picturing it in my head makes me chuckle.

SophieMae said...

Must be something in the Flarda water. I so need some refuge time. Or Mandalay, AKA butterfly heaven. Or... well, anywhere outational! I even forgot today was Friday till about 4pm.

I have a feeling a non-sporty - though definitely sporty - coach will be just the ticket for a superior season. 8-]

myamuhnative said...

FC-Happy Birthday in advance!
It's my Bday on Saturday as well!
Hope you have a great weekend :0

Caroline said...

We have a principal who loves meetings, we don't love meetings so much.
I have lunch duty with 90 9th graders, nifty whistle would be fun to have, although I can whistle with fingers and deafen a crowd if'n I need to.
Colorguard co-captain says she is sleeping in till noon tomorrow, husband is in Toronto, I am going on a birding field trip tomorrow morning, I feel like I am buried in leaves and grapes too.

Anonymous said...

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